When I was Younger (and NOW)

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When I was younger, the things I believed were largely influenced by the things I read, and other people (or groups of people) who I thought were wiser, and more knowledgeable than me.

But after 33 years of existing, I have now tested a lot of different ideas & beliefs. My current beliefs are now mostly influenced by the results I got from testing those ideas & beliefs.

Ideas & Beliefs:

  • Until a person has seriously tested the ideas they express, implemented them to a T, and accumulated a wealth of experience, the foundation for their beliefs, and insight, remains weak.
  • Testing ideas and beliefs can help people understand themselves, others, and their environment (a.k.a. their surroundings).
  • Some things can only be learned through experience, and over a course of many years.
  • In general, there is an age requirement for someone to truly know what they believe, and for them to know why they believe it, without it being some sort of farce.

At 33 years old, I feel like I have already accumulated a wealth of experience. I acknowledge the fact that there are millions, and millions of people (impossible to estimate) who are older, wiser, and more knowledgable or experienced than me, but I still feel like I have some unique ideas that are experience-tested, and I want to bring them to the table.

Here are two of the things I learned, and wrote about, after 33 years of living:

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness | Better than Happiness

  2. Top 3 Investment Mistakes to Avoid

I didn't know much about life when I was younger, but NOW, I am fairly certain about the things I wrote in those posts. I published them as rough drafts on Steemit, edited them on Steemit, and then published the final drafts on my blog - I hope you enjoy reading some of my ideas.



The prevention, reduction and elimination of suffering makes the happiness we experience, more enjoyable, healthier and sustainable.

~ @chrisrice

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Morality / Philosophy / Spirituality:

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Very inspirational post @chrisrice ...I remember an Aunt telling me that it's okay to commit mistakes if you are YOUNG because what comes to the head of a youngster is STUPIDITY as we are in the process of learning to become MATURE.

Thanks @diosarich.

I agree with the advice your Aunt gave you... we don't know much when we're young, especially when we're really young.

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