My entry for the 7 DAYS MACRO-PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE #2 by @flamingirl - Day 3 🕷

in macrophoto-challenge •  6 months ago

Quick story

Now, it's getting a little creepy. It seams everywhere I go, those little guys are following me. I am not complaining, because I just love them, it's just funny to see them everywhere...
This is one of those times.
I was on my balcony, watching a storm roll in ( Story for another time ). As it started to rain, I packed my gear, to go inside. In process of that, I looked on the table and who do I see ? Jap...

"Everywhere you go, I will follow you!" Zoom in
pajek 03.jpg
Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm G OSS
Set: F2.8 / shutter 1/125/ Iso 250
Light: Ex. flash, led light , a little sun light too

He was just watching me, how I was running, to get my gear inside the apartment. I was quick enough, to do that, so I was enjoy watching as the rain picked up.
He was still there. This time, he wasn't looking at me, but a way down of the glass table. He couldn't jump off, because his feet, where glued on the table. It was funny to watch him "dance" - to try get away / jump off....
Then the the most amazing thing happened. 🤗

Original .jpg

I took my camera ( flash, led light on the side) and started focusing on him... As I got the perfect focus, he was just looking at me and I saw it in his eyes saying "Bro, can't you see? I'm stuck, help me!"
I took just this one photo, then you can guess what happened then ?!🤗

"Just to get an idea, how small this guys really are"
pajek med dlako_1.jpg

I took him inside. Together we watched the storm passed. 🙂 After the storm has passed, I took him back to my balcony. I have a strong feeling we will see him again... 🤗

So, with this imagine, I'm entering the best macro-contest made by @flamingirl.

I hope you enjoy the story and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me👍
Yours truly, @marjanko 🍀


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You're amazing


Thank you @babyino 🍀


my pleasure dear

Try to make a story about the techniques you use.
It could be a great steemSTEM post


Thank you for the tip. I will try alway to add how I make them and how you could do it to 🍀


steemSTEM is supporting Science, Tech, Engineering and Math, thus:

  • why macro tubes
  • what does it mean 1:1 macro lens
  • why using reversed lenses
  • What are guide numbers
  • how to position our flash
  • How to do image stacking
  • Science behind the colors

and so on and so on, million topics ;)


Uuu 🤗 sick list... I needed that🔥Thank you @alexs1320 🍀

This is PRO level @marjanko!

He's lookin right at me :)


Thanks @direwolf 😊
I love, that you like it 🍀

Great shot! It's my dream to found and make a photo of such spider 8)


Then, you need to visit me 😊

stunning click man
all the very best for the result


Thank you @thenuclear for the support 🍀

Phenomenal! The photos, the story, the process, the relationship... thank you for sharing!


Thanks @yvesoler, I m happy, that you like it 🤗

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oh my....look at his eye, so adorable ❤😊❤
Those are stunning! ❤😊❤ Very pretty. I love your photography ❤


Thank you 🍀Maybe in the future we will make a photo together. I make photos and tou edited ? What do tou say? @ykdesign

Wow... So cool 😎
Great job mate..


Thank you @dibiqbal 🍀

Another amazing example of your skills.
I am impressed how you can show the little spider to look so attractive.


Thank you @nelinoeva 🍀
I really appreciate your support and also you photography 🍀


You are most welcome! 😀

Oh my I hate bugs they make my skin feel like they on me


Me, on the other side... Just love them... Just look at his big black eyes 😍

beautiful spiders.
they scare me
great catch


WOW thats an amazing macro, such clear detail and a cool relfection


Most welcome

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