My entry for the 7day macro-photography challenge by @flamingirl Day #4

Everything has its own beauty, But only few see it

Variegated fritillaries are common on sunny areas like pastures fields and edges of roads . Females seek nutritious plants for their young. To the fritillary caterpillar, a good meal includes the leaves of plants such as maypops, may apple, purslane, stonecrop, and moonseed. The extreme color combination defines the attraction towards the Variegated fritillaries which in turn helps Variegated fritillaries to hunt easily on the smaller insects which are attracted.

After seeing the macro pictures of Variegated fritillaries, one comments that being huge is not of use unless your looks are terrific like this smallest creature which cant even move fast.

Below is my entry for Day #4 7-day macro-photography challenge by @flamingirl


Very confused on the pic above and below, which one comes up and which is down!!!


Few others pictures captured today noon



Doesn't this look scary !!

Edit proofs:
WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at 12.44.40 AM.jpeg

All the above images were captured using my smart phone Samsung s9

For more information on the variegated fritillary, please visit the following web sites:

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Fantastic captures
They grow to be such a beautiful butterflies


Thank you for your contributions!
Good fortune
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Cool shot buddy.!
Very surprising yes , I really didn't know the fact that these are to be beautiful and colorful butterflies.

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amazing click man,
all the best


Thank you Brother