STEEMER.NET - STEEM Blockchain Transactor for Windows + Android app - Funding UPDATE - 243/1200 SBD - 28.12.2017.

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So here is my update post for my new STEEM projects i will be start developing starting from 1.1.2018.

STEEMER.NET - your future STEEM Blockchain Transactor / Wallet / In-App Exchange for Windows devices

Let me present you my Projects. Shortly, I've been working past week on my new projects for STEEM Blockchain - STEEMER.NET- Universal STEEM software for Windows and (later) Android
devices, that will interact with STEEM Blockchain (read and transact) in various ways.

STEEMER.NET Main Features

People asking me via Discord about app features. So i decided to write here about main
STEEMER.NET features and present NEW FEATURES to.
In STEEMER .NET app for Windows (and later Android), you will be able to do following:

STEEM account info / poster

  • auto connect/ manual connect to STEEM Blockchain
  • read your pending ( 7 days deep, basic ) / actual SBD / STEEM balances
  • get account informations like total SP, account bandwith, upvote value and more
  • create transactions - upvote / downvote, post, replay, follow, unfollow users
  • schedule post option

    STEEM posts Browser - NEW !!!

  • read posts from TOP category's in your STEEMER.NET in-app browser, based on Gecko WebBrowser
    and build with modern DevExpress components with easy and modern navigation
  • save your favorite posts
  • abbility to upvote / downvote, flag, or resteem posts
  • abbility to see total earnings for each category displayed

    STEEM wallet

  • SBD - send / recieve SBD from /to STEEM users
  • STEEM - send / recieve STEEM from /to STEEM users
  • search and visualise transfers history (abbility to select from date / to date) and display
    all data related to account


  • In-APP Exchange Transactions System build on latest .NET Technology's where you are able to:
  • Exchange your SBD / STEEM to BTC / LTC / DASH / ETHER (first Version)
  • Buy STEEM power delegation (30 days / 90 days) with SBD / STEEM from your account
  • Easy track and save your transactions / Transactions History
  • looking for external partner to integrate exchange technology ( @blocktrades, interested? )

    STEEM Tools

  • Upvote worth calculator - calculate how much is your upvote worth
  • Windows Upvote BOT
    If you need to run Upvote service, but your don't know anything
    about Linux, STEEMER.NET will provide you Upvote Bot in Windows: just put your
    username, replay comment, and you are ready to accept bids.
    Normally, every 2.4hrs one upvote (at 100% power) will execute. But you can also change time
    and upvote manually. Windows Upvote bot will auto-refund invalid bids.
  • Total pending payouts checker (advanced)
  • STEEM posts and earnings visualiser
  • STEEM user income info - display data and export to csv, xlsx, pdf - new users, existing users, all users

    STEEMER.NET App settings

  • abbility to create new STEEM account
  • multi-user adder
  • auto-login option
  • more..

Budget proposal - investors wanted

Because funding such projects is critical, i have created budget proposal posts for funding this Windows/Android app projects and posting every day funding progress update.

I looking for investors that will support / fund this projects. My goal is to reach 1200 SBD to cover minimum 6 months of work and hardware / software in 2018.
( Visual Studio / DevExpress licences ) costs.
Once funding goal is reached, i will be start working full time, and work progress will be presented EVERY WEEK here and on, GitHub,, periodically with posts.

STEEMER.NET Funding progress / donations update

28.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

243 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 103 investors )

27.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

214 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 82 investors )

26.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

94 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 13 investors )

25.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

93 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 12 investors )

23.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

83 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 11 investors )

22.12.2017 - Total funds collected so far:

68 SBD / 1200 SBD ( 9 investors )

Funding progress this will be updated every day

So, how can i be investor / fund this cool projects?

You can support STEEMER.NET Project in various ways:

a) send Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin to following address:





b) send SBD or STEEM to @cryptomonitor

c) upvote / resteem this post to your followers, they might find it usefull to:

d) delegate STEEM POWER to @cryptomonitor

Every contribution counts !

Contact me on Discord 24/7 for bigger donations / business ideas / you are welcome !

a) message on Discord, user cryptomonitor#0447, for cooperation and donations / funding related questions

b) put comment here and i will replay ASAP and i will GIVE FREE UPVOTE TO COMMENTER .

What will i as investor of this cool projects get?

Contributors / investors will be mentioned in STEEMER .NET / In About app / Donations section

Every contributor will have early / BETA / access to STEEMER .NET software

Big donators / investors will have some cool benefits, contact me on Discord for details !

Thank you ADSactly for supporting

Go Adsactly

Please, vote @adsactly-witness for your Steemit witness. We will represent you well. If you are unsure as to how, please ask in our Discord channel (click on the big coin)



Nice Project! Happy new year and wish you all the success.

@cryptomonitor this looks like a huge project. Seems you have great knowledge for coding. I just upvoted.

It will be great to see the progress every week, and once ready this software will be very powerful and for sure will help many more people to get engaged with the platform and the steem blockhain.

I believe you will soon get the funds you are looking for.

Regarding @utopian-io , I was wondering, this project you are doing will be open-source, right? If that is the case, you may try contacting @elear from @utopian-io and tell him about this project. I am sure if that an @utopian-io fit who know you may end up getting steem power delegation for your payroll. Any thoughts?

By the way, thank you for your comment regarding the 11 chapters full steemit guide for new visitors, new steemit users and minnows, to help them easier and faster understand all they need to know about steemit and the steem blockchain, and help them make their way on steemit.

I am also following you to see how your project progresses.

Looking forward to hear from you on future chapters/posts of the steemit guide too.

Regards, @gold84

Hello @gold84.
Thank you for your comment and that you for seeing this Project as huge on. Yes, it will be. Right now, there is minimum 5-6 months work on STEEMER. Developers edition is made only with basic / main features. Many tools included with STEEMER Package will be also startable without STEEMER.NET. There will be also external partners supporting this project to, and, in this phase, it's to quick to decide, if we will do open source at first public release or not, we will decide about this as project are developed further. Right now, budget proposal campaign is running where funds needs to be collected which is critical to me, to make all this happen. So every small SBD / STEEM upvote is welcome. Of course, bigger investors which will help me with bigger donation in SBD / STEEM (which i will need to test things like transfers or exchanges, or windows upvote bot service), will receive some cool benefits, which we can talk in detail on Discord. Please contact me on cryptomonitor#0447 and i will be glad to discuss further.
Regards, @cryptomonitor

This replay was created using STEEMER.NET Alpha ( more informations about this Project here: )

Looking forward to trying this out on my Chromebook that I purchased with Steem ,Once its available for android ! Upped and resteemed this very ambitious project ! Great job so far and Good Luck @cryptomonitor !!👌👍👍👍😀

So nice words, thank you for upvote and resteem !! Yes, i hope other Steemians will contribute to !

Once you have developed it, I will love to be one of your testers. I think it would be an amazing project.

Thank you for such nice words ! I will be glad to give you test try !

Upvoted and resteemed.. looking forward to 1.1.18

Thank you upvote and resteem !!

Good job! Thanks to @vladimir-simovic you have planted 0.13 tree to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Help me to plant 1,000,000 trees and share my Steem Power to the others. Selfvoting is prohibited, but that should be the reason to spread the world to protect our precious environment. Check out profile of our conservation association @kedjom-keku and the founder/coordinator @martin.mikes to get more information about our conservation program. My current SP is 14461.67. Help me to plant more trees with your delegated SP.

Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

This is one great project for #steemit, you must be an expert, thank you.

I will be looking forward for this. Keep up the good work!

You got a 42.44% upvote from @allaz courtesy of @stratilatkryuko!

Thank you for supporting this Project @allaz @stratilatkryuko ! Great to have you ! Please contact me on Discord cryptomonitor#044 . Part of this Project is Windows Upvote Bot - we can discuss in Details if you are interested @allaz @stratilatkryuko

Well, only after the holidays! Now I just want to relax)) Have a good holiday!

Great @stratilatkryuko ! I will be glad to talk ! Have a good holidays you to !

What if I promote your name @cryptomonitor will I be downgraded

Thank you very much

thank you for creating things like these and bring tools to help us in the community I congratulate you good post, greetings from venezuela. I hope we can continue reading

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