Hi Steemit: i'm Kirill and i from Russia! :)

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Hello SteemIt!

My name is Kirill, I am 21 years old and I am from Russia.

I work as system administrator.

During my free time I get into running together with my colleagues.

It helps me to run away from angry people during my work time!

Also I do swimming.

Our irreplaceable 7-month team member ;)

On August 14 we will run half-marathon (21 km) and I hope to finish it in less than 120 minutes!)

Out team:

Also during my spare time me and my friend create a mini-game on Unity engine.

We want to create players in minion-style :)

I have a cat called Musya and I like her very much, its adorable :)

That’s ho it likes to sleep near me:

I like English very much, but I don’t know it well. I will be happy to get any new friends and to socialize with new people! :)

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hello kirill nice to meet you
its seem there is a lot of steemian from russia,
is steemit popular in there?

Welcome to the Steemit community and greetings to Russia!