Hello Steemit I AM HERE TO STAY!

Im from Toronto, Canada born and raised ready to raise the roof on Steemit. Degree obtained from Humber College Tourism Management. Certified Fashion Consultant from George Brown. Love my multi cultural city and all the different varieties of food we have to offer. There is a whole lot of sites to visit where I'm from but not even time. Trailblazer to say the least. Anything that is fun exciting and colourful count me in. Past age of maturity years ago lol. I don't look my age I dare you to take a guest. Anyways Im open to anyone looking to chat, network all that good stuff. I'm only a phone call away


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Beautiful picture!! You look maybe 22....? But since you say you're past the age of maturity I have to go with 30 even though I would hardly call that mature lol.
This is me :)

Omg you got it! Your beautiful as well ... Where are you from ?

Thank you for all the great tips I'm sure I will put them to use!

Exciting to have ya!

Thank you Sharon 😊

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Great for you to join us!

Hi, I'm a bot you can call me anytime @calva
if you want the price of a crypto you can post '@calva BTC' or '@calva ETH'
to see all my functions go to:

Let's connect @calva thanks for the link😄

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