Bury Me In A $70,000 Hole

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What Was I Thinking?

A conundrum exists. Us millennials have one foot in our parents house and the other on the path to finding financial freedom via non traditional means. We have a situation where we went to college because, well..."that's just what you need to do to live a good life." At least that was what many of us were told. But now we are in a new age that has been ushered in not all that long ago. I mean think about it, we now have crypto and money can be made at the scroll of a webpage. We had nothing like this even 5 years ago to my knowledge. 

A 70k Debt Slave

My parents only presented and promoted 1 option for me and my sisters. Go to college. Now me being a 17 year old impressionable and wanting to honor my parents wishes type of kid, I robotically took the only option. I was a bohemian at heart but let's just say I was years off from realizing that I needed to be Earl and not Earl's Parents. You could say I was a baby boho. 

Fast forward four years and I was fresh off the boat so to speak. I had no clue in the world what I wanted or needed to be doing. I even turned down a job offer I had once wanted because I no longer wanted to do that. I was lost and furious. 

So you tell me our whole lives we are convinced to pay stacks of money to go to school even when we have no clue of what it is we will do once we complete our schooling? 

Sounds like a scam to me. 

Another 1.3 million students in debt belong to the private sector

Dude seriously what did I learn at a university that I couldn't learn myself with all this shiny new tech? In hindsight I wouldn't have went to college just to be going. I'm an artist. So If I did go to any type of schooling it would've been in the arts. Either that or I would've did what I felt like was inevitable anyways by starting a business, which I actually did a couple of months after getting out of college. 

I know many people can relate to this. According to a recent article there are now roughly 44 million Americans in student loan debt. 44 MILLION!!!! SMDH. That's totaling $1.48 trillion. It will never be paid off. I promise you that. I honestly don't believe education is that expensive and I bought into the hype.  

70k sounds like a heck of alot for a fall back plan or any kind of plan for that matter. It's ludicrous. Now I am enslaved to that loan until I either spend an eternity paying it back or settling, which I would rather do. Let's just hope this crypto rocket will take me far enough to pull it off. At this point I've just been deferring because I just can't come to grips with spending 300+ dollars every month for something that I'm not even using. I have intentions on paying everything back but I'm willing to do it on my terms. Or at least that's the plan. I want to hear what yall have to say about student loan debt.

Are you in debt from student loans?

Will the system collapse on itself?

What are some alternatives to going to college?

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When it comes to things like this, it makes me glad that i live in Australia. Though tertiary education is not free, the government puts it on a super low interest/no interest loan that you don't ever have to pay for unless you earn over a certain amount per annum (i think it's 46k).
And same thing in Australia in regards to too much importance put into going to uni but starting at about 2000 the government started realising the bloat occuring in the universities and started getting highschools to concentrate more and more on tradescrafts so it's not as bad as some places.


I have friends who moved to Australia. I am from California. My friend graduated as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I am one too. That is about $30,000 in the hole for the both of us for a 15 months program. His wife from Australia is a Dietitian who did not pay a cent for her education. God bless America indeed...Haha. Well my friend worked his butt off for one year doing home health and paid off his $30K. I get people asking if I want to get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. You serious? That is 3 more years of education plus more years for the prerequisites. It is about $100,000!!! Some Physical Therapist Assistance make as much as a Doctor of Physical Therapy or more at times! No way Im putting my family and myself in a $100,000 hole.

Fyi: Dave Ramseys got a program to help people snowball their way out of debt. There are couples who have Thousands of dollars of debt and managed to pay it off in a few years. It takes alot of effort and sacrifice. Just a heads up for people who are reading this. There is hope. We are on the program but not as strict. I have 2 kids so it threw a wretch in the works. The Lord will provide. Lol.


yup..from what I've been hearing lately Oz is a wonderful place.
enjoy it.


That's crazy. I didn't know that's how it is in Australia. Trades are good too. The U.S education system is BIG business. I hope for reform but I doubt it due to the billions of dollars being made off of it.

Sadly, education seems to have become an evil vicious cycle that serves as little more than a way to trap young people for a couple of decades.

The system that now exists is such that you can't even get an interview for something much above a minimum wage grunt job unless you "have a college degree." So we're sold on the idea- much as you were- that we just "have to" if we want any alternative to getting out of the low level grind.

Meanwhile, the cost of a college education has increased by 2.5 times the rate of inflation over the last 30 years. The days where you could realistically "work your way through school" are long gone. Unless you're a trust fund baby or happen to have a "rich uncle" you pretty much HAVE to take out loans. So you're hosed. We have two kids (26 and 29) who are gainfully employed but they are buckling under the weight of their education loans. And that's just messed up!

On top of which, now that everybody has a college degree, it no longer gives you an advantage, so you don't even have any sort of guarantee that you can get a good job! Our oldest is a seasonal parks and rec maintenance worker, for Pete's sake!

And here's where I think it will come back and bite us in the butt: 30 years ago, when you were 26 or 30, you were starting to save to buy a house. Starting to perhaps invest a little, with an eye towards (early?) retirement. Now? Not only will home ownership start dropping (causing a housing glut) but people will be ill prepared to ever retire.

I know it's a popular perspective (especially here on "liberty oriented" Steemit) to condemn the government and insist that the answer to our ills is the capitalist system and private enterprise. I have to wonder, though; whenever certain basic human services (education, health care and prisons come to mind) are allowed to be "for profit" it seems that the users of those systems end up getting the short end of the stick.


Wow you read my mind. Getting a degree is like buying a carton of milk now. Anyone can do it so it makes it less valuable. Then on top of that companies tell you "you have to have experience for this job". How in the world do they expect people fresh out of college to already have experience.

The trend of renting where you live is steadily increasing. I have no intentions of owning a house.

And I agree with your mention on capitalism and private enterprise. I've heard many people argue that capitalism happens to be the most efficient way to get goods to people. Do you agree and if not what do you think is an alternative to it?

One of the cruelest aspect about it is that even though they do next-to-no research to qualify you for a loan, they'll let you borrow tens of thousands of dollars. That's crazy! You can't even get a junker car without having them run a credit check.
The reason they do this is because there's an exception for students loans, bankruptcy doesn't cancel them out! All those other loans can be cancelled out by filing bankruptcy, but the ones given to unqualified, un-vetted young people are the ones that don't get cancelled by it. It's a system that's built to keep people in bondage to that debt. It's wrong.


Broo!! That's crazy! They loan you all that money at the drop of a dime without very little qualifications. This just shows how money hungry this beast is.

Unfortunately, most young folks in America are brainwashed into the "you need to go to college" narrative that is simply burying them in debt, which then creates a whole slew of problems for the next generation moving forward as well as American society in general. True education is never-ending, and most likely in 20 years you will have forgotten most of what you were taught at university, or find that it was totally irrelevant to your current work.

The student debt ticking time bomb will explode as the ROI from that certificate is not currently there for most young people who pursue it! Many degrees are relatively useless as well as most people still have to be trained to do whatever role they are hired to do, depending on the industry. At that moment, if you are in that camp, you will realize that you just wasted 4-5 years of your life, acquired a mountain of debt, for something that you were capable of doing straight out of high school, other than the fact that your employer required you to have a (pricey) degree. In the end, it's just a way to filter people out, and very expensive if you are indoctrinated in the U.S.!

Conclusion: People contemplating college should look at other alternatives before taking on that debt time bomb! There are many out there, and many have already been mention in this comment section.


Bachelors degrees are essentially useless now because anyone can get one. I know the feeling of having wasted my time.

I'm with you all the way.


I should have added this.

I will make a video, or write an article about schooling vs. education and why young people should really consider not burying themselves in debt just because society tells them to college or else they won't have a future. Collectively, society is not that bright when it comes to the financial system because it is not taught in schools (intentionally) and it is costing young folks big time!

This is a great article. I feel everything that you are saying. I have a Masters Degree and to Bachelors and if someone told me getting a $150 Boxing certification would have given me the life that is has there is no way I would have considered college. I currently own two gyms and have about $1,000 invested into my fitness education whereas I'm $65,000 in the hole with my Masters Degree. I should have totally avoided the whole Masters Degree. I haven't used it yet and suspect since I'm self employed I won't. I come to understand that they're other ways to make a great career without going into massive student loan debt. You feel like college has become more of a business this an education system. The cost to get a degree is constantly rising. When will it stop? Again great article.


Good for you brother. Glad to see you made business moves. But like you said that didn't require a 65k Masters. Man as you know college is nothing more than BIG business. Watch the Ivory Tower documentary if you can find it. It basically explains the rising debt and the business of it all.

Thanks bro for stopping by.

Hear this from a boy who dedicated his life to reading and studying , from a guy who took his books really seriously , from a guy who always topped his class and from a guy who graduated with the best cgpa in his department...

school is a scam my brother...

I say this boldly because I really can't figure out what I learnt in school that I wouldn't learn on my own right now. After 5 years in the university as an electrical engineering student, I graduated with the best result but couldn't wire my own house. Basic things I should know in the practical world as an electrical engineer, I had no idea about and I really felt so stupid when I graduated. Had to pay extra fees to learn that from people who had been practicing . Now tell me...was the fees I paid in school a waste and was the time I spent in lecture rooms a waste? Imagine if I had spent 5 years of my life learning a skill or two?

Those who end up inventing things are people who had time to focus on what they have passion for. But school takes that time from us and gives us the illusion if a better life after graduation. Now I have graduated and cant even get a decent job. Still struggling to survive simply because those who get the jobs are people who know people . It's a messed up world and all we can hope is for things to become better with time.


Man thanks for understanding. You always share amazing thoughts. I agree it's a BIG scam. Especially in the U.S. It's nothing more than big business and it's a way for them to profit off of us.

That's why Steemit is so important because not only can you learn so many things but you can also get paid at the same time. It takes hard work for sure but it's an alternative to the current education system.

I hate to hear your struggle. That's why it hurts even more because so many people pour their lives in to education only to get out and can't make a living. It's a shame.

The Student dept crisis is out of control! We essentially convince minors, without much real word experience, to sign their lives away without any second thought. So much of the rhetoric is about how essential a higher education is for future life success. When it's not always necessarily true.

Look at me. I dropped out of college and went on to create the successful Philip DeFranco show, with now over 6 million subscribers on Youtube!


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I didn't realize you were on steemit?! I used to watch your shows all the time - do you upload to dtube?


And your story is more common now than ever. It just shows that things are changing and people are consuming knowledge outside of campuses. Big ups to you!

@humanearl, I Agreed your totally points. Currently higher education is a main point of life success. Parents must do activity to educate their children. Primary education would be important to grow children's brain power. In fact child known what's skills his/her has. It decide future goals. So primary education exactly helpful for higher education. The School of Education prides itself on providing the latest in classroom technology to ensure that children embark on your work experience in schools with the utmost confidence, and to give them a head start in their first teaching post. Testing will likely remain a prominent part of education for the foreseeable future, but there are things you can do to counteract its effects. When choosing a preschool or daycare facility, look for one that offers children a balance of activities not just learning letters and numbers but also painting, performing and pretending. The class should be given plenty of choices about what to do next, rather than have the teacher direct every activity.
But current society going to digital age and students can learn more subject's things without going class or home. But our childhood or student age couldn't access digital IT works. Now child has more brain power more than parents. But parents must known, don't allow any opportunities to go worst way to students. Then after student will be success and will be more important person to the community.
Absolutely greatest discussion topic sharing with mix your experience.
Stay Blessed!


Good ideas. I hope things continue to change for the better.

Well, my opinion is bit different I hope you won't mind.

I agree with your opinion that things have changed and we can earn a lot of money through digital revolution. Only things we need are a gadget or computer and internet connection, a highly trained smart mind.

Gone are the day when it was said that you work hard to get success but now a days its mostly smart work that pays off better than hard work.

But I politely disagree with the investment made on formal education. Formal education is really very necessary. The practical experience we get from our teachers and through interaction with our peers cannot be matched by simply sitting on the screen of computer.

Though student loan is really heartbreaking but thats inevitable when you won't have enough money to support your college studies. But government should consider to relax the terms so that maximum can benefit out of this opportunity.

Thank you for reading my humble opinion and I appreciate your artistic talent that attracts new ways to discuss on those things.


I think formal education depends on what work you do. For example doctors of course need formal education but the truth is that not everyone will be a doctor.

I would say to mix real life interaction and the digital experience. This way we don't neglect face to face connection with others but at the same time we can make a living through non traditional ways.

I enjoyed you opinion. It definitely gives people something to think about.


I appreciate your balanced approach and Thank you for your kind reply.

In the UK, you finish school, then have to 2 more years. Or you did 30 years ago's.. ('A' level)s

I completed one year of 'A''s ,realized going to uni' was of use only in a specialized field, or a corporate world.

I wasn't motivated to be specialized, and I definitely wasn't 'going corporate.'

I quit after the year, got a job...

The best decision I ever made in my life..


That's interesting. Is it also true that in the UK students are encouraged to take a year off before making a decision as to whether not they want to go to university?


I think it is nowadays. I don't live there anymore. (certainly wasn't a 'thing' not back in my time).

First & the foremost thing I would like to add in is "all children cant be engineers or doctors" this regerous approach towards education system causing the failure.for that govts should take some quality steps in making education system better for all they can regulates it's fee structures & other expenses related to it.govt also can put sanctions & asked private player to not to impose unnecessary expenses.
Look at the previous generation they manage to live a healthy life styles even though studying in the govt school,unlike today we spent thousands of dollars but still didn't get a quality education.private players made the education to encashed stacks from parent & majority of the didn't get any returns.


I don't think education in the U.S will be reformed because the powers that be are making tons of cash from the way things are. It's shameful.

Your ponderings here are very valid and while I do endorse getting an accredited degree, I agree the cost is not representative to the benefit. Math seems to be one subject that requires the structure of a classroom setting to learn it best for many and all subjects for those, which do not self motivate well.

I myself am 43 with only one year worth of college credits. Everything I do was self taught and I hold no debt. Most of what I learned from attending college is forgotten.

I prefer to learn by my experiences and follow a more random path, researching as needed. You are correct that everything can be pretty much learned from researching online and there are a few platforms which offer free classes like Khan Academy, MIT and even Harvard offer a few.

The conundrum is whether the certification that proves your education, is worth the money. I don't believe it is, but the majority of higher level jobs require this proof of study. For example, many management positions require you to have a Bachelor's Degree. It doesn't matter if the major correlates to the job. This simply shows your employers that you know how to learn and you can stick it out and finish what you start.

The beautiful thing is many others are pondering this very question and change is happening as we speak.

Free higher education as a right has existed for decades in a small number of very successful countries and is starting to catch on around the world, including here in America. I believe New York just recently announced a program offering free College Tuition for its resident's. I am sure this is going to spread like wildfire.

Your daughter is going to have so many more options than have now. Hopefully this will make your decision much easier when the time comes.

Here are some resources to help your followers find some free courses.







Thanks alot for the resources. I think things will change in some ways. I am more into teaching through experiences. World schooling is an idea that my wife and I have considered.

When I finally held my diploma in my hand, I asked myself was that paper and what it represented worth $70k. I found it ridiculous to say yes.


I couldn't imagine paying $70,000 for anything myself. Growing up extremely poor has been a great teacher. I have lived my life without ever taking out a loan, using credit or even financing anything ever...I don't plan on doing any of these things in the future either.

My goal is to live moneyless. I have not quite done this, but I am about as close as a person can get to it and living comfortably enough.

Has your degree been of any genuine benefit?

Do you envision needing the degree in the future?


I find the moneyless idea interesting. On one hand I loathe money but on the other I know I can use it for a good purpose.

I can say yes and no to the question of whether or not it benefited me. When I got out of college I went to work in a warehouse. That's manual labor which I didn't need my degree for that. But after the warehouse I became an ESL teacher. Now in that context I can say having the degree helped. Plus I am certified to teach ESL.

I won't need the degree in the future because I plan on building my own means of living. At least that's my plan.

Since you mentioned being moneylesss I assume you have heard of Jacques Fresco and the Venus Project?



Yes, I have heard of him and have researched The Venus Project a bit. I love the concept, but I haven't found a good resource describing the idea in fine detail. I think it's a bit too socialist, which lacks the freedom I desire. It requires you to provide a skill the whole needs, so you may get stuck doing a job that doesn't fit your personality, for example.

Don't forget that anything of value is currency, whether it is time or anything else given for something in return.

Money is simply a representation of whatever you need it to represent. I myself just trade the real thing(time/labor, skill/idea or product) rather than using a representation of those. Of course, the more you provide for yourself the less currency you require.

Money will never go away though, because as long as there are people that require more than they produce or give, there will be need for an alternate means of payment. Laziness or selfishness are not going away anytime soon.

So, I do not dislike money. I dislike the control of it by the few. Once everyone is living by the same rules, the needs of the many will be easier to acquire. Currency will have a true value instead of an artificial manipulated value.

The Free Market is simply the natural state of things. Once we find our way back to this, currency will again afford more.

The dollar is created by creating debt and that's an unsustainable system. We will soon have no choice but to change how our economy works. Of course, cryptocurrency is the next step of economic evolution. I hope the truly decentralized and anonymous ones gain ground and provide true anonymity, as that will greatly level the playing field.

To be honest student loan debt gets really ugly at times and during that time it was like obliged debt and you dont have any other option.

I had also a student loan but very small amount as compared to what it is in US, and I have already paid off that but I think our society must have a different set for student loan, because I have seen many students getting stressed from time to time because of such loans.


The student loan debt in the U.S will never be paid off because it is designed to not be paid off.

Hello Earl!
Good headline! Very attracting attention.
At the moment I am one part of this standard system. Yes, I am aware of this, but so my parents raised me. I'm still young and just like you in my years I've followed the path my parents showed me. Now I'm beginning to think more and more often about whether this is right? Do I like this?
In fact, this society in which we are strongly influences our consciousness. We learn the standard way - to study and work to death or the best happens before retirement.
A person spends the best years of his life, the time when he is full of energy and energy for what would work!
And when the time comes and he becomes old - he goes on a well-deserved rest. Like an old car.
I believe that we live in times of change. The old system has become obsolete, thanks to the digital age, people can earn money to find anywhere in the world. It's really a breakthrough, is not it Earl?


We are worth more than cars. The system will chew you up and spit you out. That's why I have left the system and started to build my own. That's why I'm here on Steemit because I can become financially free. Being on Steemit does not require a formal education.

It is a breakthrough. Like I said just a few years ago we didn't even have the type of opportunities we have now. That's why I keep encouraging people here on Steemit because this really is a great opportunity.

Hai bro..We are on the same line of thoughts.

I have graduated in Mechanical Engineering by taking a hefty loan of ₹ 400,000(Indian rupees).Now the debt has gone up to ₹ 5 lakh but still I'm unemployed and hence unable to refund!

You are right..All that we need is a basic education to recognise things around us.Rest is on us to determine what we actually want to become. Higher education really is spamming!


Sorry to hear that seriously. Things are now changing. It just sucks that there are so many still in debt from the education scam. We have so much knowledge about things now that you can literally learn how to be self sustaining.

Here in Nigeria, the governmental authorities encourage youth to go to tertiary institutions, that formal education is the key to success so to say. After graduation, these youths are not able to get well meaning jobs. Then the authorities would come out again and say and I quote, Go learn a trade or go acquire a skill! Does the whole thing not sound misleading?
Now the key to education is lost and that is why the rate of unemployment is on the high increase here due to the number of youths trooping in and out of the tertiary institutions. Come to think of it, many parents are dip into bankruptcy as a result of this crazy mindset, that their wards must be a tertiary institution graduate, there should a re-orientation for crying out loud!😡

Job creating skills should be embraced rather than job seeking knowledge!


They just want you to get brainwashed and pay them money for bullshit that you can learn yourself.


@samal I've heard many talk about the education issue in your counrty. I think it's messed up. I had friends say that's why they came to America because their degrees in Nigeria were in their words "worthless".

@valorforfreedom It's educational rape. It's big business and people are still going to these so called higher learning institutions.

What are a few ideas that could help in your mind?

I mean think about it, we now have crypto and money can be made at the scroll of a webpage. We had nothing like this even 5 years ago to my knowledge.

I used to put a lot of effort in mylot.com to earn some money in 2009 and 2010 and if you put 8hrs a day and full 30 days then u could hardly earn 30 or 40 usd which was paid via paypal and I was also earning that and today we have steemit and if I remember those days then trsut me I feel grateful to have steemit in my life.

And there are many people like me for whom steemit is a life saver.

Coming to student loan, here in India also it is available but it has really become a debt burden student society who are always in stress because of this, we need a separate frame altogether.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful...


Yes we need something much better. I believe Steemit can become an educational hub so to speak.

Great work man! Your Awake :) keep on doing as you are, question our surroundings which you already have! Then let this new found wisdom happen, I had it the same before but now life is how I want it to be, not how someone told me it should be!

Luckily I have no debt and yes the system is already collapsing,and alternatives of going to collage, is to go travel!
Big Love!


Good for you on not carrying debt. Have you seen the documentary called Ivory Tower?


No I havent, but from the writting in the back ground behind the title has interesting subjects! i can watch vids where I live, i go to the city to download them. what country are you in?


I'm in the U.S

Our current educational system is problematic and needs reform. Education reform is the topic my high school debate team is tackling. I could ramble on about the history of education, or how it is fraught with inequality and systemic discrimination. Instead, I decided to take the approach I took when introducing the topic at our first practice.

After watching the video with my kids, we discussed how debate will help them look deeper into issues and question the status quo. I told them if they wanted to break down walls they need to be curious and question everything!


Powerful video and surreal at the same time. Dreams crushed. Kids are not empowered to be themselves. Instead they are cogs. Or better yet bricks in the wall.

This looks like a american problem of life. In germany people also traped in dept but trough other thinks then education. Study shouldnt be that expensive, nowhere!


No way. It shouldn't. American college is nothing more than business disguised as education.

The debts are alarming
Am sorry i haven't been very active of late, am preparing for my semester exams. Which will be starting next week.
When m done, I'll be back fully.
I can see Nala.


No worries. I wish you study well for your tests.

Powerful man I couldn't agree more, I started going to college for economics but stopped after 3yrs because I was going to have to take out loans to finish(ironically I made the decision based off concepts I had learned my first year ) and feel fortunate to be in my 20's debt free. Do you think the college loan bubble will burst in the near future or is there a way to scale it down and avoid another recession?


That's a load off. I have no clue when I will begin to tackle the mountain of debt. Right now I'm trying to grow my creative pursuits so that I can start getting rid of it.

As to your question about the bubble. I think more and more students will start to figure out how bogus it is to spend a that money just to get out of school and told "in order to work here you have to have experience first". I mean it just feels like a scam.

The bubble I believe will implode on itself. It's unsustainable and the debt will NEVER be paid off because it is designed to not be paid. It's a form of slavery.

See both our education system and the fund management behind it, are too complicated and by the time the student understand everything he/she was already under the burden of both.

So the time has come for the society for we people to think about it time and again for our next generation.


That's why thing like Steemit are game changers. So many new opportunities to make a living now.

all this can rightfully be called a "template" of the life path of the last generation. Parents want a better life for their children and the only option that they know is to complain to you about getting a good education and finding a good job. They were taught like this and that's why they teach us this.
In our time, everything has changed a lot. Capable people can prove otherwise. They can break this pattern and show everyone else that there is another road.
In the digital age, you can learn without even leaving home, you can order food even without leaving home and most importantly you can make money without ever leaving home. For this, you need a few things - a smart head :), a computer, an Internet and the main thing is a great desire.
The system will be destroyed by itself, new generations will strive for the best. We can see it now.
Thank you


exactly right.
don't FIGHT the system like Antifa or other fools
just quitely sit at home and resist...from falling into their trap
Make you money while at home...
live like you want to.
watch the system wither and die on the vine.
and drink a toast to it's swift decline.


@frank1in Man you said it best. I agree %100. There's numerous ways to make a living nowadays.

@everittdmickey Haha. Good advice. I'll take you up on that.

You are right, in a sense even though I like the learning process one gains by attending university, the debt that you take on is akin to being given a credit card with a $3000 credit limit and spending it lavishly. Only to end up with a 3.8% interest rate. If i could do it all over again I would have just been working and saving money, built a few online business, then go to university. And i dropped out because I wasn't feeling it so that's worse, well for me.

I think as we head into the future more generations will figure out a way to get out of this destructive loop.


See I'm like you. I would have just built businesses to make a living. Things are changing though.

If I knew now then. I wouldn't have went into debt for college. Education is important but most career paths do not require you to go into debt to do it.


Same for me. We now have so many ways to make a living it's crazy for anyone to say that you have to go in one direction.


So far out of my three kids I have only thought one should go to college for what her career path is, she is into science and plans to be a Chemist, and she got nearly a full ride. My other two can learn what they need to know on their own. As their career paths don't require degrees. Most careers don't require degrees, certifications and training is more than enough.


Some fields of work do require formal education. So understand on one hand. But I agree that it's not in most cases. Certs are usually good enough and they are usually much easier and cheaper to get.


Yep specially if you are into computers

There are so many obstacles in becoming a student, there are love and grief,
looking for scholarships to share places to finish college, even to the indebted to friends.
your story as I feel
Thanks for sharing @humanearl


I had no scholarship. Thankfully my wife had here schooling fully paid for. It would really suck if we were both in that kind of debt.

I did not continue school in College, so I don't know how the joy in finishing school in College tnggi, because I come from poor families ...
and hopefully I can continue school in College


Not all schooling is bad because some things you need some formal education but for the most part going to a college is not the only option.

Use Steem to pay off your debt (I did). Then (if you want to) Tell your friends about it too.


That's the plan. To go even further I'd rather settle with a lump sum that is lesser than the total of what I owe now.


why would the holders of the loans you owe want to do that..
it's not in their best interest if you know what I mean.
How much interest do you pay if I may ask?


I can't even remember how much interest it is. I've basically deferred for now until a later date.

Why would they do that? They'd rather get something rather than nothing. They're making money off the interest sure but if enough people came up with enough money to even pay half of the total debt and try to settle, I find it hard that the loan holders would not want half a trillion dollars up front. But I know they can nickel and dime people for centuries on the interest payments.


they're not looking at it that way.
they're looking at it on an individual basis.
if you pay off your loan...you're gone.
if you continue to pay...lookit all that lovely interest the make.
I imagine that your payout over the life of the loan will be over twice what the face value is...kinda like a house.

Why would they want to throw away half?


It may not be half but my plan is to try to work something out either way it goes. Even if they look at it the way they do. It's their money but I hold the briefcase.

The alternative is taking out a student loan to invest completely in cryptocurrency...




@kouba It may be a windfall or the wind may blow it all back in your face. Idk if that's a go to option. But I can't blame someone for feeling like that may be their only option. All the money I've made in crypto originally came from a loan but I was hanging on to life by a thread at that point. I had nothing to lose.

@everittdmickey There's truth to that.

No i am not debt in the student loans because my parents pay for my scholling
I dont think so that system collaspe in itself beacause its the bussines and future for many people
Alternate for the education is the people just adopt the trade occuption is the best option


Trade is a good place to start and it's so much cheaper.

pursuing dreams through education it should be done, but some things about education, it will be related how much power you pay. all that happened also in indonesia. not just in the big country. money really determines that education, can we can or we are only able to see and learn from nature.


Some fields of work do require formal studies but in out times now you can literally make money from anywhere.

this is what life is like now a days even they don't leave basic things like education


The time we live in now allows you to educate yourself by different means. Steemit is a great example of this.

Education is over rated, the way it is structured is really bad. I just hope the way the world operates is changed to accommodate people's ideas rather than certificates


So true. People have world changing ideas but are told to shut up and go to school. It's a shame really.

At the time I was a student in the past, to finance College, I was overwhelmed and at the end of his college days I finished with the cost of farming, I became a student at the same time farmers


Agriculture is a great area of study and you don't necessarily need formal schooling for that.

It should be criminal but the stupid government encourages the student debt slavery. :( Thanks for sharing. Schools are way "overrated" and might actually cause permanent brain damage to kids due to sleep deprivation.


It's a shame really. And I really don't think they will reform the system.


Not unless they have to. They may have to when college debt slaves stop paying and wake up and stop going to these rip off "colleges". Public schools may also come under pressure when state governments get even more broke. It's crazy we can spend $120,000 to not even teach a child how to read very well and maybe even cause a child permanent brain damage in the process due to lack of sleep.

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Cool. Glad I could help

Thanks for sharing it bro.


It's all good. No problem.

Am still a student and i totally understand how this vibe runs...thanks for sharing@humanearl


I feel for you.

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I debt from student loans because i invest crypto


Do what you gotta do I guess.

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Schooling is overated but education isnt.

Starting out life as an adult horribly in debt is a horrible way begin the journey. I had fun in college, and learned some things too-that being said- it was not worth the fact that I still owe money 20years later.