The Old Dog Presents: The Mundane as Art Round 12 Winners............ Handles And Knobs!

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Here we go with our latest gallery! 

But before we have a closer look at this week's winning entries here's a  reminder of the other galleries that you've helped to produce!       


  1. Art Exhibit of Manhole Covers!
  2. Your Photographs of Streets!
  3. Damaged Asphalt Gallery
  4. The Tree Bark Virtual Gallery
  5. Mundane Art: Stones
  6. The Mundane as Art: Grass
  7. The Mundane as Art: Rust!
  8. The Mundane as Art: Sand Patterns!
  9. The Mundane as Art: Moss and Lichen!
  10. The Mundane as Art: Ice!
  11. The Mundane as Art:Walls!

About Our Round 12 Gallery

This gallery is proof that handles and knobs are often not mundane but works of art on their own.

Here Are Some Photos Showing All Four Walls of The Gallery

How dare I call handles and knobs mundane! Shame on me!

Where Can You See The Gallery?

You can find the gallery on line here for about a week but as usual I've conducted and recorded a guided tour for you!

All of these Great Steemers will be getting 1 Steem each for a total of 20 Steem!

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours so watch your wallets  and let's all continue to be amazed by the possibility of sending   funds with zero cost!   

The Graphene blockchains are the world's best! Fast, furious and we can scale! Feel the pride, feel the joy and experience the power of our Steem blockchain!  

What Do You Think?

  • How do you like the gallery this time around?
  • Will you be participating in the next round?
  • What other mundane object would you like to see us explore as art? 

I hope that you enjoyed this presentation of The Mundane as Art: Handles and Knobs!

Until next time, 


@kus-knee (The Old Dog) 

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Thank you so much for this awesome surprise @kus-knee I love your exciting gallery presentation and am thrilled to be included in this wonderful selection of handles and door knobs.
Congratulations to all winners.

Thanks for entering!

It was my pleasure @kus-knee I look forward with anticipation to your announcement of the next Mundane Art challenge. 🌺

Round 13 is under way. I look forward to your entry.

Thank you @kus-knee This one might not be so easy. I hope I don’t have to tresspass in order to get a suitable photo to submit. 😁

Oh my, perhaps you can recall your wild days as a teenager and get daring and adventurous! :)

Have you been reading my teenage [email protected]? 😆 To tell you the truth, I didn’t start trespassing until I took up photography a few years ago. Reckless. I know......but I’m hoping my secret will be safe with you. 🤫


stunning, you did really awesome again. Congratulations to all the winners! Next time I try to be in it again.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @kus-knee

How are you today? I hope you're doing good... Its being a while i came across your post on steemit..... im glaf to have come across today's post.

By the way, the above photos are really stunning and beautiful. Im resteeming it now.


Hi friend. Thanks for dropping by!

Greetings from Nigeria @kus-knee

A wonderful exhibition of handles and knobs!!!! I have to say that I love to observe the outdoor, especially when they have some beautiful handles and here I see many of them! Congrats to the winners!!!

Thanks so much for having a look!

for the next exhibition I propose "wires, ropes and knots" :)

Good idea! Hey I saw that you had a visit from @steemitri!!!

we had. It was a very nice meeting. Steemitri even brought a couple of humans with him! ;)

Haha, good one!

Wonderful selection!!!! :-D

Lots of fun again!

I imagine ;-D

This gallery is generally gorgeous. Here you can even peep yourself a good idea! The handle with the falcon has struck, it is similar to our national style.

Very cool pics indeed!

Oh very cool. Thank you.
Resteemed :-)

Thanks a lot!

I didn't have time to enter this contest (because I was sponsoring a writing contest that took up all of my spare time). But the fantastic entries have really inspired me to enter your next Mundane Art contest!

Any hints as to what it might be?

I look forward to your entry. I’m still mulling over what the next round will be. Any suggestions

Yes,super click.amazing photo.

You made my day, @kus-knee! I love going through your galleries, and to see that you included my photo really brightened this snowy morning! I love every one that you picked- Congrats everybody!!


Snowy morning? Long winter this year!

Hopefully the snow pictures I took this morning will be the last ones for the season! It grows old.

Congratulations @melinda010100 That was a fun contest wasn't it?

Thanks for joining in!

My pleasure @kus-knee and thank you once again for a superb gallery presentation.

As always you have done a great job of selection, with so many entries it turned out to be an arduous job, congratulations for how the gallery is left dear friend @ kus-knee
I wish you a wonderful day

Thanks so much!

This was the first time I've participated, so I'm honored to be part of the winners. Thank you so much! Really love the presentation you made..

Thanks for submitting your photo. Do you have an idea for the next round?

Yeah, maybe stairs, fences or streetlights..

boom! Cheers @kus-knee you old dog you! :D

Thanks for joining in the fun. Any ideas for the next round?

Mundane art... chairs, tables, cooking stoves/ovens, forks, doormats, errr the list of mundaneness is endless i guess, but perhaps is really not worth pointing a lens at!

Great gallery @kus-knee. Congratulations to all the winners. 💙

This was one of my favourite ones to enter. Looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for your support. Any suggestions on the next round?

I am resisting the temptation to rush off and see what photographs I have on my computer @kus-knee. Although i'm not sure that would do me much good anyway since the ones of mine I liked the best you didn't choose and the ones you did choose weren't my favourites so it seems we have different tastes in mundane art! 😂

How about:

nuts and bolts
board games
kitchen untensils

I could go on and on! 😂

Looks like you already did! :)

Thanks for the ideas!


Hooray! I was waiting for the results! Thank you very much and congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for entering again!

Wowee - what a fantastic collection! I'm so happy that my safe find made the grade in the contest: it's such a piece of history and I wish I could have found out a bit more about it. At least it's enjoying its 'five minutes of fame' now, @kus-knee :o) Thanks so much, and well done everyone! Jay <3

Thanks so much for entering. I love your pics!


Thanks @kus-knee! What nice surprise to wake up to this morning. I had almost forgotten about the contest :) You did a beautiful job narrating the video and describing each entry.

I see you've been busy with your trading cards. How fun!

Congratulations to all who's a fun contest. I hope you continue with it.

Congratulations @countrygirl Don't you just love these awesome surprises?

yes! It was great waking up to this.... always gives the heart a boost :) is very encouraging. I wonder what the next Mundane challenge will be?

I don't knooooooooow. I suggested paper a while ago....I think it would be fun to get creative with that. So many kinds and colors and textures. Even old newspapers. Dixie cups, paper plates....haha

True......when I think about it, paper comes in many shapes, colours, sizes and textures @countrygirl We will just have to wait and see. 😊

Yes time got away from me. I’ve been WAY to busy with my brick and mortar business!

The offer is still there if you want some help with the contest.

And I forgot but I suggested paper at one time or other for a theme. I think with the different colors and textures it would make an interesting theme. So much can be done creatively photographing it.

wpoooow Wonderful job @kus-knee you are doing great work thanks for this contest keep it up wish you all the best great work for the community

Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much @kus-knee, I just love the gallery , one by one I would like them in my house :), for wall decoration :)

Thanks for taking part!

Thank you very much @kus-knee... Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks for entering. Any ideas on the next round?

Absolutely wonderful job @kus-knee ... very impressive and I love your idea of the mundane. I will refer to as the "mundane and beautiful".

You are a great curator and know how to run and art gallery.
I look forward to the next one. :)

Thanks @rebeccabe for the encouraging words!

Beautiful gallery to see this is awesome enjoyed it :D

Thanks for having a look!

It was really a competition that I really enjoyed every photography and really a little bit challenging and the next challenges will be better and I hope to welcome those who have won and greet me from my heart thanks everyone.

Thanks for having a look!

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Oh great..Thanks for choosing my entry..I like your description.

Felicitaciones a los ganadores, todos tienen excelentes fotos. Gracias @kus-knee por la galería, se ve hermosa con todas las fotos. Me esforcé con mi foto pero no alcancé a ser parte de la galería, seguiré intentando.

Beautiful handles and doorknobs! Congratulations to the winners.

Hi Kus-Knee, Can I resteem your post now?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yay!!! Thank you, @Kus-Knee!
Congrats to all winners! ❤ I was afraid you gave up on the contest :))

Thank you, i'm honored and happy to be featured in your exhibition! it looks great!

Wow beautiful collection of handle @kus-knee. Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you very much @kus-knee. very helpful to us new steemit


Congratulations to all the winners. It is a wonderful gallery @kus-knee.
I can't wait for the next round. Cheers

Nice gallery collection,and a good initiative too.

glad to have included my photo thank you

A magnificent presentation of handles and knobs!!!! I need to state that I want to watch the outside, particularly when they have some lovely handles and here I see a significant number of them! Well done to the champs!!!

Congratulations everyone! Awesome selection! : )

First of all congratulations to the winner.
All the pictures are really amazing.
Its a valuable art indeed :)

Congrats guys for your really nice shots and you old-dog for the contest & video!👏

This is very art. In which every art of art has been inaugurated.

Waow!!!! I guess I missed that , I will participate next time.very good concept sir.

this servecing is vary good.thanks for share good safty instuments photos

Wonderful photography..i appreciate your art..all the best..

Congratulations all!
It was really an amazing contest!
Fantastic entries!
great work by every contestant!

Grande OldDog!!!
Cavolo è da un po' che non partecipo!
Aspetto il prossimo tema e cercherò di impegnarmi ;-)

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you @kus-knee for creating and hosting this contest!


Literally art can be everywhere and you find that art and actually want and motivate people to do this.

again amazing collection! 👍

Nice pictures, @kus-knee. Greetings.

Congrats to the winners!

I know a few of them. The gallery is looking nice as usual!

Thanks a lot Old Guy. Don't forget to enter round 13!

For sure! I have a couple of woodpile pics!

Ack! I missed this. Oh why oh why... I should visit your profile more often 😂😂😂