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Best diving spots in the Philippines: Malapascua

I would like to show you one of the nicest places I have been in my life so far. Not only for diving, but this was my main reason to visit this place:

"Malapascua Island"

Malapascua became famous quite recently, in the early 1990s as a dive destination. Prior to this, the island was known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has also become known for its beautiful coral gardens, coral walls and excellent local dive spots, as well as further-out sites including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal.


It's a 30 min boat ride and usually you should catch the early morning one since then the possibility to see tresher sharks is bigger. This divespot is the reason why you go to Malapascua and a MUST! It's one of the only divespots in the world where you can see tresher sharks for sure.

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Check out who I found while I was doing my safety stop after chilling with the tresher sharks:



This divespot is for sure worth the trip! A 20 min boatride from Malapascua Island brings you to this gem where you can cavedive and watch some sweet sharks! You can also witness what dynamite fishing does to the enviroment. It's sad to see but you will never forget it again.



If you have enough time I can highly recommend visiting "Calangaman Island" in a day trip. The divespot is pretty great, but just the Island itself is pure paradise! They offer daytrips with BBQ included.


Have you ever wondered what pretty much every diving boat in the Philippines looks like? There you go:


If you are planning to dive in the Philippines I would be glad to help you out in case you have any questions. Feel free to leave me a comment below or contact me. And don't forget:

"Its more fun in the Philippines"


All content (video & images) are made by myself. Im a amateur so plz dont be mad about the quality ;)


Hehe, I always have to smile when I read something about Malapascua. I ended up there after a tip of a Dutch guy when backpacking trough the Philippines in 2015. I had vage plans to try 'diving' because I like snorkeling but I've never heard of Padi, SSI or certificates.

I walked in a dive shop and started my open water and I loved it. I did my training dives at the sites you mention and I decided to do my advanced and nitrox too.
Couldn't have had a better place then Monad Shoal with the treshers to do my mandatory nitrox dives!!! :-)

Also like the relaxed atmosphere on the Island. Unfortunately I heard from some resent visitors that the island changed. A lot of dive shops and hotels poped up and the beaches are dirty with garbage. Too bad this paradise on earth is getting damaged by mass tourism.

Its nice to see that if someone has been there he knows exactly what im talking about. I was there in 2016 and yes you are right buddy, there is one diveshop next to another now and toursim is taking over even after the big hurricane yolanda destroyed lots of it. Its sad but still it is really beatiful. It will change fast tough im pretty sure...i hope the tresher sharks will stay there since this is the main attraction for this place. Im sure you will never forget the dives with those sharks aswell ;) Just checked your steem and see you are a diver too. Would be awesome to exchange some experiences so i gave you a follow!

Have you been to other nice places in the philippines for diving? So far i have been in thailand, philippines and egypt. Any other places to recommend?

I'm on 102 dives now with my 100 back in December on Elphinstone reef - Egypt. After getting my Padi on the Philippines in 2015 I joined a dive club in my home town who organizes trips and I also did some dives when on holiday with my girlfriend too.

Have Philippines, Egypt, Cuba, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Maldives and Indonesia in my log and I hope to explore much more of the underwater world. Would recommend a liveaboard at Maldives if you like big life like sharks and Manta's.

Following you too now, keep on using the diving tag :-)

Yeah Maledives is still on my list! Egypt was pretty awesome too, i dived the thristlegorm shipwreck there and it was amazing. I got more than 300 dives now but at some point stopped counting :D

I will do some more diveposts, stay tuned! For sure i will be happy to read yours!

cheers mate

Beautiful thresher shark! 🦈🐚💙

Thx! The moment you share with this shark is sureal! :) I followed you since you are a diver aswell. Ill be posting more divespots in a few days! Have a great day!

Nice pictures I would love to visit the Philippines sometime and go diving idk about the sharks seem like they would eat humans

Dont worry buddy, once you dive with them u will notice that its safe and you will want to see more!! Feel free to follow me for more posts!:)

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Verry interesting content buddy!

Thx buddy! I will be posting more divespots on a regular basis! feel free to follow me :)

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