STEEMIT Helps Overcoming Myself or How I Started To Walk On My Hands?!

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Hi Steem community. (it's me @surf4life)
I would like to start my first sports blog and I'm asking for your support, friends.

Изображение - — сервис хранения изображений

A long time ago I wanted to learn to walk on my hands, at last Steemit motivated me.
Just a week ago I have begun to do actively exercises for this purpose and would like to share with community about my progress.
As Steemit can motivate people!

let's try to go!


sometimes it happened that I fell but I need to get up and go all the way!

Mode on 'Steem Power'!

I'm sure that with Steemit shortly i'll can climbing high mountains)) soon...

its time to be refreshed..

Well, I'll see you later. I think you need a new challenge.

THx and best regards:)


Also want to walk using hands , but first i need to tightened 15 times i think.

Hold Like,but we think it not a limit, steem power!!!)))

Welcome to the Steemit community! I have added you to my list of people to follow and I hope that you will do the same.

I have also created a blog here and would like to ask if you would kindly contribute some of your knowledge to the community and perhaps answer a question or two I have posted on the links below.  

By simply answering a few general questions your help to build our collective knowledge base, and your input is valuable.

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What is your favorite music video of all time?



Delighted to have you here with us!

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