Self Ownership in the Age of Authoritarianism: Jeff Berwick on Open Your Mind Radio Ireland

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I just finished an interview with Alan James and Steven George of Open Your Mind Radio Ireland.

Being such a busy time, there was and is plenty to talk about, so we were able to hit several different topics including just how over-leveraged the derivatives markets are and how indebted almost every country in the world is and the US government more than doubling its national debt in the last 8 years since the last financial crisis.

We also got into how to prepare for the next financial crisis, and I gave some insights that might surprise you on how I think people should prepare.

You can see the interview here:

In other news, we are just hours away from the monumental bitcoin hard fork, and many are calling the most important event in bitcoin since its inception.

There was some confusion about the hard fork time, but it appears it will be at 8:20 am Eastern time on Tuesday morning. You can see the countdown clock here. It should be noted that it won't happen right at that exact time, but soon after.

There is a lot of speculation about what may happen. What is almost assured is that we will have a lot of volatility over the next few days.

You’ll want to make sure you subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter (HERE) to ensure you don’t miss any important info or alerts. And, in our next issue, scheduled to come out by this weekend I’ll explain what may happen in the coming months with both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. And, it is likely something you haven’t heard anywhere else.

Hold onto your hats. It’s going to be a wild few days!

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I understand that you used to work with fiat as a profession. Can you recommend any reading, doumentaries, or any other source that would help me to understand money markets? I halfway understand how bonds and fiat work but the information I come accross keeps looping, alas I still don't have a grasp on it. Any i formation would be good information.


Stay away from fiat machine!
Can't grow fruit on front lawn, unless you get to ban car movement on local road, but behind the house sure why not


What is the future of fiat machine? Will they be banished?


I am just tryimg to figure out how it all started and how it works. I have the most basic of understanding but i am not satisfied with that.

Preparing for the next financial crisis .....

@dollarvigalante, I enjoy your posts, please keep the information coming. Sadly I'm too poor to subscribe to your newsletter, but if you keep making interesting posts on steemit it would be greatly appreciated ----@maninjapan1989

note: if your ever in Japan and need a guide feel free to hit me up :)

fetch ur camera we should video these historical moments

Jeff, you're such an open minded guy with a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately, there are some powerful people behind closed curtains that don't want the truth to come out. In my opinion, EVERYBODY is entitled to know the truth.
That's why I support the fight against censorship. It's important to always keep in mind HOW important true freedom of speech really is! There can't be a functionating democratic system if one party is more knowledgeable than the others.


Hey pal. Looked into yet? If censorship is your concern then you will like this platform a lot. It was backed by IBM since 2014 and ICO comming soon.

I love and appreciate all your insight and knowledge you share Jeff, very informative and articulate. Following as always, keep doing your thing buddy, we all appreciate what you offer and give to the community.


I absolutely agree @royschuh , I am learning so much with Jeff. Upvoted and followed you @royschuh.

I am impressed with you .. thanks information.semoga we can be friends well .. follow me @riansteem

Amazing post i just upvoted your post and following you now

vote for me , i will vote for you

Great post

I really appreciate your info and insight. You are on the right path with so many things that you talk about.
You are so right...Central Banks need to go. There needs to be a new monetary system that is fair for the small guy.
I am one of those small guys that needs something to change.
Thank you for the video.

i watched the radio. it is nice. earlier also i saw radio show on steemit. nice

In addition to this post, a lot of people still struggle with the concept of how traditional fiat currency is “centralized”, and digital currencies like Bitcoin are “decentralized”. Without properly understanding what these terms mean, there is no way for everyday consumers to see the benefits of either option.

And one of the most often heard comments is how fiat currency can be printed on-demand. While most people think this statement is overrated, every governing body around the world can create additional fiat currency “out of thin air.” It goes without saying that, by increasing the total supply of fiat backed by the previous value, all money in circulation becomes less valuable.

While, bitcoin, the most popular decentralized currency in the world right now, has a fixed supply of 21 million coins. No more coins can ever be issued beyond that point, giving all bitcoins in circulation some form of value at any time, with the potential to increase in value over time. It will take until 2140 until all 21 million bitcoins are mined.


It's also hard to explain "No more coins can be issued" to people when they say "what is ETC or BCC, and how many of them are there?"

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Screw Capitalism!!!!!

Yes! Thanks again for another great post.

Boy oh boy, this is all history in the making. :)

Jeffberwick has been promoting eos already...should I buy some now?

Thanks for bringing us these great videos. Very informative and a great way to spend my time here on Steemit! Watching it right now :)

Thanks for sharing the article

sign up now to buy bitconnect in this volatile market

do it now to make money ..........

Hey jeff, Great interview, nicely done. The whole monetary system is like a giant ponzi scheme lol hopefully cryptos will take over eventually and free us! Thanks for the countdown clock that comes in handy for me :)


He is one of the reasons I became an anarchist. Lol 😁😊

I can't wait for that to happen, the fork, I am sure it will solidify bitcoin's position in the future. The only regret I have is that I did not wake up earlier and I do not own more bitcoin, only a very tiny amount!!

Lets get on with it . The time of talking is in the past .

Was watching the video, the two solutions to get rid of debt are default or hyperinflation. As QE isn't bring inflation, it will probably be defaults. Just wonder which government will start defaulting. Greece, Italy, Venezuela, South Africa, USA...

Great show @dollarvigilante do you know where to get a paper wallet for ripple?

Hey Jeff,
I also quit smoking after reading that book by Allen Carr. This book opens the eyes to the trap that our society has been trapped in.

I've been following Jeff for many years now and he is always on the dot when comes to spotting trends. He is definitely one of the very few fresh voices out there and is not afraid to speak his mind. Once the system collapses, only assets that are under your control can help you ride through the storm. That's all...

Great insights! Thanks for your interview! Learn a lot from it!

Brilliant, have only met you recently but so glad I did. Am at the beginning of my cryptocurrency journey and learning slowly. Thanks to you my journey will be better informed. I came to Steemit not because of crypto currency but because of its ranking factor and the strength of its backlinks. I stayed because of the content, the community, its aspirations and the education it offers on a world I shockingly know so little of. Again thank you.

wild !!

thanks for the post jeff.

Following! Thanks for sharing with us!


What fork?

No chainsplit detected. So much for that nothing-event. May even be a few DAYS before the alt-coin BCH even has a single block.


I really follow and like this man....I will be following his advices.....cheers

What is mind radio jeff berwick

· or open your mind radio is an Irish radio station. :)

Mostly Everyone thinks they are a reasonable person and this guy knows trends and how to invest but the people with the biggest egos are the Anarchists. Acting like spoiled children with Dr. Spock era parents.

Check out some eye opening prose:

The Anarchy guys really do live in a fantasy world of half truths trying to earn a living from other people's time and money selling snake oil cures for what has merely become an unbalanced democratic republic.

Increases in technology and population demand bigger government of the people and by the people. 330 Million People".

Check out where jurisdiction comes from:

And what's actually wrong with our government and how to fix it:

And what's wrong with our economy and how to fix it:

And how to fix healthcare:


SO SENSITIVE! It's perfectly safe to argue from the position of anarchism because state-ism is ultra-entrenched. It's not like it's going anywhere. There is the physics of it. There is mere physics my boy. If you believe in the income tax and endless wars, I don't know what is wrong with you. We need to start making ground or else we're going to end up in a super-Machiavellian, Nazi-like state pretty soon. I already think people are acting more racist, and people drink and smoke more than ever.


Well sir, the velocity of money is currently funneled through the mic but to enact change we need to increase the size of the House.

I love the host in this one. Remind me to watch this again.

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