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Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.
-Josh Billings

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all born attractive, healthy, and intelligent?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Life will throw bricks at your head in all forms.

Disability, stupidity, cancer. All shit cards that some of us get dealt.

With most things in life, you have two choices. Bitch and moan. Or get up and win.

If you’re not the smartest, work the hardest. If you have no legs, use your mind. If you’re not the most attractive, have the best personality.

There’s a yin to every yang. A positive to every negative.

Use the positives, change or forget the negatives.

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yes it would be nice if all people were naturally beautiful,then they wouldn't feel the need to bleach or dye there hair or have plastic surgery or wear false eyelashes or wigs,there is beauty in the inner self as well as beauty in truth,not all people have both ,people should be happy who they are and not try and be someone else,what they see as beauty ,someone else might see as ugly,there is no such thing as perfection ,it is not possible,so make the best of what you have got and stop envying other people and looking at them as if they are special, they are far from it.

,it is not possible,so make the best of what you have got and stop envying other people and looking at them as if they are special, they are far from it.

Love this part. Thank you for commenting :)

I think all of us are beautiful - the question is if you found love for yourself and you accept who you are. Nowadays people hate to much to be able to be happy. But you are right in one thing... only we can change our reality and try to be a "winners" ;)

Well said!

Knowledge is power. It's too bad most follow instead of lead themselves in this department.

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