Don't Give Up: Watching The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Record My Songs at Abbey Road Studios

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This post is about not giving up.

It’s early 2010 & I've signed a lease on a small recording studio in London. I have no idea how I’ll pay the rent.

The first few months I create without restriction. As time passes the need to earn money means I start losing focus. I begin writing with lots of different singers searching for that magical ‘hit’. As well as losing focus musically, I also start to lose contact with friends.

3 months in and I’ve been sleeping at the studio to save money. The facilities include a crappy microwave and no shower. I sit down and try to write ‘something for radio’ and ‘something uptempo’ and ‘something positive’ after being told this is what I should be doing.

Anxious about life in general I end up writing a song called Heaven is Empty. It sums up the barrenness I'd been feeling

I send the demo to a trusted friend who replies "I'm trying to think who could sing a lyric like this and still make you want to listen to it repeatedly. It's quite heavy.” I wonder if the song will ever see the light of day.

June 2010 I work with China X Factor winner Mary Jess. The stress of having my family pay my studio rent and desperately trying to pay them back was taking its toll. In between writing sessions I was exhausted and feeling down.

In October I play Mary Jess my Heaven is Empty demo. She falls in love with it and sends the record over to her A&R at Decca records.

November 29 I end up in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital for a blood test to try and explain the dizziness I keep getting. The doctor tells me it's stress. That month I find out Heaven is Empty is going to make it on to her record alongside another of my songs. This will be my first major label release.

December 21 I cancel a session half way through after coughing up blood. I end up in the hospital for more tests. I pack up and leave London early for the Christmas break. I go back to the warmth of my family home. It’s -7 degrees and snowing heavily.

The day after I get home I receive an e-mail saying Decca would like me to attend the recording session at Abbey Road where the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will be recording both tracks.

December 23 I feel like shit but get in my car and drive to Abbey Road studios. I go out on the Studio A balcony in the room The Beatles broadcasted their worldwide satellite performance of All You Need Is Love.

Listening to the weight of the full orchestra playing on a something I wrote in my tiny damp studio I get the feeling that things are looking up.


Hello I'm Benbrick a songwriter based in London.

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Incredible post. Very inspiring for sure!


I agree


thank you!

Excellent work! Most people seem content to just use digital orchestral samples these days :/ Great when someone goes the extra mile like this.


That is one benefit of major labels and their money :)

Here's how both tracks turned out (iTunes) and (Spotify)

As usual, brilliance. I think I would get a lot of good work done listening to your music.


thank you so much!

Congratulations! That must feel amazing to hear a symphony play an original you wrote. Are you mainly writing music with intent to be an independent musician yourself, or are you specifically looking to write music for other artists and sell your compositions to them?

Either way, props to you for finding what you love and not giving up on it even through the tough times.


Thanks, I'm doing a bit of both. Follow my other posts and take a listen :)

I am enjoying your submissions, don't give up.

I feel so humbled by your incredible persistence. Or is it stubbornness? :)

Anyways, it did wonders. You are one hell of a guy!


Lovely song and an inspiring and incredible post. I must confess I really love the orchestra. Amazing job.


thank you for listening!

Great work and so true, never give up no matter what comes!
I like your article it gives me a good feeling for the future.

See, these are the kind of stories I like to read...

Very awesome and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. :)

This is by far one of the highest quality post on Steemit I have seen. Keep up the good work.


thank you so much!

This is amazing! Loved it.

thanks for this encouraging post :-) for I almost give up on steemit last week

Beautiful song, indeed!

Great motivation at the beginning of the week. Follow your dream.

Thank you for your post. Respect to your song, nice melody!

And keep on! I wish you good luck for the future ;)

amazing article and work! Hopefully will be meeting you soon at London Steem meet up I created :) Alla x

Hey ben!
I followed your blog and read most of your posts, Truly a great musician. I had to wrote something about you in my last post :)

Great post!

Really nice, I keep happening onto your posts, must just be the time of day

Wow, great post and i think your a beautiful girl. You should really check out this post too

What an amazing experience this must've been! It makes me so happy to see creative people making their dreams come true!

thanks good article

Thank you... beautifully done....great pictures Thanks for getting us Steemers into Abbey Road! Totally Fab!!!
Tell us--How did you do the pencil things and the article tabs???

I have always wanted to see the Transiberian Orchestra live.


I've always wanted to see the Berlin Philharmonic!

Greetings from Buenos Aires!

Lovely song, @thisisbenbrick! Greetings from Buenos Aires!


•♥•☆ @alitas •☆•♥•

That's amazing!! Congratulations on your songs!

I love the music, this is my dream. What I would do for some of your knowledge. Its seems like a long road producing music, and I am going to have to enjoy it, because learning is the whole journey, once you are there you will get stressed by the pressure, and demand, so all you have to do is enjoy the process of learning and writing. This is your true calling, what you learn along the way!