Scarlet Elf Cup Fungi - Costa Rica

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Today I found some Sarcoscypha coccinea, commonly known as the scarlet elf cup, growing in the jungle on a fallen log. The scarlet elf cup mushroom is widely distributed in the Northern Hemisphere, has been found around Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Australia. I am very happy to see it here in Costa Rica!
        It is in fact edible and delicious, though you may not think so to look at them! They has a firm flesh and slightly peppery taste, and can be eaten raw or lightly sauteed in butter. Some mushroom guides say they are poisonous, but actually it is just that you would not want to eat too many, or to try to survive off them alone as they are powerful medicinal mineral rich entities.
        Mushrooms are considered by many including myself, to be not merely vegetables but actually the Third Kingdom, complimenting the animal and plant kingdoms. Mushrooms are fascinating creatures that defy normal biology and can thrive in many difficult environments. Many mushrooms have been found to have profound health giving qualities such as the Shiitake mushroom, originally found in Japan, but now cultivated around the world.
        The possible benefits of the Scarlet elf cup are yet to be fully understood but their beauty and important role in the forest ecology is undeniable.

Shiitake Mushroom Benefits.
Fight Obesity.
Support Immune Function.
Destroy Cancer Cells.
Support Cardiovascular Health.
Contain Antimicrobial Properties.
Boost Energy and Brain Function.
Provide Vitamin D.

Please note: I strongly advise to never pick or eat any wild vegetable or fungus you are not intimately acquainted with. Great care is needed, tuition by a knowledgeable elder or trained guide is essential.





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Great shots there bro, and great info too. It sure looks lush over there!

Bit different to my back yard... treceri.jpg


Wow Thanks Paul ... that is SO beautiful :D


Yes, we're very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Just behind where that photo was taken is a thousand year old encampment with the oldest lintel in Europe!
I will get up there and take some shots and make a post, such a wealth of history here.

I've never seen these scarlet elf mushrooms. It's such a tricky thing to know what is edible and what is not? Now I know that its safe which is handy next time I'm in the local woods. Good post. Resteemed


Hello Molometer,
As I mentioned above, I strongly advise to never pick or eat any wild vegetable or fungus you are not intimately acquainted with. Great care is needed, tuition by a knowledgeable elder or trained guide is essential.
        But however one can identify mushrooms when no better authority is present by their spore prints - you will need to google how to do this but it is not hard. Essentially you dry the mushroom on a piece of paper and note the specific pattern of spore distribution which is like a fingerprint and equally unique.

Thank you for the resteem - Have fun in the forest :D


Duly noted. I'll be careful. Don't worry unduly.


Excellent ... wherever you find mushrooms you may be lucky enough to also find guided mushroom walks - a great way to be introduced to local species :D

A very nice sharing mate..I follow you with pleasure.I hope you like me a day like you... Of course with the help of you guys,do not forget :)))) @icedrum


Good to see you Beyfendii - Thanks :D

Beautiful ⭐️ A friend of mine let me know his story on eating random mushrooms off the ground... a near death experience!! Great to know that there are many mushrooms that can heal you as well


Hello Esaias Mystic,
Pleased to meet you! Wow your friend is pretty lucky - many mushrooms can be quite dangerous, even when ingested in small amounts - Always be totally sure what you are eating!

I like your blog also so am following you now :D

si se ve extrano! suerte con su post

@icedrum I love mushrooms, sadly my wife doesn't like and so I can only eat in restaurants. Awesome photography.


Hello Shivgre,
Pleased to meet you - sounds like a great reason to eat out more! :D
There are many types and textures of mushroom as you know - perhaps you GF would enjoy Boletus Cep or Morrell? If she like a yeasty flavour... or puffballs for an excellent yet not gentle flavoured mushroom - chicken of the woods similarly i would recommend :D

Following you now also!

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Cool! What part of CR are you in? I always loved the Caribbean side, but I never really had a chance to visit Tamarindo and the whole area of Guanacaste. My exes uncle had a spot near Golfito too, that was super undeveloped and beautiful!


Hi Adam,
I am near Golfito too by chance! I have not seen the Caribbean side yet, but have loved living in the deep south west on the pacific coast. Great wildlife, people, and surf - Heavenly :D


Awesome! My exes uncles live on the Reserva La Gamba. One uncles property doesn;t even have electricity, but, it has a waterfall that's so beautiful! Such a different way of living than the way I grew up. Her uncle Omar was 87 last I saw him, and he said he never really left his street except to go to San Jose a handful of times for weddings & funerals. He worked down the street,his church was 2 doors down, the grocery store was at the end of his street and plus they grew most of what they needed or traded for it (hard to do home made Salsa Lizano lol). He loved hearing all about Canada! It was a bit like talking to a child - he was so full of questions and so excited to hear all my answers! I was the same way asking about all the plants and animals and birds etc..that were around lol I don;t miss my ex, but, I miss her uncle Omar lol


Uncle Omar sounds amazing - with a lifestyle that good he may outlive us all!

keep well :D


Same! All kinds of good memories come up seeing your posts :) This time of year when it's -20 outside, some warm tropical memories are better than nothing, I'll take what I can get lol

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Hello, i upvoted your post, keep up good work !

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and I really enjoy listening to great information about our platform steemit. People are so interested how do they get paid and from where?
It is human nature to ask about something which open an interest in your mind. Anyhow great information on that video.

I had to watch your video on youtube after I searched on Dtube for your videos with Jerry Banfield.!/s/molometer

One thing I've learned from picking mushrooms is like you've said. You've got to know beyond any doubt of what your picking. With so many varieties out there, we can't afford room for error. Thanks for the info, and good reminders!

@icedrum Hello sir i am the biggest fan of your work and its my dream to work like you and i hope that you will bring us the most amazing work of yours :) and i am hoping alot from you

There is some of my work and i will be honor for me if you check this collection. i hope you will give a good feed back to me thanks a lot

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