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Hello to all photography lovers!

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants of this contest because the level was excellent!
The contest is now finished and I received more than 80 ENTRIES for this second [50 SBD TO WIN] / 🐜 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST 2 🐜! It's amazing but really hard to make a choice every day between all these entries... ^^

I'm so happy to announce THE BIG WINNER OF THIS CONTEST!!!

It was not easy to do but there is the fun of the game! =)

The WINNER is: @wandairawan

  • Entry 1:

Hello photography lovers from a macro lens !!
What's the news for all of you ...?
May you all be healthy and always in His protection.

On this occasion, I would like to present some photos of different color beetles. From the size and shape of the body, it's clear that the beetles in my post are very different. beetle in the first photo, he has a rather long body and has a green, black color and there is a slight yellow color. In the second photo, this is a beetle that has a body with a rounder shape and has a red and black color.

I don't know the special names of these two beetles, I usually only call their names, with the common name "Beetle".

I found those who were standing on trees, leaves and wild flowers. These are trees or wild flowers that grow in the beach area in my hometown. I got this photo in the afternoon when I wanted to hunt for butterflies.

What I like about these two small beetles is the color they have, this is the color of my favorite color, the apaligi when dealing with a macro lens, this color looks very bright so the appearance of this beetle beetle also looks very beautiful.

Below is the result of my macro photography, see and enjoy their beauty. Hope you like it.

  • Entry 2:


Hi Photography Lovers from Macro Lenses !!!
What's the news for all of you ?
May you all be in good health and always in His protection.

On this occasion, I @wandairawan wanted to present some macro photography from a small animal that was almost similar to a bee. this is my macro photography for the challenge of Contest Photo # 2 on the 6th day held by @flamingirl.

My short story about this animal

Steemians, this is the photo I got at the location of my own home page in the afternoon. I get 7 photos of them in different styles. Actually, this is an animal that I fear because they have poisonous thorns when they sting and I, already feel a sting from them, this happened when I was little, this was the time when I was still playing catapult. My friend and I wanted to destroy their nests in trees with a height of 7 meters using slingshot, when their nests began to disintegrate, suddenly they came out quickly from the nest and stung my head until I fell unconscious, when I woke up, it turned out that I was already in Pukesmas bed, my family took me for medical treatment.

But today, I don't want to hurt them, today I want to make them look beautiful in front of the macro lens and I want to show all the participants who took part in the macro photography contest. Will this animal take me to No. 1 ?
Hopefully ! :-)

Those are some of my works @wandairawan for the Macro Photography Challenge on the 6th day held by @flamingirl.

Camera Lens and Location :

Camera: Samsung SM-N950F / F1,7 /4,30mm.
Lens: Prosumer /45mm.
Photo by @wandairawan

Location :
JL. Railroads. Meunasah Aron, Muara Batu, North Aceh District, Aceh, Indonesia.

The last words I want to convey are :

My thanks to @flamingirl and my warm greetings @wandairawan for all participants who participated in this contest, hopefully you all succeeded.

And ... Don't forget to keep following me @wandairawan :-)

Hi Photography Lovers from Macro Lenses !!!
What's the news for all of you ?
May you all be in good health and always in His protection.

On the 7th day of the challenge of the macro photography contest held by @flamingirl, I @wandairawan wanted to present 8 photos of animals and flowers.

For today, I want to give a bit of a bright feel because of the last day of this contest, therefore I want to give something more special to @flamingirl who has taken great pains to hold this macro photography contest.

And ... for today, I deliberately chose these beautiful animals and flowers for the challenge of the last day because between these winged animals and flowers need each other, examples are like butterflies that always need flowers.

I also need a challenge in terms of photography, with challenges like this, I can compete with those who are more senior, when I lose, that's when there is a sense of wanting to improve to be better day by day.

Now look and enjoy the results of my macro photography which is still in the learning stage, hopefully you like it, if there are deficiencies, give me a little advice by commenting below.

You will receive 30 SBD within 12 hours on your wallet.

2nd place for: @marjanko

  • Entry 1:

Quick story

Now, it's getting a little creepy. It seams everywhere I go, those little guys are following me. I am not complaining, because I just love them, it's just funny to see them everywhere...
This is one of those times.
I was on my balcony, watching a storm roll in ( Story for another time ). As it started to rain, I packed my gear, to go inside. In process of that, I looked on the table and who do I see ? Jap...

"Everywhere you go, I will follow you!" Zoom in

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm G OSS
Set: F2.8 / shutter 1/125/ Iso 250
Light: Ex. flash, led light , a little sun light too

He was just watching me, how I was running, to get my gear inside the apartment. I was quick enough, to do that, so I was enjoy watching as the rain picked up.
He was still there. This time, he wasn't looking at me, but a way down of the glass table. He couldn't jump off, because his feet, where glued on the table. It was funny to watch him "dance" - to try get away / jump off....
Then the the most amazing thing happened. πŸ€—

  • Entry 2:

Quick story

"When the earth stood still"
This was just one of those days, when everything just comes together. When you already know in the morning, that today will be the day. That feeling, that wouldn't let go, until you do it.... just something, telling you: "Go and try it! Today is your day!"

Colliding two water drops, is the game of millisecond. Colliding three water drops is mission impossible, but if you don't give up and try, try, cry a little πŸ˜₯ and πŸ˜₯ 😀, but still, you try, try, try... eventually everything connects and you will get such indescribable moment, captured forever!😍

"Appreciate small moments"

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm G OSS 1:1
Set: F6.3 / shutter 1/125/ Iso 250
Light: Ex. flash
Trigger: https://goo.gl/d7zVNv

But still, the question remains: β€œHow do I do it?β€πŸ€”

So, for next week, I will be making tutorials from A - Z, about water drop photography. (Maybe, @Dtube channel will start?😱) I hope you enjoy the photo and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow meπŸ‘

Yours truly, @marjanko πŸ€

One more thing!
This would not have been possible, without my amazing wife, ❀️ @tinabrezpike ❀️


You will receive 10 SBD within 12 hours on your wallet.

3rd place for: @boddhisattva

I want to submit this snake photo to the challenge.
Despite the fact that in the photo this snake seems large, in fact it was a small snake. I photographed it from a distance of about 15 cm.
The history of this photo is very interesting. In the country house of my parents there is a garden. In this garden there is a large flower garden. Our children saw how the snake crawled in this flower garden. Then several adults surrounded her to see.
Not seeing the direction in which she can escape the snake decided to climb a tall flower.
When she got out and began to watch us, I approached her with the camera and took this picture.
After a small photo shoot, we stepped aside and allowed this snake to creep into nature. After all, we knew that this snake is not poisonous and does not pose a danger to people.

You will receive 5 SBD within 12 hours on your wallet.

4th place for: @pradeepdee6

Everything has its own beauty, But only few see it
Variegated fritillaries are common on sunny areas like pastures fields and edges of roads . Females seek nutritious plants for their young. To the fritillary caterpillar, a good meal includes the leaves of plants such as maypops, may apple, purslane, stonecrop, and moonseed. The extreme color combination defines the attraction towards the Variegated fritillaries which in turn helps Variegated fritillaries to hunt easily on the smaller insects which are attracted.

After seeing the macro pictures of Variegated fritillaries, one comments that being huge is not of use unless your looks are terrific like this smallest creature which cant even move fast.

Below is my entry for Day #4 7-day macro-photography challenge by @flamingirl

All the above images were captured using my smart phone Samsung s9

For more information on the variegated fritillary, please visit the following web sites:

You will receive 5 SBD within 12 hours on your wallet.

A big THANK YOU to ALL the participants of this fabulous contest and see you soon for a NEW PHOTO CONTEST!

If you liked this contest, don't hesitate to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM this article =)! Thank you for your support my Steemians friends!

"Dream Big"!
Flamingirl, with love <3

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Congratulations everyone!

Absolutely amazing!!! β™₯

Thank you @flamingirl for the wonderful contest and engaged organizing of all the participants. Looking forward for upcoming contest :)

Congrats @wandairawan - my favorite entry 2
@marjanko - Entry 1 and @boddhisattva . Had great time in the contest and enjoyed each of your photographs :)


Hi @flamingirl Thanks again for your time. The winning post for Day 4 did not get any rewards on the post :( I'm very sure that was left out in your busy schedule.
Please do the needful if its valid. Here is the post you selected as winner for day 4 macro-photography : https://steemit.com/macrophoto-challenge/@pradeepdee6/my-entry-for-the-7day-macro-photography-challenge-by-flamingirl-day-4
Thanks a lot again for getting this platform

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Great choice! Macros take you to a whole new world! and the colors are so vibrant.

Many many congratulation to the winners

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Thank God, my macro photography is at number 1, 2 and 3.

Thank you to @flamingirl for choosing me @wandairawan

Thanks also for all the friends who have supported me.
I don't want to be arrogant, without you, maybe I can't be here.

I would also like to say a warm greeting to: @marjanko, @boddhisattva, @pradeepdee6, @adibiqbal and @thenuclear. I want to make you my best friends in macro photography, even though today I am at number 1, juju I don't know much about this, so starting today, I want to make you all as a teacher for me to learn a lot about macro photography.

For those I don't name here, I apologize because you are so much that I can't write one by one, so once again I want to thank you all here.


all the photos are looks amazing...congratulation @wandairawan


Thank you @babai1995

Congrats for the winners... @wandairawan, @marjanko and the others... Great work...
Big thanks for @flamingirl for the contest.. Wait for the next contest...

Wow! Thank you, @flamingirl! It is very pleasant to be among the winners, because there were a lot of interesting works.

Thanks for the contest and for the third place!