Intro - Yo say HI to all you Steemers ;) <3

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My name is Michael and I work as a software tester in agricultural subsidy. I love to check the software and click my ass of all the components ;)

Hey yeah and I like nature, handicrafts and bicycling.

Here you see me - I just woke up :P


So check it out



Welcome to the Steemit Community! I hope that I can add value to you in teaching about self discovery life hacks. I am learning a lot and so will you, follow me @zimi

Welcome to Steem @eatmy I have sent you a tip

Hey @bottymcbotface - thank you and great to be here :)

Welcome aboard, Michael! Follow me at

Hi @bitgeek - thanks for welcoming me ;)

Welcome to Steemit @eatmy! Nice to meet you. Remember me when you are rich! PS. Follow @enazwahsdarb for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!

Hi @enazwahsdarb - I will let you know. Nice blog man!

Welcome to steemit! I am new here myself, and did a post to help other new steemians in the first week. Here it is if you want to check it out! Very simple stuff.
I am going to Follow you to keep up with your progress!
Good Luck fellow Steemian,

Hi @nezbong - actually your post inspired me to post my first post - geez

thats great! I will check it out!

Welcome to Steemit @eatmy :)

Welcome Bot Banner

Make sure to participate in this weeks giveaway to get known in the community!

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Welcome to Steem. Thanks for the post. Good luck :-)

hi @jet4498 - Good luck ;) With what?

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