Me, in box form

I always struggle to introduce myself in a box. Not that I'm some magical un-boxable creature but just because there are so many ways to frame it. I guess here is one of those ways. 

Professionally, I'm a cognitive psychologist studying educational practices in science. I work with faculty and students to understand what motivates them to learn, improve, and persist in the sciences. I want us all to be curious, well-informed, continuous learners in this world that is constantly explorable. 

(Un)professionally--and more importantly--I'm a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and sister. I spend a lot of time, but not nearly enough time, playing. I play with my daughter and I play music (drums & piano) by myself and with friends. And I like to make things. For example, I like to sew, as long as what I sew is square shaped because that's about all I can do so far. For all that playing and the silliness that I love having in my life, I'm still anxious about mostly insignificant problems in my life and find myself overwhelmed with the problems of the world that I can't fix (because...what if I can help?). 

Now that I've overexposed myself to you, let's go further. I am a Christian and let me clarify because there are some people who use this word incorrectly. The heart of Christianity is love. I support true and good things that bring love. That means I support your loving choices to be who you want to be. I also say fuck sometimes because self-expression is crucial. I am slightly skeptical of Christians who don't swear actually. Oh, and I drink. Because, my goodness it's great. I mention my beliefs because it's an important part of the way I think. It's a lens through which I see the world. I see beauty and love and I believe in hope in the darkness. This hope is truly an anchor (did I mention I'm originally from Rhode Island?)

So why am I on steemit? On recommendation of people I trust (yes, it's a link to a triangle. The people who know know.) and because I want to try a new form of expression in a supportive, inventive, and collaborative space. Full steem ahead, I suppose. (You should also know that I like puns. So get ready for humor.)


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