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Hi guys,
as you probably know the Muse Blockchain is live for a couple days already, and now the first version of the Muse Web Wallet is finally being released too!
This will allow everyone to easily join Muse, creating a new account through the faucet, and claiming his stake from:

  1. The old Muse blockchain (through a snapshot taken on the 11th)
  2. The Notes Pre-Sale (those who participated with BTC)

Some info and walkthrough guide about the claim process can be found here

Witnessing on Muse Blockchain

I am also running a witness on the Muse Blockchain, and so I would like to ask MUSE Stakeholders for their support and vote!
I am an experienced and reliable witness, running on different graphene-based blockchain including BitShares and Steem for years now.

What you may not know is that the Muse launch that took place a few days ago, is really a re-launch/pitchfork of the first Muse Blockchain started almost 2 years ago!
Throughout this time Muse already existed and it was taken care by witnesses running and maintaining nodes to keep the blockchain alive and well!

Active witnesses from old Muse (v1.0):


Most of these witnesses (me included) were active since the very first launch of the Muse Blockchain, while some others joined later on

I think Muse Stakeholders should really consider voting for all these people who in the last 2 years keep running and maintaining the blockchain, basically at their own expenses and without any news pointing to a revival of the project

To support me as a witness in the Muse Blockchain, please vote for bhuz


For who doesn't want to spend too much time on constantly evaluating witnesses or does not have the necessary knowledge to do so but still want to participate and have a say in the voting process, he can consider proxying his voting power to my account: bhuz

What I think is the minimum requirement:

  • Have shown interest and trust to Muse and its potential by being a Muse Stakeholder
  • Have shown interest and dedication to Muse by participating in the blockchain testnet phase
  • Have experience and expertise to be able to run a witness in a reliable and secure way

I take my witness job seriously and I expect others to do the same

You are welcome to use bhuz as your proxy account if this fit you best

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Thank you for posting @bhuz.

Appreciate you bringing this information to Steemians....and especially your work as a witness.

Will give Muse a look.

All the best to you. Cheers.

You got my vote

I can tell you take your job very serious, which is fantastic for us who simply love to write and make friends, so my hat is off to you, my friend

Ok whatever you wrote

Thanks @bhuz


Thanks @bhuz, You do a great job!

Awesome post @bhuz , thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing . Upvoted and followed you. Kindly check my post. @kumar.malhotra

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nice to meet you @bhuz :)
i hope we can be friend.. i follow and vote
please come to my blog :)

I really need to check out this Muse. I keep hearing out it more and more.

Thanx for the news! I created an account but i didn't understand how to start, i have to dig in!


you are a good friend who support me. the best friend's in this esetim. please you please i love my poetry. i accept your suggestion


Thanks a lot! really appreciate! ;)

Greetings! I just launched a witness campaign for Steemit and have a pretty high capacity server, plus a lot of professional experience with software/hardware (and banks of all things!) - I can see you are voting currently for @au1nethyb1 whose server is listed as inactive and who hasn't posted to Steemit for over a year. I'd really appreciate if you would consider switching that spot for me to give me a chance to serve the community as best I can.
My witness application is here. Cheers!

I think Muse Stakeholders should really consider voting for all these people who in the last 2 years keep running and maintaining the blockchain, basically at their own expenses and without any news pointing to a revival of the project

Great work.

I just upvoted you as a MUSE witness. Keep up the great work!

@bhuz can you help me, how play @esteem and join to community I don't know how used. I hope you want help me for @esteem

Me @sirajalfa

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lol, new member? ahah


April 2016 :) lol take your time next time:)