I Never Got The Chance To Find Out What It All Meant To Her

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I wanted to share another track/story taken from my debut EP Closer | Closure

Written & Produced by Benbrick
Mixed by Goetz Botzenhardt
Mastered by Matt Colton

You can get this track for 1 SBD scroll down for more info...

And so she runs
I never got the chance to find out
What it all meant to her

Oh yeah… I’ll see her again
But by then it’s too late
To dwell on insecurities

We all act like this…
Talking hours about shit,
But not talking about each other

Like it don’t mean a thing when it means everything

That makes it harder to say it
But where’s the logic in that?

All i’m saying is.. I need you back

Not just someone when the nights are colder
I find it hard to put anything over

What you and I had

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Benbrick - The Only Shortcut
Benbrick - Perfect Ending
Benbrick - La Perfezione Brevemente
Benbrick - Heaven is Empty
Benbrick - Forever Holding On

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Life does not give you closure...that's something Hollywood invented...


Reminds me of something Junot Diaz said in This Is How You Lose Her:

"The half life of love is forever"


how epic was that short story?

Ben your music is beautiful.


Thank you and thank you for buying the songs!

Love your lyrics, and great idea on selling for Steem dollars, by the way, there's an app somewhere that builds a button, so you could probably accept the steem dollar through a website with a pay gate if you know how to set that up. Keep steeming!

Beautiful! We must make the most of every moment as that is all we really know that we have.

Знаете,а напишу ка я на русском, очень крутой пост! И возможно я,человек с русской душой оценила его действительно по достоинству)Удачи)


Mne perevod sdelat? ;)
Soglasna, krutoy post!

Thanks for sharing this! I envy people like you who put simple effortless looking at first things together to achieve something great. Great work!!
We should think about that photoshoot in the future..

So heart-rending yet beautiful

Hey @thisisbenbrick, hope you're good, clearly Steemit is going very well for you!!
Think I mentioned this to you on Twitter a year or two ago - but bizzarely enough I lived in halls and did music at the same uni as Mary-Jess, AND I live very close to where Luke Pickett is from. So I've been following your music ever since, and as soon as I saw your post about Steemit, I immediately started posting my music.
So a huge thanks for introducing it into my life :D I agree that this is the future for creative people.


Ps....stunning song! (Above message was copy and pasted from your 'Don't Give Up' post as the discussion there was frozen)