I had a #1 record in 66 countries and went on an Australian adventure (Part 2 of 2)

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Hello! I'm Benbrick. A London based Platinum selling songwriter & composer.


This is a follow on from yesterdays post

When I worked with Troye in 2014 he was still mostly unknown outside of his (albeit huge) fan base. This debut EP would launch him into the mainstream and lead TIME magazine to call him "one of the most influential teens of 2014".

From the moment the track was released I started to receive offers from publishers who'd either like to publish my catalogue as a whole, or publish the individual track. In the end being a little sceptical of what exactly these people were bringing to the table I decided to retain 100% of my publishing.

That decision would foregoe the $$ payout that normally accompanies such deals. It has led to a lot more hard work for me but also a much bigger feeling of satisfaction.

An invitation to Australia

Following on from the success of the first camp I was asked if I'd like to take part in another - this time in Sydney! In September I received a budget and booked my flights. A close friend had some cautious words for me "this is the furthest you'll ever be away from home"

For some reason (probably the "furthest away from home" thing!) I was kinda nervous about the trip. I had some great records released as a songwriter, but still the studio rent payment demands kept coming, eventually you do find yourself looking and worrying about when your next song release will be.

As I've mentioned in previous posts the music industry is outdated - I flew to Sydney in December (4 months after the EP release) but I didn't receive my first royalty payments for the song till August of the next year - in the current system payments take a long time to come through and there is no transparency on what the payments are.


Once in Sydney these worries were no longer in my mind, I fell in love with the place. I was in the studio writing on this second camp with different artists (including legendary Tina Arena). I also had time to travel around Sydney as a tourist. I drunk coconut water straight from a coconut and visited Bondi Beach.

One of my favourite places I went was Icebergs (bottom left of the pic below) - the water comes in from Bondi and smashes over the wall and into the salt water swimming pool. You regularly get thrown from one side to the other from the power of the waves.

A camping trip

For the last week of the trip I went to stay with the band I'd worked with on the very first writing camp, Ginger and the Ghost. We drove out into the middle of the bush for a camping trip.

The journey took about 3 or 4 hours and on the way we stopped for a hike. This was the view from the top.

We finally made it to Honeymoon Bay about 3 hours South of Sydney.

But no camping trip would be complete without taking the full Logic Pro set up, hard drives, keyboards, guitars and microphones!

On the final night the whole shoreline sparkled with luminescence.

You could run your hand through the water,
wipe it on your face, and make yourself glow.
This particular night summed up the whole trip:

something I wouldn't forget for a long time.

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Beautiful pictures and interesting post!

Feels good buying stuff you love with Steem Dollars. Love your music :)


thank you @kevinwong and thanks for buying the music! you the man!


Very enterprising :) I've got a few producer/dj friends coming on board soon, would be nice for a bigger bunch of musicians attempting to collab on this platform and see what can be done to grow the music base!


For sure! I have a few things in the works too! Thank you :)

Good article and some nice pics too. Thanks for sharing! Namaste :)


thanks EB. always the first to comment. are you real?


Well, I guess it is time for you to go check out my travelog that has been mostly, so far, been about the Canadian rockies:


I hope you enjoy the blog and the fact that I'm real too. ;)

Namaste :)

@thisisbenbrick great shot of the view from above and the two sunsets. I love the one on the Honeymoon Bay, staring at it makes me feel like I'm staring at the real deal. Thank you for sharing it!


My pleasure!

I need more beauty in my life!!!

Hey Ben! Thanks for sharing your journey! I'm also an artist following my dreams, so it's super inspiring and in many ways reassuring to see others doing the same thing. Look forward to reading more :)