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Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.
-Tony Hsieh

If you look closely, your goals (if you have any) are mostly realistic.

Based on your aspirations, skills, expertise, time, and/or effectiveness, you want X million in currency by Y date. Or you want X amount per year by Y date. Or you want to decrease your mile time by X seconds by Y date.

Whatever your goal is, think bigger. Why would you do that?

Currently, you're basing your goals off of the aspirations, skills, expertise, time, and/or effectiveness that you have NOW.

You MUST consider how your skills, expertise, and effectiveness might change IN THE FUTURE.

Your ability to find, strategize, and profit from new business opportunities should increase over time. Your financial literacy, accounting techniques, and learning mindset should increase over time. Your positive attitude towards your health should increase over time.

**If you have a growth mindset, your gains might be exponential, not linear. **

With that in mind, take the advice of @grantcardone . 10X your life. Take your goals and aspirations and multiply them by 10.

Want 1 million dollars by the time you’re 30? Make it 10 million. Running for 10 minutes a day? Make it 100 minutes.

10X your thoughts to 10X your life.

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true.. great quotes . thanks

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