Six Weeks of Eating Keto

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Going KETO

I was rather apprehensive about going Keto because it seemed really complicated for my wee brain to figure out what I could and couldn't eat.

With all the weighing and calculating of calories, carbs, fat and protein it seemed like a full time job and then how the heck do you really figure out how much of each you can have a day????

My brain was curling up in to a ball with the thought of it all.....

But with the help of @kiwideb I dived off the high board and took the plunge in to the Keto world and this is what I've found after six weeks.


Almost immediately I started sleeping through the night which is huge for me as I'm a ridiculous sleeper and am awake at all hours of the night. I guess that all the sugar was keeping me awake!


I have way less stomach issues and indigestion. In saying that I still have issues with cream in my coffee.
Maybe my body likes meat and cheese better than cakes and crackers.

I have a bit less energy because of eating practically no Carbs but I do think that's starting to improve.


I love the food!!!! I get to eat steak and mushrooms, chicken and avocado, butter and cheese, sugar free chocolate, cream cheese, nuts and seeds. So apart from sugary foods I'm in heaven!!!!


Well...I've lost 7 kilos in 6 weeks - I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with the speed of which I'm losing but it is coming off slowly and with the other added bonuses I'll take that.

The Calculations

It is a pain sometimes.... BUT I find it keeps me on track and I never over eat because of it.

So all in all I'm happy to keep eating this way and I hope that my health improves more long term and I continue to lose more weight.

Pictures thanks to Pixabay.

Thanks For Stopping By


I found nothing but benefits (except going swimming or working out - the 'power surge' just wasn't there...- but a handful of spaghetti 30 mins before working out fixed that problem).

Alas, i fell off the wagon, and am still off it at the moment.
It coincided with making some fresh bread when times were lean.......ummmm....

pesky carbs...

Haha yes indeed those carbs are terrible!!! Luckily I'm allergic to something in bread so can no longer eat it - makes things easier that way! Good luck finding the wagon and getting back on :)

Oh, I can see the wagon quite clearly ! - I just just can't seem to climb up aboard it very well at the moment.

Must dash..... I can smell my freshly baked bread that needs removing from the oven! lol

(mutters 'pesky carbs' on the way to the kitchen...)

I'm so proud of you Andy!! I may have to give this a try with the other benefits you are experiencing. Just keep swimming babe and before you know it, you'll be at your goal. I definitely have a few questions for you when we get a chance to chat. Love you hunnie!

Anytime you like - just let me know :)

I've been on keto since mid September, and I'm loving it! I did it to help my IBS-D, which it's totally put into remission! My life has improved dramatically because of it. And - I've lost quiet a bit of weight too, although that wasn't the reason for the diet for me lol

Hey Adam :) - that's great that your health is improving!!!! I'm glad it's working for you :)

It's such a blessing to feel healthy again!

Well done, keep up the good work :)

Thanks Karen :)

hearing about keto everywhere I turn these days:)

Yea me too - I guess it can't be all that bad if I feel better for it :)

i don't find anything bad about it

Lots of people think it's bad because of the high fat content - but I'm finding it good :)

there is a lot of ignorance out there 👍many of those same people who fear the butter and coconut oil will regularly consume gmo items comprised of high-fructose corn syrup, sugar, and other harmful substances so it doesn't make much sense😂

I completely agree with you on many of the points you made here. I've only been Keto for a week and a half, or so, but am also starting to see benefits. I was also hesitant as to the effort that would be required, but have managed to find a few simple recipes for variety, and can always fall back on the good old meat and three veg when inspiration , or time, become an issue. It's good to see that the energy thing is likely to improve - I've been feeling quite lethargic since beginning, and thought I was just being lazy.

One benefit is that food tastes so much better - cooking with butter again instead of those olive oil sprays is such a nice thing to be able to do, and I think the higher fat content is making me less hungry. I've found I'm skipping lunch quite often, not on purpose, but because I'm just not hungry, and forget to have it.

Congrats on the first six weeks. It'll be interesting to see how far you've advanced after another 6.

Yea I agree I only eat twice a day and I'm just not hungry - I love cooking with butter - I've found a sugar free chocolate bar which is really yum - Tonight I had a weight watchers sugar free jelly with cream and that was a real treat!!! I'm getting my energy back slowly. Good luck - let me know how you go :)

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Wow! Good for you @andysantics You are making fabulous progress. John and I have cut our sugar and grain which, by default, lowers our carb intake. I have always felt better on low carb but it does take a lot of discipline .......not for eating that way but with preparation. It will all be worth it though.

Aren't you lucky having a caring, big sister to guide you and keep you motivated? I hope all is well with you Andrea.

Hi @trudeehunter how are you? Thanks - it doesn't seem to be a hardship really - I can still have sugarfree treats and i really love steak lol!!! @kiwideb is great :)

I'm well thanks Andrea despite the heat. Keep up the good work. I'm proud of you!🤗

Hi Andy. Great you are feeling better on the Keto diet. Steem on my friend. The best I can do is drink my tea and coffee black. I found not putting sugar, cream or milk in coffee helped digestion problems.

Hey there :) It would probably help to get rid of the cream but then I wouldn't be able to drink it lol.... it's kind of a treat and I don't want to give it up just yet so I'll put up with the issues :)

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