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We are a group of an active blockchain enthusiasts that prefers real steps over cryptofuss, but without rush.
Еven if there are few of us and we are just in the beginning of our journey, we can do a lot of different things.

For example, our joint effort named @rusteemitblog — project that transforms articles, reviews and the texts of official announcements from Steemit.com into the form that can be digested by Russian readers.

Today we wanted to announce that Russian localization of Bitshares DEX UI is ready and available for all web wallets and for light wallet as well, huge thanks to @testz and @svk for their help.

Those are the things that already exist. In the future we plan to make some more bold steps into the bright decentralized future.
First of all, we are aiming to become voluntary ambassadors of Graphene/Steem technology in the Russian speaking and broader global communities.
That includes being the information kiosk and technical support at the same time ;)

More seriously, it includes the following activities:

  • Outreach and marketing activities on other media resources (chats, forums, etc.) to attract wider and diverse audience to the blockchains based on Graphene/Steem tech and other projects related to it.
  • Support and feasible help in launching and development of new projects based on Graphene/Steem, as well as their users. We are open to any initiatives of the community members!
  • Unification of all the projects based on Graphene/Steem into single informational field by translation of different educational articles and reviews, statistics, user manuals and educational videos
  • Technical support, that includes an operation of the witness/delegate nodes in different Graphene/Steem based blockchains, as well as the development of products that expand the functionality of this relatively young ecosystem. That way we are directly participating and keeping abreast of the events related to it.
  • Development of applications and services based on Graphene/Steem
  • The launch of a separate gateway for the Russian community that integrates Steem, SBD, GBG, Golos, BTS and allows using Rubles on BitSharesDEX platform.


Today we'll start by announcing the launch of a node for Golos / Steem

Your support is extremely important for us since together we are greater than the sum of separate elements.
Crypto world develops as rapidly as a colony of yeast, but there is still a way to go until it turns into a sweet bun, so we’ll surely meet!

To vote for our Steem witness please follow the link, and enter blockchained into the field


To vote for our Golos delegate please follow the link, and enter blockchained into the field


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Thanks, we appreciate your support!


Thanks, we appreciate your support!


Soul_Eater_43 The Cryptofiend tweeted @ 03 Mar 2017 - 01:09 UTC

📯 An announcement of a #BLOCKCHAINED initiative - the Graphene/Steem ambassador. — Steemit

steemit.com/witness/@block… / https://t.co/gPpQDzTfjM

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks, we appreciate your support!

i vote for this guy(s) since some time :)


Thanks, we appreciate your support!

I support this initiative and u can count on my vote. We can share the framework and help launch other Graphene/Steem Technology in each country. I think we should come up with a name that will represent the power of Bitshares & Steem because the 2 goes hand in hand to support start-up around the globe. I was thinking of just Graphene like we have Ethereum ... To be discuss... Build on Steem, Powered by Graphene.


I think we should come up with a name that will represent the power of Bitshares & Steem because the 2 goes hand in hand to support start-up around the globe

Exactly! Thanks for your vote and support!

Good luck!

The title under the word conclusion. Steem not Steam.


Thanks, we appreciate your support! Autocorrect always work badly in this case, you never know)


Thanks, we appreciate your support!


Thanks, as I see by your activity in different Graphene related chats, you're kind of Graphene amassador yourself)


Thanks, we appreciate your support!

What a great and potent crew you have been so far as I have read about some of your work. The whole platform is so much stronger because of you all being here. Thank you for your dedication and continuous hard work.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)


Yes, collaboration and synergy between different people in the community is the thing that makes Steemit so attractive)


Your kindness of thought is really appreciated and pray for the contagion to happen among us all. Everyone wins that way. Thanks a bunch, namaste :)

You got my vote already @blockchained but just wanted to let you know here that I know to be one of the most motivated and visionary steemians I know ) Steem On !!

muy bueno tu articulo exitos @blockchained

Проголосовал! Есть тоже самое по русски?