Your mind doesn't know what "no" is - Be specific with your goals! [Video]

in #life5 years ago (edited)

Today I decided to talk with you guys about why we should be specific with our goals
and how we should phrase them!
Sorry for bad editing, will improve next time!

The "selective attention" experiment I mentioned:

If you guys haven't checked my last video please do!

🙂Thank you for watching!🙂

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Great advice! Rephrasing from I don't want to be fat to I want to be fit has such a huge psychological impact! I think our brain is more negative bias that's why we won't do it if we channeled it that way. Rephrasing to a more positive phrase to say really can change the outcome. Good post!

Thank you :D
It's all coming down to "away from pain" and "toward pleasure".

Excellent. One of my goals is to convince you to put out more of your information in this YouTube video format, and also list them on YouTube so you can draw in more followers to Steemit. I like taking in this kind of information in audio/video form, especially where I can take a break from sitting up at the computer and lie down to take in and ponder the info. Keep it up.

Thank you friend!
You got your goal, I'm gonna list my videos :)

waoo this is great. ⛄⛄

interesting post!

Nice analogy of search engine bro.

Thank you brother :)

Thanks for sharing another enlightening video!

Keep up the good work I always connect with what you have to say and I love it. Definitely helping me progress through this spiritual journey of mine which this video really helps me see that my spiritual journey will also be a physical one. Time to focus on where I want to be instead of where I am now. Going to set my specific goals. 🙏

Thank you for always taking what I say to heart and supporting me so much!!!

Hope that now in your own mind exploration you will also phrase things in a way that will be both positive to you and beneficial! Maybe it is more about the journey than the goals, but we still need goals to shape the path of our journey :)

Great Videos, started following to see more!

Thank you!

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yes [email protected] i like your all post go ahead brother????

When you get specific with life , life gets specific with you !

i read to interest it

your effort is appreciated, keep the hard working !

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Funny thing was that while I was listening to you, the radio was running and ,yes, I focused on what you were saying. Let me see if I get it right: if you are over weight you have two options of getting motivated , but one is negative and one is positive. I believe option two will work because it's a positive thinking. "I want to be fit". The first option it's "I don't want to be fat" the brain doesn't understand what "no" means, is that right ? So make sure you keep a positive thinking everyone.

Yes! you got that right :)

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