The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Perpetrated on the United States of America…. and No One Even Realizes It.

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I hope people begin to realize that we’ve all been duped as a result of this happening many, many years ago.

Maybe I am wrong and people actually realize it but don’t believe it makes a difference, or if they do realize it, they believe that the result is in their favor and don’t want to fix it; or they simply do not care.

We The People, have been disenfranchised for so long that there are Anti Fascists and just plain anti government groups forming across the landscape in addition to the PAC's, the Tea Party even admitted Communists and Socialists, From Anarchist Communists to Anarchist Capitalists; many, many faces of anarchist groups taking to the airwaves of the internet and social media actively calling for our nation’s government’s destruction.

You see, they don’t want to destroy the supposed good moral fiber of the country. A lot of them even preach a non-aggression theory. Which is laughable to me,

but all of this and more is the direct result of people who feel that they have no voice or control over their own destiny;

** calling themselves and everyone else slaves of the government, not Citizens.**


This wasn’t a planned conspiracy like a False Flag or even a nefarious plan by Hydra or Spectre, or by a political party or even by the infamous Bilderberg Group.

This Conspiracy was the result of logistics and lack of technological resources. In 1911 and 1929 Congress was capped at 435 members. You can read all about that below. Yes it was as simple as that. The Simple Act that eventually diluted the voices of the people so badly we are on the verge of another revolution. Like the system confronting the people of Boston just before the Actual Tea Party but this time, people don’t even realize why they are so angry. And there is no place left to escape to.

They point fingers at the welfare queens, at the medically addicted, at the police and even at the politicians, who themselves do not even realize that they have the power to fix the nation’s temper.

There have been articles written on it so I guess my premise is a lie; that No One Even Realizes It. It should say “Not enough people” realize it, or its consequences.

Regular everyday Americans don't control our government. AND that fact should scare EVERYONE!


Congress capped congress at 435 members for logistical reasons but the net effect of doing so is what we have today. An apparently incoherent government run by the special interests and deep state career employees.

The Special Interests created themselves to counter the lack of participation in the electoral process and as a result have developed ways to control elections…. Because they have the money to sway each and every election. Vis-à-vis, the Insurance Complex, the military complex; the banking/investment complex and the Prison Industrial Complex; corporations and the deep state career employees collect black mail and make political donations that controls every elected official in the United States of America. The monied corporations control our congress. While it's true that they didn’t create the Conspiracy (no one did), they have exploited the opportunities it’s provided to them.


Again, this bears reiteration: Congress was capped at 435 representatives.

The original ratio was 1:30,000. Now since the cap the people's voices have been watered down to 1:750,000+-. Again, this also allows the special interests to fund and control congress.

If we increase the number of representatives to levels it cannot be bought and controlled by small wealthy groups, we take back our country and we increase the opportunities for a real multi-party system. Not just two sides of the same face of the same World Order.

I have not researched how many there are but I’ve heard stories about how other first world nations have to compromise with multiple other parties just to form a government. That sounds good to me.

There are arguments against this idea. Namely financial and they can be found in the attached Article by CNN. But our voice outweighs the expenses; which can be evaluated while increasing the number of seats.

Here are the specific Data:

Based on The US constitution's suggested representative ratio of 1:30,000, we should have 10,800 U.S. Representatives. Actual: 435. The actual ratio gives the People a voice of 1:750,000+- (We are virtually mute in the ears of our representatives. The only people they hear are the special interests). The states are better but still diluted.

Texas: Suggested-833 / Actual 150
Actual Ratio is 1:166,000+-

Florida: Suggested-676 / Actual 120
Actual Ratio is 1:169,000+-

California: Suggested-1,308 Actual 80
Actual Ratio is 1:490,000+-

And our voices get watered down more and more every year as the ability of the special interests to control elections gets easier and easier for the private lobbyists with all the money to control elections and tax policy to favor of keeping the

Middle Class Surrounded by the entitlement addicts without being able to create a fair and cohesive tax policy that addresses all of our concerns.

And by fair I mean this: The wealthy need to pay their fair share which is to pay until it hurts like it hurts a poor person to ask for assistance; like his hurts a man’s pride when his wife has to work out of necessity. That's the fair share for the 1%. It has to be visceral. A fair share of the hurt. Otherwise it's just... Well.... Not fair.

The only way to make that happen is to expand congress; so everyone’s’ voices mean something at the election booth.

But more importantly Not expanding it continues to allow the Deep State to continue unfettered wars, and the Federal Government’s police forces to rule with the mega tyranny of King George having no real representation and State governments who defer their sovereignty to the Federal Bureaucracy namely through the Direct Taxation of their citizens by the corrupt Federal Congress.

Just look how the States are handling the legalization of cannabis. Its farcical that we they have to hide in fear of the Federal Government’s Banking Cartel when they legalize it, simply for medicine much less for recreational use.

So next time a government agent tells you he doesn't make the laws he just enforces them you can tell him that the people who make the laws are corrupt.

We the people are virtually unrepresented because of the representative/people ratio being too watered down and because of that he's just a corporate shill enforcing illegitimate laws created by a corrupt corporation with Zero Fealty to the People.

Call your congressman and demand he sponsor a bill to Uncap the House! And give America some political relief.


Shout out to @mikebluehair23

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Some interesting points you got there. Career politicians are dangerous people, especially once Special Interest gains their favor. They care more about their own wealth, than the good of the nation. It would be nice to see more parties out there. There are way too many people now and too many different ways of thinking to label everyone into a 2 party system. Lets hope things change for the better and soon.


Career politicians I think are the real problem. Take the health care drama going on right now. When Obama was president the Republicans voted many times to repeal Obamacare, knowing that it would never happen but the vote made for a good show. Now that the Republicans control both houses they can't get crap done regarding healthcare. Both parties are corrupt and this corruption needs to be rooted out. As mentioned above we don't have proper representation but I think the real solution is term limits.


Term Limits limit the people's right to elect who they want; but in this over diluted house it's the next best thing to expansion. If we have the proper campaign finance laws and expansion then I don't think term limits are necessary. And I appreciate the input.

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I think these career politicians get into the system and this system provides funding for re-election. This funding cuts off the ability of the average person to put in a serious bid. I would rather have a representative that has two terms and knows he is returning to his normal life after that. Corruption takes time, give an inch, inch and inch before you know it you are miles of course, which takes time.


Good Points and No retirement program either.


Yes the larger the population the larger the government needs to be to ensure proper and fair access to resources. We all can't be farmers.


Check out my post on the Velocity of Money in economics too! Thanks.

Fantastic article, and one I feel really captures the heart of the problem.In my experience so far, not enough to convince the anarchists here, but a good solution to fix the government instead of tear it down.

From Canada myself. We run a parliamentary system made of many different parties. Usually 5 are involved at the federal level, but 3 main ones: NDP (left), Liberal (center) and Conservative (right). Most of the time one of these gets a majority government, meaning they basically call the shots as long as they stand united (and don't get sick en masse). Sometimes though, and this just happened in my home province of BC, we have a minority government.

In BC, the liberal-conservative party won 43 seats, NDP won 41, and Green won 3. The NDP and Green are both left-wing, and the incumbent was the liberals, so what happened was the NDP and Green formed an alliance to oust the Liberals. The people had their voices heard, at least in that regard.

We'll see how long it lasts, but as much as the liberals complain about it being unfair, democracy truly worked this year.


I love Canada. Trudeau has caught the eye of a lot of Yankees.


lol, he makes for a good public face. I also support probably the majority of his initiatives too, though he's got pretty strong ties to the oil industry.


I still like oil. I burn it everyday. ;(


The only oil I burn is of the midnight sort!

Also my car. I was only willing to go so far as a hybrid. The particular problem here though is Canadian oil is SUPER dirty. Oil's going to be around for awhile, but we probably shouldn't try to keep pushing the expensive-to-extract worst-for-environment oil here. Or at least don't subsidize it.


The Saudis have a plan to keep oil cheap until they completely run out in 50-60 years leaving everyone else with a product in the ground too expensive to sell. And that's when we all go electric everything. It's Like waiting for broadband from the invention of the internet .


Check out my blog post on the Velocity of Money in Economics:

I question if government could be anything but corrupt because corruption has been intertwined for so many years. It is almost laughable that the government can obtain a patent for cannabis a plant that has grown on the earth for thousands of years.

And when you see an issue that drives you to write and call all 51 senators and only one responds and has the audacity to say "I do not know what I am talking about." This after being informed I practiced medicine for 20+ years. Yet a senator is so informed he feels he has the right to remove parental rights.

Is there really hope for government????


@marymg2014 this is exactly why I wrote this post. We can't write letters to anyone and expect results unless we bring large campaign donations. This is why I am trying to start a grass roots movement to add seats to the House to get back to the constitutional Ratio of 1:30,000. This isn't enlarging government (adding new departments and full time employees to "serve" us is); adding so many representatives that the special interests cannot have a logistical possibility of controlling elections is adding accountability to the house without the corruption of "donations".


Yes it's Counter Intuitive but that's how a proper society functions. Taxation.

Whether the communal funds/resources that help raise up the standard of living for the whole community is gathered by actual extortion, coercion, taxation or donation, the method doesn't matter as long as it's used for the benefit of the public.

It works better at the local community level where things can be done by donation benefitting "friends" as opposed to benefitting "outsiders" but it need not matter if the whole society is benefitted.

Most people's troubles with coercion is that they aren't part of the coercion team and turn into rebels against that which is good for the whole.

But make no mistake I am not in favor of redistribution of wealth, however payment for services rendered to the community by contractors is acceptable.

And yes I am referring to my own definition of increasing the standard of living through order and smart and careful usage of resources respecting individual rights codified in the Bill of Rights.

But the system has gotten out of balance and we see the politicians not paying any attention to the fact that we elect them because they represent so many people it makes it incredibly difficult to oust them in favor of a person who takes his que from his constituents rather than the pharmaceutical and other lobbyists.

Hope People will start to wake up to these facts!

A good place to start is this book: "America Freedom to fascism: The biggest conspiracy ever perpetrated on the American People"

Do you file a 1040 every year? Discover the truth and the fraud being perpetrated on the American people by the government and the IRS. You will also learn how the federal reserve system is taking total control of the government and what their plans are for the future. It is time to wake up.

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