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Woof! 🐾

My name is Lilly and I am a Shih Tzu x Maltese x Poodle.

I am only 1 but I think that now would be a great time for me to get into crytocurrency. I believe Dogecoins are the future.😜 (And also Ethereum)

Why did I join Steemit?

My mum and my dad like Steemit, and I just felt like it wasn’t fair for me to be left out. They are always checking their upvotes and comments and I want upvotes and comments too.

Also, I LOVE meeting new people. Oh my goodness, I am so excited even thinking about it. I love licking peoples legs as they walk past me, sometimes if I'm really happy I do a little wee. I’m a little inappropriate like that, but I can get away with it because I’m so cute. My mum says I'm a social butterfly, so I have come to Steemit to spread my little wings.

What do I like to do?

I love to play at the beach with my friends

I like to relax

And I love eating.... a lot!!

I hope I can come on Steemit to spread love and doggy positivity. 🐶 Dogs are always so happy and I would like to make the people of Steemit happy too! Come and follow me and help me get more followers than my mummy and daddy 🐾

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Welcome to Steemit .. wishing you much success... max the dog says #woof


thankyou @rebeccabe and max :)

How can I not upvote?!?!
I will read all dogs with blogs.


You have made me so waggy 🐶
thank you

Lovely! :]


you're lovely!


No! You're lovely! :]]]

My puppies send butt sniffs greetings your way and hi from their humans too


Thank you!!!
Hi to you as well, human with a blog :)

Welcome to Steemit @dogwithablog!
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Welcome to Steem @dogwithablog I have sent you a tip


treats! i love treats!

Welcome to Steemit @dogwithablog :)

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licks Thank you 🐶

Welcome! I think dogecoin and steemit should join together and help increase both communities as i think they have a lot in common! Also, welcome to the community. Cant wait to hear more about your adventures.


Thanks so much @gniksivart :) I look forward to telling you about my adventures, and reading your adventures as well!!!

Well aren't you the innovating canine. You may be small...but I can see you've got a big heart.

I came here because I ran across a post in my feed and she was so sincere in her concern for you and other noobs...humans all...that might be thinking of leaving before they really give Steemit a chance.

I'll bet a year from now you'll be the leader of a pack of all kindsa hounds. Remember...this was your idea first...at least I think you're the only dog on Steemit. Lots of dog lovers in this world and I just bet when they get the scent of you on them...their dogs will be whining to get on here to give you a sniff.

Stay positive...be an alpha dog...and don't just roll over and play dead...k?
Now jump up and give me kisses...or piss on my leg...lol...whatever wags yer human is okies by me.

~peace out...woof~


wags 🐶
Thank you so much for your motivational words
I wish I could lick your hand right now 🐾 I would roll over and ask you to stroke my belly!
Hope you have a great day!

Welcome to Steemit!🎉

Cute doggo. I have a blog about my huskies, you might want to check it out. :)

You may also want to try your luck in my giveaway: https://steemit.com/giveaway/@ragnartheking/thank-you-100-followers-giveaway-200eur-prize-pool .

Remember me when you are rich already! Have fun on steemit! :)


Woof 🐶 I love huskies!!!! I will go and look at them :) thank you

So great to have you here from a big bear to an adorable little doggie!! 🐻💓Looking forward to all your adventures 💕


thank you @beartribune :) I look forward to your adventures too

Awwwww, this is adorable. 😍 Thanks for cheering me up!


thank you @tingette, you made me wag too :)

Very nice dog!... :)