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Best diving spots in Egypt: SS Thistlegorm


Have you ever dived a shipwreck?

If yes you know how adventerous it is. And if you have dived the "SS Thistlegorm" you will know that it is the most amazing shipwreck in the world and probably your most amazing ship wreck dive you ever had!!

SS Thistlegorm

The SS Thistlegorm was a British armed Merchant Navy ship built in 1940 by Joseph Thompson & Son in Sunderland, England. She was sunk on 6 October 1941 near Ras Muhammad in the Red Sea and is now a well known diving site.



In Egypt the boats bringing you out to this dive site are always really luxurious. Usually you set sail early in the morning and then you stop int he middle of nowhere not knowing what awaits you beneth. I can clearly recommend to make a Nitroxdive on this site and be sure to have a good guide that also lets you into the shipwreck :)


1173756_10151570638250172_1100530163_n (1).jpg


As you can see its a sureal feeling you get. Light and darkness play with each other. If you look close you will see lots of remaining parts of trucks, motorcycles and and and...

Check out what i found on the way into the wreck: This indeed still are real bullets!!


My Favorite shot i made during this dive is this one:


This is actually a part of the ceiling of the wreck. As lots of divers have entered this place there is lots of air locked in that ceiling and in combination with the sunlight it reflects perfectly what you see on the bottom of the wreck. What an amazing shot!

If you liked my post and want to see other amazing divespots all over the world feel free to leave me a comment or give me a follow. Also dont forget to visit my other posts:

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I would enjoy having a chat with you if you have any questions regarding location and diving all over the world.

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One for my bucket lists. I only done WW2 wrecks at Coron on the Philippines but they made an impression I will never forget.

im sure buddy! I havent dived in coron so far but lots of sites in the philippines, you saw my other posts ;) Feel free to ask anything if you have questions! Keep in touch!

Nice pictures. The thistlegorm is one of my favorites sites as well. Did you also have a nightdive?
Last time , we had a lot of current overthere, but it was still ok.

Hey, thx for the reply! I didnt have a nightdive at the wreck itself, would have been great...altough in some parts of the wreck its night all the time so it felt like a nightdive ;)

Yeah going down the current was rly strong! I know exactly what you mean.

Feel free to see my other posts, i have a great one about tresher sharks in the philippines. I will follow you since i want to build up a diving community! Lets keep in touch buddy!


Good pics! I like the bullet. I haven't had a chance to dive Thislegorm yet. Soon I Hope!

Its a must if you are close by! I recommend diving with nitrox there ;)

Hello @minatube i follow you and upvote, nice post. Congratulation

Upvote. Good pics!!

This is so cool. Diving looks fun, but unfortunately I don't know how to swim.

Thx! you should learn, its worth it :) Even just swimming! Lets stay in touch

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Thx!! Feel free to check my others if you like divingblogs ;)


last picture was amazing , are those tires???

Yes buddy! They transportet trucks and motorcycles and that was the remaining parts you could still see ;)

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thx! thats great!

These pictures look so lovely. Diving sounds like fun! Upvoted :)

What a good experience .. I would like to be there!

I bet is a good experience! you should come to Bocas del Toro Panama, is a good destination for beautiful diving as well.

Wow, sehr gut geschrieben - da möchte ich auch gleich mal hingehen und abtauchen :-). Wie tief ist das Wrack? Liebe Grüsse

Ist ca 40m unter Wasser. Kann ich nur empfehlen :) Ich bin da mit nitrox runter. War bisher das krasseste Wrack das ich je betaucht habe. Bin sonst eher so auf der Jagd nach haien :D Habe ein Post über "Malapascua" mit den Fuchshaien....werde ich nie mehr vergessen diese schönen Momente :)

Ja, bei dieser Tiefe ist Nitrox definitiv sinnvoll. Hast du dann zusätzlich noch die Deep specialty gemacht oder was hast du für eine Zertifizierung?

Ich bin advanced. Also hab einfach skilldives gemacht (wreck, navigation, deep dive, nitrox usw). Ich bin eher der fundiver und hab dann irgendwann nach 300 dives auch aufgehört zu loggen^^

Evtl wenn ich eine längere Auszeit nehme und wiedermal Asien bereise werde ich ein freedivekurs belegen um meine Atmung besser zu kontrollieren. Dive Master interessiert mich nicht so da ich kein Interesse habe zu unterrichten und vor allem kein bock habe auf

"PADI -- Put Another Dollar In


Diving the Red Sea is very high on my diving bucket list! Epic photos!

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