My entry for the 7-day macro photography challenge by @flamingirl || for the 6th day || 🐜Animals 🐜 - Black and Orange ||

Hi Photography Lovers from Macro Lenses !!!
What's the news for all of you ?
May you all be in good health and always in His protection.

On this occasion, I @wandairawan wanted to present some macro photography from a small animal that was almost similar to a bee. this is my macro photography for the challenge of Contest Photo # 2 on the 6th day held by @flamingirl.

My short story about this animal

Steemians, this is the photo I got at the location of my own home page in the afternoon. I get 7 photos of them in different styles. Actually, this is an animal that I fear because they have poisonous thorns when they sting and I, already feel a sting from them, this happened when I was little, this was the time when I was still playing catapult. My friend and I wanted to destroy their nests in trees with a height of 7 meters using slingshot, when their nests began to disintegrate, suddenly they came out quickly from the nest and stung my head until I fell unconscious, when I woke up, it turned out that I was already in Pukesmas bed, my family took me for medical treatment.

But today, I don't want to hurt them, today I want to make them look beautiful in front of the macro lens and I want to show all the participants who took part in the macro photography contest. Will this animal take me to No. 1 ?
Hopefully ! :-)








Those are some of my works @wandairawan for the Macro Photography Challenge on the 6th day held by @flamingirl.

Camera Lens and Location :

Camera: Samsung SM-N950F / F1,7 /4,30mm.
Lens: Prosumer /45mm.
Photo by @wandairawan

Location :
JL. Railroads. Meunasah Aron, Muara Batu, North Aceh District, Aceh, Indonesia.

The last words I want to convey are :

My thanks to @flamingirl and my warm greetings @wandairawan for all participants who participated in this contest, hopefully you all succeeded.

And ... Don't forget to keep following me @wandairawan :-)

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So you are saying all these photos came from a smartphone? Are you not kidding? I am speachless. This is an exceptional work, as I see this

This post needs promotion

I will see what I can do about this....
I am so impressed.


@wandairawan, I have ordered smartmarket upvoters for you. :)
Looks they are now rushing in...

800+ and counting


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU @onealfa !!! 😃😃😃
I'm sad that you do not participate in my contest this time... 😪


Hopefully I do some time later, @flamingirl .
Been not very active here during summer, all my SP been delegated. But with summer end all things will return to normal soon.


I am not lying, this is the result of the Samsung Galaxy Note camera and 4.5 mm macro lens @onealfa

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As always you nailed it my friend...
All the very best

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Hehehehehe :-)

Thank you for your compliment @thenuclear
Greetings warm for you and I hope your days fun :-)

Hey man. Amazing macros! I am your fan now.
I would only suggest one thing, shoot at lower ISOs if possible and your shot will turn out even more amazing.
Keep up your good work.


Okay ..., I will try to reduce ISO, honestly I really like macro photography but I'm not smart about this, please teach me

I want to know ... where you live ?

Thank you for the advice @ceve-man


As a country we are too far away but we are asian neighbours my friend(Guess?).
Try learning the manual settings of your phone for the start. I would love to share what i know but i am an amateur too.

Kraak that photo droneuh... Bereh


Hehehehehe :-)
Teurimeung geunaseh @adibiqbal


Tak naik potong.. Meubulee barang


Pah that iteume @adibiqbal

These are great photos. Well done. Congratulations!


Thank you

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