Get out of the comfort zone! [Video]

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The Comfort Zone

I will start by saying sorry. Sorry for not posting for more than two weeks, my life got in the way and my focus was directed at other things. Since I didn't post anything for a while I decided to do something different and to get out of my comfort zone. I made a video!

This is the first time I'm trying to film my self and also the first time I'm trying to talk so much in a language that is not my native. So please excuse me for any grammar/pronunciation mistakes or just my weird accent haha

Today I wanna talk about something called the comfort zone:

🙂Thank you for watching!🙂

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I just stopped what I was doing and watched the whole thing. You are absolutely incredible ! Oh my gosh what an amazing post 🙃💜💜 you made so many great points about distractions and realizing them and fixing it. Omg lion your accent is beautiful and you speak perfect! This made my day. Thank you love 💖

If you like it that's all I need!!
Thank you so much, you really made my day!!!! ♥♥🤗

Hey @paps! Great video man, I loved that you talked about stepping outside of your comfort zone, because that's actually something that I've chosen to do as well, recently.

For a while people had been suggesting to me that I should record myself singing and post them on YouTube publicly (up until recently all my singing videos on YouTube were unlisted), but I was never really comfortable with that idea because I was too worried about what people would think, etc.

But eventually I realized that I really needed to step out of my comfort zone if I wanted to really increase my chances for growth on this platform and in life. I've since received a lot of awesome feedback from people, and my YouTube channel just picked up its first two subscribers yesterday, so that was pretty amazing!

Keep it up man, I hope to see more of your posts soon!

Amazing, you were aware of what was blocking you and you strategized how to break this wall and you are one step closer to your goals!
Thank you so much for the support that means a lot to me and it really motivates me to make more (I guess you feel the same way with singing :P ).
Already thinking about my next video idea!

Hell yeah man, you know I've got your back and will support you all the way! I'm looking forward to seeing you grow on this platform too! :)

Welcome back, @paps! Missed your consistent insights a la Richard Bandler!

Thank you :)

Yes Comfort Zones keep us Safe! But They Also Keep Us From GROWING! We love to be comfortable, but I don't think the opposite of comfortable is UNcomfortable per se.. The Opposite of Being Comfortable is being Challenged! Being Sparked with Adrenaline of Not Knowing Exactly what may happen next, but at the same time TRUSTING that only good will come to you by stepping out of comfort and Challenging yourself! Thank You For SHARING!

Peace & Prosperity

You are right! we might prefer comfort at first but once we choose challenge we feel happier and fulfilled. It would even feel better to fail than not to try. The more we challenge ourselves the more options we create :)
Thank you for an amazing comment!

Dude I really like your video post haha! You're as handsome as those sentences you said. haha. Now I understand why you're out for weeks! Getting your shit done! haha. Good job!

Haha thank you for the kind words 😛

What a marvelous surprise to see you in a vlog!
I love your accent btw and I really think you talk very well!
I enjoyed your vlog while learning more!
Thank you for doing this!


I'm happy you liked it :)
That might motivate me to do another haha


hi wellcome here ,my dear friend,your pot is very impressive ,if you have time to visit my blog

I think it's healthy to push yourself helping you set and reach new goals. I'm a naturally shy person and the net helps me to "get out there" more. So I'm glad you took this step @paps to stretch yourself and grow as a person. Bravo! Upvoted!


Thank you buddy :)

Excellent video! Good job on you getting out of your comfort zone. I completely understand it and I think it's the same basic problem that most ppl living online go through... it's easier to type words than to talk and/or show yourself.

Thank you so much! I agree, people generally feel more comfortable with typing than showing themselves or talk. And I understand it very well since all those thoughts crossed my mind as well.
But deciding you should do something even if you might fail is an important thing here :)

Definitely. In order to grow, you must break through the Barriers that are in your way!

Thak you buddy!!!

you re welcome my new International friend

Awesome! Fantastic!!! Superb!!! Just Loved it!
Btw...You definitely are a better person!
& Life truly begins at the end of one's comfort zone!!!

Cheers n Much Love !

Haha thank you for bringing you positivity and energy to my post :D

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Excellent Posting!
You're very excellent on video.
Don't be concerned about pronunciation and grammar mistakes because it adds color to your presentation.


Upvoted of course! :)

Thank you so much, I appreciate it :D

great post!

Thanks for this post i learnt a lot and give you upvote

Thank you friend! It's always fun to have someone watch/read one of your few weeks old posts :)

You did it, stepped out of the comfort zone! Great motivation, thank you!

Thank you!

great post and nice videos.i already follow and upvote you

Thank you :)

Fully upvoted :) you got my support always and this is really awesome. Congrats on getting out of your comfort zone!

Thank you! I really appreciate it :D

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Hey @paps! Nice video bro! :)
You have very valid points!
And I "would" (😋)say you did very well stepping out of your comfort zone with this video.
You speak perfect and your accent is great, so don't worry! ☺️ Looking forward to your next video. Have a nice day pal!

Thank you my friend :D

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This is a wonderful message and congratulations on making your first vlog! I I went out of my comfort zone in writing a sonnet a week ago. It wasn't a great effort, but I tried. I need to dig my heels in and learn how to format my posts as fancy as want

That's amazing, I usually find it pretty fun to try new things. Even if we might not do it the way we wanted to we will still learn and become better people :D
One of my favourite sayings is "There is no failure only feedback"

Thank you for the support! I will be happy to read your sonnet, can you dm it to me on discord? :D

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