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Past the low picket fences, we made our way single file down a narrow little pathway leading to the docking landing where you can board a human-powered duckie paddle boat.


Each boat has two seats that can hold two adults. There is a space between the two seats that comfortably fits a large backpack or a child. The ride attendant looked at me and decided that I was small enough to pass off as a pre-teen! :O So the three of us got onto one boat.

duckie boat.jpg
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Since I sat on the ‘child seat’, I didn’t have to do any work (freeloader alert! hurhur). The two boys took on the duties of pedal-pushing. As they laboured at the pedals, pond water churned vigorously under us, propelling the boat forward.

It took awhile to get the hang of steering the boat with the rudder. We had a near collision with a Vietnamese park-goer and his son! Rusty held up his hand as an apology, though they were more amused than upset.


There were also real ducks in the pond!

One particularly brave duck swam towards us to check out the humongous colourful plastic drake floating in the water and creating big bursts of noisy water bubbles with his sporadic farting.


I surreptitiously plucked the crusts of our remaining sandwiches, and we tossed a few pieces into the water. Like magic, a flock of hungry ducks sped over to gobble up the pieces!


Their reward? More crusty bits!



Noticing the commotion, other park-goers peddled their duckie boats over to take snapshots of the ducks' bread feast. Not wanting to be the culprits who instigated future ‘No Feeding the Ducks’ signs posted all around the pond, we decided it was time to remove ourselves from the attention and head back to the dock.


We made our way over the bridge back to Wuze Town.


One last pic of Wuze Town's gateway.


From there, it was an easy walk back to the Berlin theme area. @whatisnew will be delighted to see that Berlin’s golden mascot Dragon Drago was out and about, trying to catch the elusive sun. Can you imagine how dazzling and gleaming he would be under the sun’s rays? My eyes ache at the shiny image.


I took this shot with Dragon Drago the previous time that The Mann and I were at Phantasialand.

2014-05-21 13.21.01.jpg

After that, it was time to test our shooting skills! But rather than literal bullets, we’d shoot virtual chocolates! In the centre of Berlin, a 3D-interactive ride takes you through a factory that has been overrun by a mouse plague! Eeek!!

flying mouse.jpg
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Riders wear 3D-glasses and sit in rotatable chaises, spray gun bag at the ready to shoot at greedy mice feasting on sumptuous cakes, cookies, and baking ingredients in seven factory rooms!

maus au chocolat.jpg
Photo Source

Each mouse you successfully hit with your spray bag earns you points. I could not compete with the boys. My points at each station were consistently lower than half of theirs.

At the end of the game, my right arm was burning from tugging at the bag to ‘shoot’, and I had broken out a sweat. My overall points were still far below the boys’!! In my defence, they do play a lot more first-person-shooter games than I do (practically zero)!! LOL

Here’s a pic of Rusty proving that he played like a man, not a boy. =P


After seeing all that flying cake, pies, and frosting, we were hungry for some confectionary goods! Fortunately, an Ice Cream stand is located right round the corner from Maus au Chocolat! We got three 1-scoop cones — pistachio, sea salt caramel, and vanilla!


I found the waffle cones to be absolutely delightful! Crisp, full of flavour, and with a lovely bite texture (one that satisfies yet doesn’t hurt the roof of your mouth). The ice cream was good, but I enjoyed the cones most.


A time check showed that we had 20 minutes to kill before our show started. I took one last photo of Rusty looking cool in Berlin before strolling towards theme area Mexico, where the show would be held.


Don't ask me how 'Colorado Adventure' fits in this all. I think it was somewhere along the pathway between Berlin and Mexico theme areas.

The Mexican Fiesta will have to wait till Part 6.

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Picking-out the Best — Birthday Experience for an 18 year old!


Berggeiststraße 31-41
50321 Brühl, Germany

1 Jul - 27 Aug 17 (Summer Season): daily 09:00 - 20:00
28 Aug - 5 Nov 17 (Summer Season): daily 09:00 - 18:00
6 Nov - 23 Nov, & 24 Dec 17: Closed
24 Nov - 30 Dec 17 (Winter Season): 11:00 - 20:00
Contact: +49 2232 36600

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Congrats, @foodie.warrior on this awesome FAT reward! I think it's well deserved, as I enjoyed the previous chapters as well. But I know what it feels like to be given such a whooping payout. May there be many more!


hehe thanks so much @stortebeker! :) Yes, it's certainly a happy feeling to see the big boost. Such an encouragement, though I put in more effort in writing previous chapters (that you enjoyed as well) than this one =D in terms of googling the details and specifications of some of the rides, that is.



Corny..but I guess that comes from eating too much corn =P


I have no bunghole!


I know, that's how it is for me too, so no help for improvement. I want to see this as the extraordinary stroke of luck that it is, but it's so hard. After such a boon I can't help thinking "where are my hundred bucks" when looking at the potential payoff.


hehe it's a slow and long uphill slope..the going can get tedious, but keep putting one foot ahead of the other and we will see each other at the top some day =) I always motivate myself by telling myself I can still buy a cuppa tea with the money I make on each post..sometimes, it's a grande starbucks one..sometimes it's a Japanese tea at a Japanese restaurant. hehe..still something! =D

This is really a place to be , you did a good job


Thank you, @charles1 :)


You are welcome

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amazingly beautiful......!!!


Thanks sakshi1524! Appreciate your comment. Have a lovely day! :)


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Great place to visit. Check out my recent post, I make models of rides from Disneyland :)


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Such an orinal place. The dragon mascote is really laughting. Thanks for sharing this place, and congrat for the nices pictures. Have a good evening !
@permatek - My last travel : Venezia, Italia


Haha he is a pleasant dragon, isn't he! You're welcome! Have a nice evening too! :)


Sure :) Thanks you, sorry for the time to answer, I was moving around in the mountain. I just put some pictures of there ;) See you !

very beautiful !! :-)
good post.


Thank you @matthaios! :) Hope you get to enjoy beauty every day too!

A little congratulations to you here. ;-)


A little thank you here ;)

First, I am happy to see that this post was a big hit! Well deserved! Yes, I was so excited to see another mascot; Dragon Drago sure was bright. I was thinking that I would love the chocolate ride but when I heard about the mice; well that changed my mind. At first, I thought you meant that the chocolate factory was infested with real mice! LOL! And of course I knew you were going to be hungry for the sweet "goodies" and just had to get some. I love the photo of the 3 of you with your waffle cones because you all look so happy. Gotta go now; time for ice cream! : )


You're so adorable, @whatisnew! :) NO REAL MICE, of course! I think the park would have to be shut down if there'd been a real mouse infestation =DDD

Even if not, I would not have walked anywhere close to that ride for sure!! hehe that was some really goood ice cream...did you get some too? What's your fav flavour? =D

P.S. I hope you got onto the curation boat early enough and got your share of the curation rewards..you're one of those that deserve every crumb of that piece of pie!


I sure did get some ice cream and I can only eat one brand and one flavor; vanilla. What is your favorite? My 2 kids and their families just got back from vacation (they all went together) and I will be writing about that. Anyway, they all went out for ice cream every night and guess how much it cost for a one scoop cone? Are you sitting down? $5.00! Crazy!

No, no curation. I was the last to read and upvote but I don't mind at all. I am just happy for you and I really do enjoy all of your posts. Thanks for your kind words. : )


NO WAY...That's a CRAZY PRICE!!! Was it Haagen Daaz or some fancy brand??? Or simply an inflated resort price?? My goodness! I'm not sitting down, but I'm lying on my bed, so it's all good though..thanks for watching out for my well-being teehee!!!

I have 4 all-time favourite ice cream flavours -- salted caramel, pistachio, earl grey tea, and matcha!! hehe not the most common flavours..My tongue is a picky one!

It warms my heart knowing that you enjoy my posts..You're as Real as it gets here on steemit..I always look forward to your comments..they are some of the greatest ones with so much soul and flavour in them :))

Btw, really looking forward to your posts about the family vacation..will be an awesome series!!! =DD


Just an inflated resort price. Your fav flavors are so different; your tongue sure is picky. (I love that statement!)

You are so sweet; always full of compliments for me and you always make me smile. : )

I wasn't there for the vacation. It was for my kids and their kids and they do this every year. No series; just some nice photos. Anyway, I could NEVER, EVER get close to your series; that is your calling. But I am getting ready to post an awesome series called, "MY ABC's of Nature." I took all photos of nature for every letter of the alphabet but I don't have anything for letters "U" and "X." I mostly tried to stick with insects (you know how I hate insects) so it was an experience! Sometimes I have 6 different things to post for one letter so this series will go on for a very long time. It truly was a labor of love for me.


Well, someone has to make you smile right? not fair for you to be the only one going around coaxing smiles outta others =PP

I think you are too modest..your stories that you broke down into multiple parts were always lovely to read!! All you need are more pictures and you'll get a series like mine teehee!!

That new series of yours sounds like an amazing one! Is that what you were up to these past two days??

Seems like getting those photos really stretched you a lot (sticking to those loathsome insects as much as possible)!! Knowing you, you'll have many different angles for us to enjoy, meaning you had to spend quite a few minutes close up with the insects!!!

Insect for 'U' and 'X'..hmmm..I don't know any!! A quick google got this..but not sure if you can find 'em in your area..

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 20.11.59.png

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