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Travel Blog: Morocco - Marrakech


I visited Morocco for the first time in the summer of 2017 together with my girlfriend. Our first stop in this amazing country was Marrakech. Since we were also interested in seeing other parts of the country, we decided to stay in Marrakech for 4 nights. For us it was just the right amount of time. Here a short summary of our time in this vibrating city:

The colours of morocco






Riads of Marrakech

What is a Riad ? It's a large traditional house built around a central courtyard. You will find them all over Marrakech and I can highly recommend staying in one of them to get the full experience of this city. After a hot sightseeing day it is just great to enjoy the silence of a riad and perhaps even take a hammam ;) They are often converted into a hotel so they have all the amenities that normal hotels offer. From the outside you would have no idea that there is a little paradise inside between those walls. Usually they also have a restaurant in the courtyard where you can enjoy very traditional moroccan food.


Me taking a break in the pool at the riad Al Jazira :)


Traditional lamb tajine for dinner accompanied by moroccan live music.


On top of Marrakech




First off: you will get lost! When you do find your way back out it will most likely be with a handfull of moroccan souvenirs and a pair of babouches on your feet. Don't forget to bargain though...never pay more than 50% of the initial price! ;) Check out the difference between the closed and open version of the souks:



Berber Market

Exploring a Berber market is one of the ultimate cultural experiences when you visit Morocco. To prevent the bad smell of the outdoor leather manufactory the Moroccans use the so called "berber gasmask", which is really just a few straws of peppermint leaves. It does actually work though and it's definitely something you should try. So take a deep breath and go! :)


Djemaa el Fna

There is no other place in Morocco like Djemaa el Fna. During the day it is just one big and open space but during the night it becomes the place where snake charmers bewitch their cobras, medicine men display their cures and merchants try to sell you their goods. There is nothing you can't find. It gets very crowded but you haven't seen Marrakech if you haven't seen Djemma el Fna by night! This is also the best place where you can enter the famous „souks“ (and will always get out again if you are lost, which will definitely happen more than once).


If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'm more than happy to give more insights. If you liked this little travel blog leave me a comment below or follow me for more.

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it looks like a fascinating city but the snakes always put me off ever since my friend told me they put them around you and refuse to remove them unless you pay them :-(

I guess i was lucky and could sneak away from the snake charmers ;)

It was a nice experience to see a complete different culture. I have never seen such fertile soil like in morocco....they can grow pretty much anything !!

hi friend. this is a beautiful and interesting photo.

which one lol? :D

Nice photographs friend
Nice arrangement to

Nice images well-done

Beautiful, hope u enjoyed your time in Marrakech.

Very nice place,it has a medieval feeling and is very colorfull.

I have no doubt you enjoyed your time there with such a different culture.

It looks like you had a blast visiting Morocco and also encouraged me to go there someday. I like how the buildings look: very symmetrical and ancient.
What are they selling in the second picture, flowers, fruits?

Hey ralk, yes its fruits, grapes, oranges and tons of others :) the colours of morocco are amazing! :) Talk to you soon!

Not bad. Kind of professional pictures. A joy to watch them. Something of the Berber Market i have seen before. Must be much better to see it in real.

Thank you buddy! I took all of them and amazingly only with my iphone 7+...crazy how good a camera in a device that small can be!! The berber market is very impressive but it stinks reeeeeally bad so you dont rly feel like staying very long :D

Feel free to join our steem community on telegram if you like!

Cheers irgendwo (im nirgendwo ;)

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Beautiful photos <3 Morocco is amazing country! Follow and upvote for you ;)

Thank you very much! Indeed it is an amazing country. I actually shot all those fotos with my iphone 7 plz so kind of amazing also that they look so nice :D

Thank you for the follow! I like your places you have mentioned also :D gonne look forward for more :)

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in today's #TravelDigest!

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