Strange Fruit #53: Metronomy - Black Eye/Burnt Thumb

in #music4 years ago


i everyone and welcome to another edition of Strange Fruit! Here I like to present you with some interesting tunes and today I've got one called "Black Eye/Burnt Thumb" by Metronomy for you. An awesome track that I really enjoy!

Check out a live version here!
Please visit their official website.

For more Strange Fruit, you might like my playlist on Spotify.

And please, if you have any suggestions on music that fits within the music presented here, don't hesitate to let me know!

I also regularly post Free Steemit Graphics like the animated dividers you can find scattered throughout this post. If you would like to check them out or use them feel free to do so.

If you do choose to use these files I would greatly appreciate a re-steem!
And if you post a link to my blog below the posts in which you use these Free Steemit Graphics, I would be forever grateful. The link would preferably look like this:
Free Steemit Graphics by: @aka-alias

With kind regards,


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