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Travel Blog: Brasil - Fernando de Noronha

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I would like to share with you my trip to brasil i made in 2010. I visited one of the UNESCO world heritage in the north of the country. It felt like entering paradise. This island is kind of a honeymoon destination for brasilian. There is only 1 flight a day going to and off the island and arround a total of 400 people allowed to visit daily. It is a pretty expensive place according to the rest of brasil but if you have a chance to go there you must take it.

This is how it looks shortly before the landing. There is pretty much just one big landing plattform strechted thru the island so the plane can land:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-18 um 14.18.14.png


Top 3 beaches in the world

I have heared that there is a ranking of the best beaches in the world and actually 3 of the best worldwide are on this island. Once you have been there you will clearly see why and approve!

1. Praia do Sancho

This for sure is one of the nicest beaches i have ever been at. To get there you will need to go down a steep path. A beautyful walk in to paradise.


And then this: (no more words needed)


2. Baia dos Porcos

Just a few minutes walk thru the jungle form praia do sancho you will find baia dos porcos. Its crazy to see how nature forms, especially in places like this:


3. Paia do Leao

This is a breedingplace for turtles. The waves are pretty amazing there and as far as you can see there is nobody!


Only for those 3 beaches its worth the trip. Unfortunately i didnt have the chance to take a dive there but snorkeling itself was amazing. Crystal clear water!

Look out

After slurping up some coconut water freshly from a coconut we decided to hike to the look out place of the island just before sunset. I will never forget this moment in my life.


I would be very happy to share my experiences below. If you liked this little travel blog feel free to leave me a comment below or follow me for more. I am a world traveler and dive enthusiast.

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thx buddy! Check out my other diving posts, they are even nicer! Would be happy to share more experience about diving with you :)

Brazil here I come ❤️🇨🇦@johnskotts. Thank you honey. Your a pkasurr to read.

Thank you buddy! Lets keep in touch :)

Yes for sure!!!!

I will one day visit Brasil

Its beautiful there. I can highly recommend it!

Dude this place is so beautiful, why isnt this being upvoted to the roof??

I heard of the place before because of the beached indeed. The plane still looks quite big, as in normal jetliners are able to land there?

I am leaning towards a South America trip maybe this year, so its good to gather some info on all options

There will be more travelblogs like this coming :) there is only 1 plane a day that lands there, actually its petty small, for arround 100 persons. I can recommend doing a south america trip! Feel free to ask any questions, alltough so far i only made it to brasil ;) lets keep in touch!!

I was in a plane recently with 16 people..that was super scary dude! Haha

Yeah Peru might be optional there, the jungle..ever been?

Couldnt make it into amazonas, not enough time :D I have been in asian jungle ^^

Yeah me too! Beautiful there and the foooood <3
But its so super far away from here!

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