ADSactly Personal - Why You Should Leave Your Comfort Zone Today...

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ADSactly Personal: Why You Should Leave Your Comfort Zone Today...



I wanted to write to you all today to think about something really important…

Are you living in your comfort zone?

As a general rule, when you are in your comfort zone, things stay the same and nothing changes. Granted, this isn't always a bad thing, but what about your dreams? Where do they fit in when you are doing the same thing every day, hoping for different results, waiting for "That Thing" to happen, or tomorrow to come?

Tomorrow is here and then gone really fast. It easily becomes next week, next month, next year, and before we know it time has ticked itself away. It usually ends up being a major upset or life event that kicks us into thinking: "why are here and what can we offer the world?" It is then that we realize that time is not infinite. It is right up until that point that we take it all for granted.

We have to think about what it is that we want to achieve in our lives. We are all unique and individual people who have things to offer the world - be it words, art, advice, or love, to name just a small handful of "Purposes".



The world won't see you shine unless you get out into it and show it. The world doesn't need to be the world, it could be your family, your street, your town, or Steemit. You are capable of great things, I know you are, look inside yourself, you will see it too.

You have too much to offer just to be doing the same old thing every day, unless of course, you are doing what you were born to do already, then you are one of the lucky ones.

Getting out of your comfort zone is like entering the twilight zone. It is unknown. You will have successes and you will have failures, you will doubt yourself, and you will discover things about yourself that you may or may not like.


Bravery is required to get out of your comfort zone. I wanted to take writing at a university, but when I told my father this, he told me that there was no money in that, and not to pursue it, so I listened to him. I did my degree in business studies and marketing, which academically I excelled at, but not so much in practice.



And look what it is these days that I do earn my living. I write. But, now I have come to realize that I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I can write, and the marketing has been useful over the years to some extent.

It was a big huge regret for a long time and I often wonder, if I had applied to that particular writing course, whether they would have accepted me? But I will never know and that really bugs me. In this case, I should have stepped out of my comfort zone.


I am one person who, unfortunately, did have to have a major upheaval in my life in order to get myself out of my comfort zone. I had blinkers on and didn't see the bigger picture.

I thought: "It is only me, I can live like this if my children are happy and my husband is happy, who am I to rock the boat and wreck four lives, instead of just my own?



But the children weren't happy, and they now are, so I must have done something right. They don't worry and stress quite as much, although my eldest is a natural worrier and will worry about everything, imagined or not, and we have endless "what if" discussions.

But, someone outside looking in showed me the big picture, and I found courage from somewhere to call it off and start again after 15 years. It took me a few months of counseling and putting things back together, but I didn't waste my time on trivial things, or try to be friends with the "in-crowd" of mums. Rather, I decided to concentrate on what I liked to do best - helping people.

So, get out there. Help people. Encourage people to choose self-improvement every day, and to explore the world of opportunities at their fingertips. Life is exciting. It is there for the taking, but it doesn't usually happen in the living room, whilst watching re-runs.

However, sometimes it might happen in the bedroom!

Well for me anyways, it is my workroom of choice. I love sitting, propped up with pillows and with my laptop on my lap. I sometimes fall asleep like that.

You see, you can take it too far the other way too. There's that saying: "All work and no play".
There is a balance to be had in life. I'm not sure I have mastered that part yet.

To counter that, I do try and do things every day that allow me to feel all sorts of different emotions, to feel alive and not like a zombie. I go outside, feel the air on my face, take a moment to savour my cup of tea, call my mum up and tell her I love her.




Remember, opportunities and doors open when you start to venture out of your comfort zone. For me, I wrote an ebook that an internet marketer really liked, and he agreed to promote it, and it has literally changed my life. My own dreams are in reach, rather than pebbles lost on the beach, but most of all I have the confidence (most of the time) to reach for them and start to reel them in.

But, those dreams started on Steemit, and without Steemit the above would not have happened. After all, Steemit is what I wrote about. Steemit opens doors.

My current dreams are to be debt free (entirely possible when SBD rises), be in a position to help people achieve their dreams, which I am doing here on Steemit, behind the scenes and as an internet marketer. And, eventually to move somewhere nice in the country, where the girls can have a bedroom each and we can have as many pets as we’d like. I’d also like a chauffeur.

You know what?

You can make it happen too. There is a door for you, if you but look.



But, you are not likely to see it if you stay in your comfort zone.

One of the worst wasters of time is regret. You can't change the ones that already took place, but you can make sure future ones don't happen by taking steps, however small or big, to live the life you were destined to live.

Some thought-provoking questions to ask yourself could be:

  • How do I want people to remember me?
  • What will be written on my tombstone?
  • If there were no limitations, what would I want to do?
  • What am I good at?
  • What did I like to do as a child?
  • What are you willing to fight for?
  • How would you save the world?

I hope to see you in the twilight zone soon.

Written by @hopehuggs with <3
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This post really got me /: I’ve been thinking about it quite obsessively lately. About certain cases when someone is so passionate about something, but his parents/friends/teaches/ society discourage him to pursuit his dreams because it’s not practical and it’s not good for gaining money.

I want to believe that when someone is so passionate about something, he will do his best in his work and that must be worth it at the end. And I know money is important- but just like u wrote, what do we really want to reach at the end of our lives? What do we want written on out tombstones?

The people who encouraged you to go study something ‘safer’ did it because they wished for the best for u, but how can someone else define what’s gonna be better for u? Money is important in our world, but to what extent should we let it lead us through life?

Ever since I can remember writing and books were the best things in my life. Ever since I remember all I heard was that; it’s just a hobby, not a real job, not practical, etc.
It takes a lot of nerve to stand and say, “I dont care. I am going to do my own thing and rock it.”

It certainly does take a lot of nerve and a modicum of belief in yourself, but ride that passion and forget what the world says, do what you want to do.

You don't have to drop everything to do it, just make a commitment that it will be something that you take a step towards every day. Even if it is just 5 minutes.

“Ride that passion and forget what the world says.” - wow, it’s beautiful. To believe and to commit is the way to go ;) thank you for reading and commenting!

One of the major requirements of achieving sucess in life is by leaving one's comfort zone and take calculative risks.

As humans that we are, our feeble minds pus alot of fears in us against taking risk. And from history, those that achieved sucess had or created a brave heart for themselves to achieve their feats.

Quite an inspiring piece you just shared. Many kudos to you.

My dream presently is to see SBD rise to 10 US Dollars, it may seem hard, but i am very optimistic.

That is my dream too @factism. I am hopeful for SBD being worth $10 too. It's been there before.

I will share my thoughts about your post and hopefully ad something of value to everyone's life. Living in your comfort zone is really proof of living as a liar. What lie is so bad that if prevents yo from being you. Who is the liar that prevents one from realizing who they are.

The liar is merely acting out their fears. The Liar is both your strongest enemy and your stoutest friend. At some point one realizes that the greatest lie the Liar tells is that I am not good enough. I am not strong enough. I can't this and I can't that.

Some people realize that the liar lie's because they lack love. Who is the enemy of my life? Why it is I. Why don't I love myself, because I believed myself? Change the story to what ever your want. Make the Liar your friend and lover and s/he will stop being a Liar and you can live life!

Nice post!

Living in your comfort zone is really proof of living as a liar

It is in my opinion a half-life, I see so much potential in people but it is a decision that is up to them, not me.

Someone is in control of your life! it is just a matter of whether it is going to be who you are or?

Hi. Defining comfort as comfort.
It sounds alarming as from distant postures comfort is questioned, as a comfort of the human being not to drive beyond the routine. In Plato's cave, it is the most philosophical example. From the point of view of behaviorism, we have the domesticated elephant that is not able to escape because it does not have the strength to escape.
Then a question arises: is comfort or is the belief that makes the individual stay in his chair watching the movie with an empty stomach and lost dreams?
Currently, I live in a country where due to a political struggle I have been denied the right to have a quality of life. Understand quality, having at my reach the conditions of health, labor and economic welfare, housing and others. That is, my life project was deleted, I depend on the context.
It is another question: is it for convenience what I am living in the country that saw me born, grow and train?
It is a lot of cloth to cut and without thread.
The truth is that Steemit has given me an opportunity to leave and not exactly my comfort. I broke the rope that tied the elephant and opened a window to the cavern.

Thank you, friend ... Your post once again, gave me the opportunity.

All steps in the right direction, I hope Steem helps in every way that it can <3

hopehuggs yes you are right steem is a best platform provide start from free investment to a big earning .its so cool

comfort zone is a trap, it's like you're inside the zoo and you need to get out the hell in there and go to the jungle learn how the survival of the fittest works and become wild and free. :)

I like that analogy, let's all go have fun in the jungle :)

yes, i'll play as a comodo dragon :)

@adsactly, thanks for sharing. Most people complain things aren't happening for them because they have refused to leave their comfort zones. We need to learn to challenge ourselves daily with something new. Outdo your past, break your own limits. Dare to challenge yourself.
@cortexx, I agree. It's a trap

All successful person leaves their comfort zone and they were not afraid to fail, they learn out of their failure to persevere more and push forward to achieve their goal. Successful people were mostly a great risk taker!

The knowledge of death lessens the small fears holding us back from achieving the life we want.

@thedreamflow, we need to try and live our lives as much as we can before we die. We all have a limited time and we should never forget that.

Richard Brandon failed epically before he made his money! I took a risk and quit my job to go travelling it was amazing!! First @esteem post =]

@Steemingmark, that is awesome - I am in pursuit of my dreams too, but I know I have to do it a little differently to the rest in my niche.

calculated risk is a risky method.

@elizahfhaye, Yes. Failure is a good thing. You just keep picking yourself up and do it differently the next time till you get it right.

That was an awesome article.

But one thing that popped up in my mind while reading your last few articles is that why don't you reply to the comments on your articles?

Maybe you are a bit too much absorbed in your work?

personally, as the author of this particular ADSactly post, I do reply to my comments. I am just about 3 days behind on my own blog at the moment. Its next on my to do list today. I'm sure that other contributors do similar.

I just wanted to know if anybody reads comments here or not. You wrote a great post.

they are a content factory...

Vote friend?

the more we struggle the more we progress that is why we should leave our comfort zone

Struggles are often what makes us strong.

Great read, its so true though I spent years in a dead end job not really going anywhere all because change was hard and slightly uncomfortable. It's incredible how easy it is for lief to slip by when your sitting in your on bubble of comfort. If you do not challenge yourself every day you cannot move forward!

I am almost 40 and I wish I made this realization a few years back, but can't turn back the clock, so no point dwelling on it, I have a life to live!

Exactly! Live life to the fullest and try to live in the moment! (by the way you absolutely do not look like you're nearly 40 haha)

Wow, I am inspired, for real the world is Waiting for our manifestation. Is it very important one is going somewhere than going nowhere. When you are very comfortable in your comfort zone you won't see the little light shining beyond your comfort zone. Nice script worth publishing.

There is a whole new world beyond the comfort zone

That is a really great post and so inspiring !!!! I'm very shy so to be out of my comfort zone is an everyday challenge for me. But I force myself to push myself to reach my objectives i don't really mind of what will be written on my tombstone as long as i had a free and happy life:)

Shyness, yes that is one of my daily battles too.

Outside the comfort zone, thats where growth starts. And.... One of the reasons I quit my job to travel and photograph full time

I'm glad you are living life the way you want it to be.

Nice write up.

Always sitting in your comfort zone will make you see life like a spectator. And that is not a life worth living in my opinion.

Always sitting in your comfort zone will make you see life like a spectator. And that is not a life worth living in my opinion.

Yes, that is exactly it. You wonder why all the good stuff happens to other people, when reality is you need to make it happen for yourself

We definitely have to leave our comfort zone if we really want to achieve anything. This is an eye opener. I thought I was doing everything right not knowing I was lacking some vital points and questions i should be asking myself.
I need to start asking the right questions from now on.

I'm glad those questions helped.

Wonderful post. 'You can make it happen too' is the highlight from the post for me. Thank you for sharing!

It is in you already :)

I never lived in a comfort zone and feel that everything in my life is changing every two or three years. The job, the people and the country. But I am happy to have such experiences and still willing to challenge myself :)

It is good to have daily challenges and every day different. When both my daughters are a little older, I hope to travel with them, so they can see the world, I'd really like to take them on volunteering holidays ideally, so they can see first hand how lucky we are in this day and age.

I love this and this is something we have been talking a lot lately with my family and I love what you said @adsactly because the comfort zone is the deadly zone, since we really are not living our lives or living or going after our dreams.
It is hard to step to the unknown, but that is how we will grow and move forward toward our dreams which is really what we are here for, we all have a purpose and dreams in our lives.

It breaks my heart to see many people on autopilot every day doing the same thing, day in day out, not living up to their full potential because of the fear of that unknown. I think I will write on this topic more often in my own blog too.

I couldn't agree with you more. It is very sad.

Comfort zones are so cozy. They tend to wrap you in all the familiar feel. To step or leap from them always takes courage. Bravo for you.

If people are actually 'happy' in their comfort zones, then that's okay too. Personally, I'd like to live a life of grabbing what life has to offer and enjoying it.

This whole social media thing is out of my comfort zone.

Crypto confuses me but I'm trying to get it so I can be informed

Confession: I can't say that I understand everything I need to know about crypto either.

This is me, to a Tee!

However, sometimes it might happen in the bedroom!
Well for me anyways, it is my workroom of choice. I love sitting, propped up with pillows and with my laptop on my lap.

As far as your last questions, I want to be remembered as a good mom. I want to be remembered as someone who pursued her dreams and didn't worry about what society thinks.

Also, at this stage of life, I find that I want a lot LESS recognition. I don't know if its a phase or not, but my dreams of fame and fortune have currently settled into wanting financial security and the ability to do what I love and make money at it.

I love this post and I feel like it might just inspire a post of my own. These are amazing questions to inspire a lot of writing, but maybe that's just me, because I probably talk too much!

Thank you for sharing.

My 7 year old dreams of fame and fortune. We will see where that leads haha

I want to be remembered as a good mom. I want to be remembered as someone who pursued her dreams and didn't worry about what society thinks.

That is very similar to my own mindset.

And I was critical of Busy, too.

But I must admit that Busy took a step forward.

I'm Finnish, though, so I can't be too positive and complimentary here. But let's just say that it could be worse, hah.

Let's see if I switch to Busy full time.

Good luck with being busy. Don't let being Finnish define you, if you want to be positive and complimentary that is.

The comfort zone is death if you stay in it, the tedium destroys you slowly if anxiety does not do it first. 😃

I tend to be or at least "try" to represent myself as a "Strong" Minded person, yet in the end my humanity prevails and sometimes I drown in pure emptiness due day to day issues. Hopefully we will prevail and one of the things that can keep us always cheering every moment is precisely getting out of the comfort zone! Cheers!

Hi Jon, believe me I also know what pure emptiness feels like too, mind over matter and someone recommended a cold shower for those moments. Yet to try it, but I'm sure it would give a shock to the system.

This is a great learning post.This is making me rethink about my self.Going out of comfortzone is always a tough decision.But if you want to make your dream come true then you must leave your comfortzone.You have to learn from your mistakes,you have to brave.Thank's for the post.

It does take some courage. But everyone deserves to be happy and live the life of their dreams, that is rarely found in our comfort zones.

I completely agree with you.

It's impossible to grow if you don't challenge yourself by doing something different. This is the exact reason I joined the steemit community. Great stuff!

I love to try new things and experiment here on Steemit. It is like a socail media playground, especially as it is a place where you can work and mingle with friends. There is nowhere else quite like it.

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.
Great advice and good writing.i like your post and upvoted.
enjoy read thus post. that is a good staff.
I also love good content, so I'm waiting for posts from you with impatience!

There is a brilliant array of posts that ADSactly put up from their blog contributors.

Your post was pretty cool, every caption was very good

I'm glad Mr Bean approves haha

Hello friend, I identify with this post, every year that passes relegate some wishes and goals for comfort or fear. I think it is a recurring theme that happens to many people, it is in us to self-motivate and discipline ourselves. treat ourselves as children and self-educate ourselves. Thanks for your post, it has been a good read. regards

Trying to always see the world with the wondrous eyes of a child helps keep us free from the comfort zone.

Article like this gives hope to the people, like me :), who were pushed out of their comfort zones by a bolt from sky. The good thing is, and I still can't believe it, I have got more clarity and feel more confident that I will achieve what I want from my life. Although going on, life in the comfort zone was routine and dull. So I think this jolt was kind of blessing in disguise. Upvoted.

I write like a writing jolt!

I think sometimes, if you're used to the same things repeatedly happening to you, it can be nice to try something different, not necessarily out of your comfort zone, but out of the ordinary, even if you're happy with your current situation, simply to be reminded that you have control over your own life. Otherwise I think it's easy to blame fate for what's happening, when it might just be your own habits constantly leading you in one direction.

Great writeup, by the way!

Agreed, even doing something different can be a reminder that you are in control of your own life.

I totally agree with your article, nothing will change unless one is prepared to step out of their comfort zone. I see this in almost every aspect of our daily lives, be it in relationship, sports, education or even politics. Having said that, one can argue that, what if one is comfortable with their comfort zone?

If someone is happy with their lot, then who is anyone else to argue. It could also be that some people's comfort zone is being uncomfortable. It all comes down to living a life that you want for yourself.

I really needed this, worth more than a thousand motivational speeches, thank you

If it helps one person, then my mission is done. This comment has made my day.

I'm glad it did, thanks for sharing.

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Thank You! ⚜

The confort zone it's here it't now, when you don't need and do any diferent in your life.....

I agree. We need to leave our comfort zones. Often this comes with risk. I know ADSactly takes a risk, particularly when running a ponzi scheme.

wonderful post, exactly where i am today holding up a full time job to support my family but dreaming of what i want to do for me.
I would love to pursue photography and video editing and i get lots of time off work as well. but i just cant make that step through the door to do it. i keep saying to my self this year i will, but all that means is im setting myself up for disappointment AGAIN!. I even do the new year thing where i set myself dreams and ambitions for the coming year and make a promise to myself it will be done. HAHA guess what they aint.
sometimes i wish i had a reset button to start again, this time i would do it right. but life don't give you reset buttons just new pages. so i will make myself another broken promise right here in front of all of you, I WILL PURSUE MY DREAMS (one day)live-your-dream-2045928_1280.jpg

Awesome àrticules with interesting headings .....................great post and interesting......

Great article.

Certainly, I do not!! But sometime I wish to...just a little bit! this makes me thinking about a lot...yup!

Yes, this life involve taking risk, except which will turn one to mediocre and lose relevance.

interesting post👍 @adsactly

Thanks for the motivation words,I'm really in touch with it.Does marvelous

I so love this! I'm outta my comfort zone, I hope to make myself a worthy name. Thanks! I'm inspired!

This is a very amazing story and very nice post i like it

Great write up...we must not remain in our comfort zones else we slander.

That's so amazing

This is nice; but the real issue is about finding purpose

Dejar la zona de confort nos hara depender más de Dios, tomados de la mano deJesus haremos grandes proezas

Great thought: Remember, opportunities and doors open when you start to venture out of your comfort zone.
Congratulations for your post

The article is great keep it up

Im inspired, thanks

No question, good article. What in my opinion leads to success, is the constant action. I have often caught myself constantly making any plans and imagined what happens when I do this or that, but without really doing it. It all sounded so logical but the courage to enforce it was usually missing, because one was usually afraid (perhaps subconsciously) of a possible disappointment. When I finally confessed it to myself, I started to implement ideas consistently. Instead of planning was just acted directly and I learned one very quickly ... it usually develops everything anyway, because usually things happen between the processes that you can not schedule. 'The route is the goal'. It took me a long time to understand this saying ...

(Sorry for mistakes / google translate)


Nice article in and posting thank you I am interested next your new posting

Thumb for your post👍

Congrats to you @adsactly you made the right thing.

very good message and encouraging post thanks

Excellent advise. Honestly, Its difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. But what I did was I made a dream board so I can visualize my dreams every moment. I hope the law of attraction will attract me more. 😊

Sartanyli, E. Note !! Just like the boots, Justin 'a ... Just a little bit! This is a lot about me thinking about money ... yup!

"The best things in life are often waiting for you at the exit ramp of your comfort zone." -Karen Salmansohn

Resteemed. Great article Thank you for sharing......

Thank you for sharing such important information

Great post.

Amazing piece of writing.

Being in Comfort zone is being out of Life zone .

Good job. I like it

great writing! i wanted to say hello and thank you again for your upvote :)


Great things happen to those who live out of their comfort zones. You cannot see the beauty that lies ahead if you stay in your "zone". Explore and have some fun. Thank you for sharing!

Wanted to comment something big but I am short of words. But must wanna say.

" I will truly try this by heart ". If i wins. I will definitely let you know :)

I love your writings @hopehuggs. Almost similar things are happening to me now. I eventually went out of my Comfort zone to work on @sourcehope.

I want to write for @adsactly but I don't know how to send my writtings to them.

As for me I believe that if there are no doors to be opened we can build that door and open it.


Thanks for sharing valuable post.
I continue follow your post.
I appreciate your contest

I am a firm believer in being adventurous, playing it safe doesnt give any drastic changes. Try something new, leave your comfort zone, and sometimes its not always about you, help people too, thanks @adsactly for the awesome piece

I see reading and enjoying, amazingly good postings you, innovative and and add knowledge. Thanks for sharing

great read first time ive seen your work

Couldn't agree more with this. I find that doing something like an adventure sport, like say BMX racing, surfing or rock climbing really makes the little things that used to seem huge seem small again. The important things in life are in your comfort zone but as you say unless you get out of it you can loose appreciation for those very same things. Another brilliant thing to do to get out of your comfort zone is a combat sport, the only problem there is when that becomes part of your comfort zone 😨😨.

This got me. You call it leaving your comfort zone, I call it exploring outside your cirlcle. Sometimes the only thing you need do is to change your location, maybe because you need to meet new set of people in your life so as for your lifestyle to change. If you have a dream you have to pursue it and if you must "PURSUE" it means you can't be in a particular position, it is a different thing for you to know the dream it is another thing to know how to live it. You can't do it on your own. Somehow you need someone's help somewhere in another city, so I charge you think outside your comfort zone and by the time you think Act.

Comfort zone is like a boat in seashore,we cant achieve any thing.Think big with courage ,come out from that zone then only we can achieve any thing.Nothing is impossible for human being,so be brave, and go ahead with full of confident

Thanks for sharing a beautiful [email protected]

Great great piece of literature. Masterpiece i must say. Permit me to add this, comfort zone could be said to be the Enemy called average. Being comfortable with the average situation and not making any move to leave for greater heights.

Once a time, i was a victim of this enemy, i was held ransom by my comfort zone. Was opportune to have a rich brother who provided comfy accomodation and supplied my needs, yet i was financially stagnant and only dependent.

I agree with you @adsactly, courage is needed to let go of one's comfort zone. I adopted a mantra, "if it is not hard, it's not worth it." after the cross comes the crown, no pains no gains.

Thank you for dropping this piece, i believe it will help many who are still held captive in their comfort arenas. Good luck

Great message. Yes, I do believe in order to achieve something that you really want which would be a challenge and maybe even a little scary to accomplish but that is how you know it’s something worth going after. Can’t get it without stepping out of the normal box but need to overcome fears of being courageous even when it’s difficult or someone tells you-you can’t. Show them you can and you do it, for yourself.

just when I need it the most. Thank you for the challenge @adsactly

Comfort is the enemy. Its not even the goal. The goal is to experience as much you can before you die and set as many things you possibly can set in motion, in motion before universe dies.

Also this article was very inspiring for me; always, a small step at a time, I try to get out of my comfort zone, to make it bigger and bigger.
I focused a lot on the questions at the end of the post and were very useful to carry on my reflection .. thank you very much and I'm sorry as always the bad English!

i read a bautiful way going to a certain destination. However i still wonder what kind of destination we want. In my country which is religious people as majority, the purpose of life has been defined as well and the way to get it can be defined almost similar for all people.

The way this is written is very smart. Each sub-section holds my attention for just enough time to allow a short power nap, then I wake up, then I am allowed another short power-nap, then I am woken up again. Keep up the good work - my working hours are the better for reading this.

At the end, I don't need to remember a point at all, because it isn't very important - which is also very nice.

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