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Hello Steemworld! It's time for me to say Hello :)

Alltough this is not my first post on steem I thought it would be nice if people from our #steemprivate community get to know me a little better. I hope this post will find you well!

I am half from the philippines and half from switzerland but I grew up in switzerland, basel. My zodiac is "libra" and I really do feel like one ;)




I initially studied economics but somehow never ended up working there. I was too passionate about organizing my own events in the clubbingscene of europe (electronic dance music). Since I was a hobby DJ, it fit very well also doing business in this area. In fact I ran 2 different night clubs specialized for techno music. I also founded my own company, a booking agency. This way it was easier to book DJ’s all over the world into our clubs. It was an amazing experience to meet all those nice music artists i was always dreaming of hearing live one day…and now, we are actually good friends! I was always into techno music and psytrance and we were nailing it regarding the best partys in our city!



Me chilling at windbeach in kho tao, thailand :)

But with all that fame and money came a big downside aswell…a classic burnout!

…I really got tired of this kind of lifestyle. My inner clock was F***d up… I had serious sleeping problems (party 3 days every week without sleep). Work all weekend. Get wasted and live a careless life. Get to know so many people but nobody for real. Have so many friends but none you can count on. Be surrounded by so many people but still feel lonely….

I decided to change all of that so I quit all !! I even left my own company…cashed out and the first thing I did was travel for several months. This was where I just started to smell the fresh air of freedom .


I feel a lot more alive and healthier. So many things have changed in my life. It was hard to accept my new life at first but now it feels like a relieve. I dont rly go out at night anymore since i kind of have a overdose of clubbing. I do a lot for myself, whereas before i did everything for others (customer is king) . This is also how i started blogging on the Steemit plattform…I started with crypto and then fell in love with steem ;)

Currently i am working in switzerland to save for my next travel. I really love to dive. Diving is expensive, it costs me like twice as much as my trip itself but i really try to go whenever i can. It is the best way for me to turn off everything arround me and just enjoy the moment. Especially if im surrouned by nice sharks. I also started growing some mushrooms as a sideproject and in my freetime i go hiking with friends anywhere in switzerland.







I think life is to short to just live it one way! Even tough i never had a 8 to 5 job i am done working so much until I feel burned out. I feel like I am growing up and beeing more reasonable now. I am very lucky to be born in switzerland. I live a very wealthy life and always got everything i wanted so far. But it takes a lot more than just materialistic things to make one happy which is why i started downsizing my life. And I realised that it actually makes me happier than ever before. I can feel the day coming closer where I will take the step to a complete other life. I want to leave my homecountry to explore a new home, the philippines (my second home)!

Still I am a very ambitious person and want to achieve a few things in my life ;) Therefore I am still here in switzerland, saving for one of my biggest dreams. I am dreaming of owning my own house/resort in the philippines one day. I have been there already several times, also to look for some sweet spots for sale. I want to build my own „holiday“ resort that i can also rent out while I‘m not there. I want to help the locals there and try to build up a comunity together with them, im sure steem will help me on the way.

And more than anything else I want to just live a simpler life!!! I am lucky that I can always come back to switzerland whenever i want and I would feel stupid if I wouldnt take this opportunity to leave it for now.

Don't forget to live the sunny side of life ;)


Im looking forward to meet a lot of likeminded travellers all over the world here on steemit and discuss with them whatever there is to discuss!

Check out a few posts that i have done so far:

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Best diving in Egypt - SS Thistlegorm

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Cool, @minatubo welcome to Steemit!
By the way, I have also been to Koh Tao, which is where I actually got my PADI scuba diving license. I fell in love with Thailand too and I am just about to move there for good! ^_^

Nice gif you got there ;) I got my PADI in kho tao also.. Let me know when you go there, maybe we can meet up! Im in thailand like 1 a year cause my father lives there.

Sure, why not! Cheers from Shanghai!🍺

I fell in love with the Philippines and moved there - got PADI certified in Manila as well. Thailand has some nice diving spots

Hi, I'm @edosweet. I stopped by to give you a warm welcome to the Steemit platform. I wish you good luck and many good things as you join us.

Welcome to Steemit, minatubo!


It sounds like you had in interesting life AND and even better life ahead. It would be interesting if you would share your guesthouse / resort building story on Steemit. We try to make it to the opening party!!!!

Thanks, indeed it was, is and even will be a lot more interesting now that i feel i am actually living it :)
For sure i will be posting this, i will make a huge steem meetup warmup party, ya all welcome ;)

For me, it was pretty much the other way around.
I got into steem first, then got into crypto.
Its great to know your journey so far.
From DJing to Diving to Traveling, your life has been anything , but not monotonous.
Hope, you achieve your dreams to open the resort in in the Philippines's.
Excited to follow your Journey :)

That is cool

Thank you for your kind words!! It's great to find likeminded people on steem! Let's keep in touch ;)

Same here, crypto then steem. Let me know once you have your own resort here ^_^

I will for sure! I will host a steemevent once i got my own roof over my head in the phils ^^ Hopefully by then everybody is using steem ;)

I'm pretty sure steem will be a household name here very soon. Best of luck with your plans! ^_^

I agree with you

awesome post and amazing feed. Im a professional Drone/Aerial Photographer from Sydney Australia who has just joined steemit. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my work and give me any feedback. Thanks for your time :) one again beautiful feed!

Welcome to Steem @minatubo.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

This was a very interesting post about your life and journey so far. In your past you managed to gain a lot of experience and learn from it. There are still many people living that lifestyle and they too will probably wake up and realise there is more to life than partying 24/7. Don't get us wrong, we love to party from time to time, but we grew out of the clubbing life quite fast.
It is amazing to see how you're changing as a person and where you eventually what to end up. The future looks bright (maybe not now in the markets), but just keep doing what you're doing and you'll get there. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Keep chasing that dream! The resort in the Phillipines with daily of dives! :D

Thank you so much for your motivating words :) For sure i will keep chasing my dreams :D I think the future is what one makes out of it so it is just sad to waste it in a party!

I hope one day i will be able to make a great blog like yours about madagaskar :) Until then i will keep looking whats up with you two travellers and you never know, maybe i can be happy to invite you one day in my dream resort in the philippines! haha

You're welcome @minatubo and any time ;)

At least you made something out of your party lifestyle, so it's not all gone to waste. Two different clubs to manage and run is not an easy feat.

You will only get better with practise and guidance on this platform. Have a feel for what suits you. Your style of writing and what you want to talk or share about. We are more than happy if you want to take pointers from us.

We will take that invite as we love being by the beach and Becca loves diving! :) We'll keep it in mind.

"Be surrounded by so many people but still feel lonely…."<-- That really is the worst feeling ever! I love your journey... So fascinating! All except the mushrooms... I'm allergic to them! Haha. Have you been driving with sharks in there Philippines?

One of your big dreams is the same as mine! Actually my friend is building a resort in the Philippines right now and I think I'm going to stay there next year.

But I can't decide is I'd want a place there or on central America.

I help run a non profit in the Philippines with a couple of people so it would make sense there.

Thank you, i am very happy that our paths at least in the digital world have already crossed. Let's see, maybe one day even for real ;) Yes, i have been diving with tresher sharks in malapascua, I posted a blog about it here on steem, feel free to check it out. There is also a video i made of them, i will never forget that :)

Let me know about your non profit in the philippines!!! I am interested, maybe i can help too :)

Nice to get to know you more @minatubo - is your name also from the volcano Mt. Pinatubo? Sounds like it :)

Thanks for sharing about your life and congratulations on that decision. It's also good that you were able to enjoy that phase of your life and you have taken a big step to change it. I wish you the best in your goals. I hope to see your dream resort here in the Philippines! :)

Brother it’s s pleasure to meet you live...truth be told I always thought you were a girl. Don’t ask why. I though. Nice to meet you buddy. Glad to be part of steemitprivate. Will be back March 09. Caint wait. You have been amazing. And this is my first group. Love it and keep going foward @johnskotts

That is good of you

Nice job keep it up my friend


welcome to steemit :)

Thanks for share your adventures,it was not a static life you live :)
I have no doubt you have a more free and calm life now,it is a nice way to live,knowing new places etc...Me as an Ares person myself is a nobrainer to like this type of things hehe.

I wish good luck on your future ,that you can accomplish your dreams,i'm 100% sure you will keep your evolution and live so many new things. cheers bro.

I love the way you live your life.

Thank you! Much appreciated! :)

hey dj im into edm & clubbing too

hi am from philippines and i feel proud that there are people from other country loves the beauty of my country. maybe next time sir you should try the beaches in samar, though not popular like the other place here but i assure you such a beautiful places.

Thank you for your hint! I will for sure try to check it out when im back in the philippines probably arround june :) Nice to meet you :)

i am from samar and i can proudly say our beaches here are truly beautiful, we have white beaches, pink beach, rock formations, islands, and a lot more.

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Like I mentioned in the group chat this post is inspiring thank you @minatubo

Its good to know you more @minatubo... Hope you can have your own resort in the Philippines soon. Wish you all the best!!!!

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🙏🌼🍃 wow a manta ray
Wow a sea turtle

Awesome :)
Nice to meet yah.

@minatubo this is lovely, hope you will host me someday

This is super cool. The idea of another Introduction is quite innovative.

#Very good picture dear brother

Good to be in the group!

Love your photos.
Welcome to steemit minatubo

Thanks a lot buddy!

You are very welcome.

Really interesting story and great journey in life you've had so far @minatubo. I hope your dream come true about owning a house/resort in the Philippines. Have a nice life

It will be great when you can move to the Philippines. I love your underwater photos!

Yeah, im sure its gonna happen in near future! The underwaterphotos are taken in malapascua and bohol :)

Dream big, work hard & travel harder 💪🏻
I envy your underwater diving with sharks! Haha

Looking forward to read more of your travels kabayan @minatubo ❤️

welcome @minatubo to steemit comunitty, a lot of success

Thank you! To you too buddy!

Traveling is definitely better than going to a disco :)


welcome to us
let enjoy together this wonderful flat form

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Love your photos mate! Hoping I could join your steemit community :)

Hey welcome again, from Venezuela.

Nice to get to know you through the introductory post too :) I see that we clearly share the same passion for travelling and beautiful photography! Followed and upvoted

welcome to the family

.your post was worth to read.. I think you have an interesting life..

Welcome to Steemit! I'm glad to see you getting involved here and joining in. I hope your experience here is pleasant!

Wow. Mindblowing. Im a pure Filipino. And i am amazed that you grew oyster mushroom. Im a mushroom grower too, oyster and straw mushroom. And planning to grow Shitake and Auricularia as well. Hope we could exchange ideas about it.

I'm sure if you listen "On the sunny side of the street" by Peggy Lee, that song will like you 😄

Is so cool to know about your life and how you change it. You have a powerful energy. You inspire me! 💙

Perhaps I'm not be family of your "Bustamante" italian friend, I can be your "Bustamante" venezuelan friend 😀

We gotta meet up sometime and go diving somewhere!

Best place would be in the philippines :) I will be there in june for 1 month :D lets keep in touch! Would love to have a dive with you!!

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