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  Like all DPoS chains, core asset holders get a say in who can be a block producer. In other words, MUSE holders elect the people and organizations that act as the foundation of the Muse Blockchain. Unlike say, the Bitcoin blockchain, where no matter how much stake you have in the network - be it 1 or 5000 bitcoins – you have no say whatsoever in what is going on (no matter how much you stand to lose!)  

MUSE vs Vesting MUSE

  It should be noted that only the MUSE that is in your vesting account is counted when it comes to voting for witnesses. Vesting MUSE is your power and influence within the network.

  So make sure most if not all of your MUSE is in your vesting account otherwise your votes won’t mean anything. There are many other reasons why you want your MUSE vested by the way but it isn’t the focus of this post.

  Important note: The MUSE sitting in your Vesting account can’t be transferred out quickly. It takes 13 weeks for vesting MUSE to be transferred back to a liquid, tradable form. You need to know this if you are a day trader!  


Why should I vote? Who should I vote for?

  The strength of the network resides on the block producers (called Witnesses from now on) since they are the ones processing all the transactions and ensuring the Muse network is adequately decentralized.

  Not all Witnesses are the same! Some have faster/slower hardware, higher or lower latency, have redundant backup nodes, provide seed nodes, seldom or frequently miss blocks, etc. These are basic criteria you can look for before voting but there’s much more to consider. Elected Witnesses receive block rewards for their work and there are limited slots available, which leads to competition. Witnesses can add tremendous value by offering more then just a block-producing node! For example, some have already added to the Muse codebase, created/ported over useful libraries, offered to translate content into different languages, created sites such as, etc.

This is why I’ve created this post, so that each potential candidate may explain why he would be a good Witness and how he can add value to the Muse ecosystem.  

  Keep in mind the needs of the ecosystem will change over time. Added value will not come from the same sources down the line. Some value can be gained by decentralizing the network, some value can be gained by advertising in a specific geographical region, some value can be gained by building apps on top of Muse that does X, Y or Z.

It is my personal opinion that the most pressing need for Muse in these early days would be with development assistance. And that will change a few months down the road once Muse is stable and all easy-to-squish bugs have been dealt with. At that point, added value will come from somewhere completely different.  


How do I vote?

  Alrighty then! Let’s get down to it.   First make sure you have as much of your MUSE sitting in your Vesting account. This ensures there’s some power behind your votes.  

  Next up, click the sandwich bar at the top right corner and select “Vote for Witnesses”  

  Pause here for a sec and read this:  

  Read it? Ok you may proceed!  

  Finally find the Witnesses you like and push the thumbs up button next to their name. You can vote for as many Witnesses as you like. If you can’t see a Witness you want to support in the listing, you can scroll to the very bottom of the page and type in the account name manually.  


Don’t know which Witnesses to vote for?

  Not everyone has the time to keep up with the rapid changes taking place in the crypto-space and then see how it affects the music world or the business models based on the Muse blockchain. Not everyone feels like following each discussion on message boards either. Whether the reason is time of lack of interest, there’s a solution for you, other than refraining from voting: You will be able to vote by proxy

Although the wallet does not yet provide an interface for you to do so, it will eventually be added to the voting page. Voting by proxy allows you to pick a Muse username you think will take good decisions as for whom to vote for. Your account will vote for whoever this chosen proxy account votes for. Whenever that account decides to vote for Witness X with its stake of 40 MUSE, your account will also vote for Witness X with your voting power of say, 50 MUSE. Giving Witness X a combined weighted vote of 90 MUSE.

  It will be announced as soon as this feature is added to the user interface.  


Message for the Witness candidates

  Comment this post with ONLY the TL;DR bullet points “why vote for me” + a link to your Steemit post providing your more in-depth Witness proposal. I will only upvote the comments that respect this and would recommend all readers do the same in order to keep the whole thing clean.  

  Now remember:  

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  • We are a group of Graphene enthusiasts, and you may heard of us because of RuDEX, that we operate, and we are known for our good stable of required servers for Bitshares and Peerplays: witness, seed and api. We are also an ambasador of Graphene into Russian speaking world.
  • We currently provide a Bitshares gateway for Peerplays with 0% market fee, with Golos in testing and other Graphene based networks after.
  • One of our members was a founding member for a MUSE competitor, but left because while the economic model that he devised was sound (with some good understanding of the music industry as well as how good models for decentralized solutions work), the technological stack wasn't so much (Ethereum based)

We mentioned our hardware? Here are the specifications:

  1. witness-node (64GB RAM, SSD) - blckchnd
  2. seed - (16GB RAM, SSD)
  3. api-node - wss:// (64GB RAM, SSD)
  • Youngest MUSE Witness (16)
  • Will bring youth to the MUSE eco-system
  • I run reliable Witness Nodes in STEEM, PeerPlays, & DECENT
  • I have about a year of experience in running nodes.
  • I am a trustworthy witness
  • Helped on the MUSE Testnet
  • I have a big plan to integrate the MUSE Blockchain into a project I am working on (more details, later)

  • Server Specs

    64 GB DDR4 RAM
    2x 500 GB SSD
    1 GBIT/S
    German Location

    Got an official witness proposal link to share with us?


    I'd surely be glad to create one, will do one tonight or in the morning and link it back here!

    witness: educatedwarrior


    • Over 20 years experience in software engineering.
    • Well connected individual who could bring more users to MUSE platforms which would raise market capitalization.
    • Passionate about enabling music artists to freely express themselves through arts and fair royalty payment
    • I plan to participate in development and QA testing for MUSE network applications.


    • Found and reported two bugs
    • Collaborated with over 10 witnesses to get their nodes running by helping troubleshoot node setup or mitigate bandwidth issue
    • Participated in MUSE testnet and launch.

    (64 GB DDR4 RAM, 6X300 GB 15K RAID 10, 1 GBITS)

    (6 GB DDR4 RAM , 4 X SSD RAID 10)


    • I am a developer and a musician
    • I can translate to Greek
    • I'm ready to jump on the wagon and help build stuff on/for Muse
    • I'm also a Steemit Witness :)

    My Muse Blockchain Witness Declaration

    (My username on Muse Blockchain is also @dimitrisp, so please keep 1 out of your 30 votes for me!

    Witness: kc-pt:

    • One of the original 4 members of Peertracks (Started in 2014) Still active member of company and shareholder. Personally know all of the founders for years now. Very invested in the success of the muse blockchain!

    • Highly technical and security focused. Have worked in Information Security for >18 years. Day job is on computer security incident response team as an investigator, I also lead our Insider Threat group.

    • Extremely trustworthy as demonstrated by my long history as an investigator dealing with highly confidential and sensitive personal and financial data.

    • Very reliable-- at very large global networking company for the last 20 years and counting, despite a large number of restructuring events.

    • Former system administrator with extensive experience keeping mission critical servers up and running.

    Witness name is pt-kc
    Seed name is

    Full posting found here:

    Witnessing on Muse Blockchain for almost 2 years now. Plenty of experience in graphene blockchains
    You can find more info on my own post here
    • I am also witnessing on the Muse Blockchain since the testnet
    • Supporting it with a powerful main witness node, a seed node and a witness backup.
    • As a computer science student this is more than a perfect opportunity to show my abilities and interest in future tech
    • Being a reputable member of Steemit shows that I am trustworthy
    • Helping the MUSE team where I can and planing to spread the word

    Oh and btw. I love Mus(e/i)c!

    Server Details:
    Ubuntu 16.04.2
    64 GB DDR4 ECC
    Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 v5 Quad-Core
    1 Gbit/s
    2 x 512 GB NVMe Gen3 x4 SSD
    German Location

    My Muse witness into is very brief you can read it here. Please take the time to consider all 30 of your votes :) And thank you everyone who has voted for me already.


    Got a TL:DR to share with the super busy of the world?
    These are the times of 7 second Vines!


    Yessir, Here is my TL:DR

    --I am a new witness on the graphene scene.
    --Ran miner software for steem while it was still open.
    --I run my own box software. Isolated and Backed up.
    --3.2Ghz Quad Core Scalable with 8 Gig of Ram and SSD HDD.
    --I believe in free speech and open access to data.
    --To vote for me find "johnstor5"


    I am leading a team of contributors to the Graphene ecosystem of blockchains, collectively known as We are currently active as a witness on MUSE.

    We provide a reliable consensus node, a reliable seed node, and have already put in many hours supporting stakeholders of MUSE with performing balance claims and Bitshares 0.9.3c wallet migrations, in order to access their stake. We have also helped the team at OpenLedger with some of their technical questions.

    In the medium term we are evaluating moving our nodes to bare metal in order to further decentralize and create a stronger security and privacy story for our witness infrastructure.


    upvoted :)

    why vote @rondonson for witness TL;DR

    • I have been on MUSE since the testnet
    • I am a witness on other DPOS blockchain technology
    • I am a artist with a good fan base, and I know hundreds of artists & fans I could possibly bring to the MUSE platform
    • I went to school for Network and Security administration and have been a server admin
    • I am eager to add more value to the community with new apps and innovative ideas

    Full link to proposal:

    I urge you to vote for dgazek. Why should you do this? More about this here.

    And now my TL; DR:

    The main principle of the blockchain is decentralization, and I, and my witness, fully adhere to this principle. I am from the big and cold country of Russia, and here, in one of the professional datacenters is my node a witness, which is completely under my control. My node is located in a failover cluster based on Microsoft Hyper-V, which consists of 16 HP servers. For a virtual machine within a cluster, the following characteristics are defined:

    • Memory: 8 GB
    • Processor cores: 8
    • HDD: 120 GB SAS
    • Network: 1 Gbit / s
    • Operating system: Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS

    I organized and support the Russian-language Telegram of the MUSE community:

    And in the future I will do everything for the popularization of MUSE in my country! If you support decentralization in the ranks of MUSE witnesses, you must vote for dgazek!


    We already have RU-chat in Telegram:
    u re welcome)

    witness name: wackou
    seed node:

    • experienced graphene witness (currently witnessing on BitShares, Steemit and Peerplays), has also been witnessing the original Muse chain for 2 years
    • author of bts_tools, a set of management and monitoring tools for graphene witnesses
    • maintainer of
    • started my career working on music classification and similarity for 8 years at the MTG

    Full proposal here


    blockchain is a philosophy of liberty

    witness name is alek-01

    i'm from Russia

    hardware specification:

    • Intel Xeon E5-2609 v3 6 cores
    • RAM 32 GB
    • HDD SATA 2 TB
    • bandwith 500 Mb/s, unlimited
    • ethernet port 10 GB/s
    • inlet ambient temp 19C|66F

    and more here in my proposal for you

    Wonderful resource by the way!

    Experience, trust, and a willingness to work with the team. Read more about my thoughts on being a witness below. Signing blocks is just the start...

    MUSE WITNESS: muse-up

    --For 19 years of IT experience on software, storage, networking and mainframe;

    --Managing two IT companies, one is a software company, one is a systems integration company, a total of 95 employees, can provide a strong technical support team;

    --The security, scalability and availability of the node can be fully guaranteed;

    --There is a lot of time to pay close attention to the progress of the project, timely help and publicity;

    --As an early investor in PTS, has been very interested in related projects (BTS, MUSE, STEEM, EOS), I am sure we are doing a great thing;

    Full posting found here:

    The MUSE Blockchain

    I updated my MUSE witness server to HF_1, and it is running now! I'm happy to secure the MUSE blockchain. My goal is to maintain highly reliable and scalable MUSE witness node.

    Server details

    OS Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (HVM)
    CPU Intel Xeon Family
    CORES/SPEED 2 vCPUs @ 2.50GHz
    RAM 8GB RAM + (scalable)
    LOCATION N. virginia, USA

    Vote for snow-airline

    My goal is to maintain highly reliable and scalable MUSE witness node. If you are a MUSE holder or a witness, I would like to ask your vote for me. Thank you for giving me your time and attention.

    Muse witness: sahkan

    • I manage several servers across USA and UK to provide reliability to graphene projects
    • Always improving on my knowledge of graphene and graphene based projects
    • Kudos to the Muse team for working hard to get this project out
    • Just wanted to send shot out to everyone that participates and votes for witnesses - good to see people taking an active role in the blockchain!

    Got a link to your official witness proposal?


    • Witness on Muse Network for almost 2 years
    • Witness experience from multiple graphene projects
    • Running witness and seed nodes for current Muse chain

    Got an official Witness proposal to link to?

    Still unable to move to vesting, the maximum bandwidth issue, how to fix this?
    Account: ray


    Still an issue? Let me know!

    you said "There are many other reasons why you want your MUSE vested"...

    Before I move my MUSE to vesting I would like to understand the consequences. Is there anything I can read that will explain them?

    wow... beautiful pictures...
    very nice post...!!!
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