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Hi Steemians. We are Team BeeYOU. I am the face of BeeYOU for now. I will HAPPILY give up this position when one of my fellow members want the spotlight. Being the center of attention is daunting!

Who are we?

We’re all working professionals. We all come from different backgrounds. We are engineers, programmers, and analysts. We have varying interests in GOOD food, music, golf, writing and photography.

We love knowledge and strive our best to navigate though life as both professionals, parents, and individuals. We absolutely LOVE chasing unicorns. All are bowling enthusiasts (except for me!)

Why a collaborative account?

We all have family and commitments and realistically, not very much time to blog. It’s not a secret that newbies have to be on Steemit ALL the time to succeed. In my AOL days, trust me, that would be me on here! However, we all work full time. We have children to come home to and love. We won’t be able to dedicate our full time to Steemit but we can each dedicate some time when we have those few stolen moments away from chaos (j/k). We love our children, truly, we do.

Back on topic. So why did we decide to come together and blog on one account?

We will fail as individuals. With no time to really engage in the community, we’ll never make connections. We’ll sink straight down to the bottom of the ocean. No amount of “whaling” could save us.

As a group, however, we may have the chance to thread water.

Another reason?

I’m the only one of us with a personal Steemit account. Everyone else are skeptics.

Reactions to my telling them to open a Steemit account:

We don’t have time to blog.

Cryptocurrency is all a fad.

My all time favorite:
Put up these type of photos. Your followers will come. Really?

NO! That’s not how Steemit works.

I recently joined and love the concept of Steemit. There are an abundance of talent and creativity (after skimming through the junk). There are people on here with open hearts, people that are truly sincere and genuine. People that want to help support the community, heck, support the world. People that want to make the world a beautiful place like the @teardrops initiative by @surpassinggoogle or #hendrix22lovesyou by @hendrix22 that truly want to help others.

So I said to my fellow skeptics, try it out. Let’s all share an account. We can build this account together and share in the rewards. And if one day, and one day you will, realize that Steemit is not a fad, then create your own account. We’ll all continue to support each other.

If the day happens when we decide to split up, bittersweet but probably inevitable, then we have ONE RULE. No double posting. This account will have unique content.

BeeYOU will remain a platform for us all to discover ourselves. I would like us to discover ways to give back to the community as we grow. Foster positivity. Promote goodwill.

Bee Kind. Bee Honest. Bee Humble. Bee Creative. Bee Real. BeeYOU!

Let’s have it recorded on the blockchain that people are innately good. People can come together and help each other grow.

Let’s weave the threads of our lives into blockchain history and make it known that this generation is a movement. We are the founders that will set examples for generations to come.

How do we want to be remembered?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a BEE-ATIFIC day!

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Spare Me, Baby, Women, Bee, Word Compilation
Whale - Pixabay.
Photoshop: Me learning


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I like you concept @earthnation-bot... I found out about you today. I am trying you out, but if you can deliver for us newbies, then i will help you to really grow big and powerful. I hope you deliver, the newbies need an edge to help them.

I just saw your reply and will check out @earthnation-bot, @davemccoy I would like to hear what you find out about it as well.

I will let you know for sure @toddcurry! I would love to see more of these services that actually help the newbies grow which means its got to be profitable to us and not take advantage like many of the bots on the exchange. I'm hoping that they perform with the integrity of @bumper so that I can freely recommend them. ps... if you try them out, please let me know your experiences too.

I agree @davemccoy. We newbies are faced with the challenge of not getting exposure. We can write a great article (or one we are proud of) and not have anyone look at it due to it being buried amongst “junk” posts. I consider the junk posts the ones that are auto-generated by bots or a plagiarized article.

We need the help of services like @earthnation-bot, @lila-wish-genie, @bumper, @originalworks, and
@resteemable (as I learned from you today) to help get us started. I’m appreciative of people who create these services to help minnows start out. (As it also turns out, I learned from @katerinaramm, we’re really a red fish. Not even a minnow!)

You have got it down @beeyou... You have identified all of the ones I believe are helpful to us. And I am adding @katerinaramm just because you have been taught so well. Its a credit to both you and her (I assume), and I'm with you on spreading ways we can improve our success rates and make the community an even better place to be.

As always, love to see that smile (because it always comes with a great message)! Thanks!!!

5x Upvote !! 😲😲😲

Welcome dear How beautiful you are !!

Thank you for the welcome @i-steem!

Welcome to steemit community, insight, experience and knowledge banayak once here we live just how to take and learn it and you also can share anything interesting to be published in this steemit, salam know from me @teukukhaidir. thank you

Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to the Steem World!
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.

I wish you all the best here on Steem!

I will also use the tag : @originalworks for this post, this will summon a robot that, if you wrote this original article, will give you an additional upvote. :)

Thank you for the welcome and the tag. Much appreciated!

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Hey @beeyou... are you ready to light up the philippines?

Read this


and then this


And lets get your group going as 1) founding members (you are personally invited by me) and 2) as users since you have lots of newbies, they can get the benefits of the eyeballs us "regular" steemers can provide.

I think you will completely get it, so I won't send a lengthy message, but basically the idea is that each person that becomes a founding member agrees (informally) to spend 1 day out of 7 to help newbies to get some traction by resteeming their posts, helping them to improve, and teaching them when they have questions. You are more advanced that the typical 34 Reputation, so I'm inviting you (and your group to join the initiative)...

we can help many and also make great connections... So I hope you say "yes" (fingers crossed) lol ;)

Hi @davemccoy. Newbieresteemday is a great initiative! That's wonderful how you and @mudcat36 are trying to help out newbies. I really like the idea!

It would be awesome if we could be one of the founders, but we are definitely under qualified! We're still working on the rep, followers, and "finding time" aspect of Steemit. I view the introduceyourself tag when I have the chance, but it might be challenging to meet the weekly goal of helping "10 individuals". My teammates are all newbies and still learning and exploring. I'm a newbie myself, just a tad bit more informed.

That being said, I (we--when they learn of this) would be happy to BEE a CHEERLEADER of the initiative! If I can find some time to write an article(s) about #newbieresteemday, I would be happy to contribute any SBD earned from the post payout to the Newbieresteemday voting group to use for post promotions. I will try my best to follow and help. Can we start there and BEE a Cheerleader for this initiative? :)

Love the fact that you are taking a different to STEEMIT. Would love to hear more about how you guys are doing from when you started a couple months ago.

Join us at the Steem Schools discord channel to learn about monetizing on STEEMIT. Anybody who wants to take FREE LIVE classes on how to monetize on Steemit can join us here.

I love what you are doing here @beeyou... there are so many wonderful things I could say about it. The bottom line though is I completely support you and I think you could have a model for many others. It is awesome that you are "leading", that is what it takes sometime to help others to "get it"... I'm proud of you as a person and I'm happy to connect with you here. You have a nice and pretty face, but your substance behind it is incredible. Very very good and I hope I can help you and your "fellow" beeyous :)

That’s so sweet of you to say @davemccoy. Such a kind and thoughtful comment. We have to find ways to support each other, regardless if it’s in our every day lives or on Steemit. We are all friends in our group and I don’t want anyone to miss out on this chance with Steemit now. If it’s this hard for minnows now, imagine when Steemit gains more traction and goes mainstream.

I would really like us to learn from our experience on here. Contribute what we can to enrich the lives of others as well as our own. Connect with others that share the same interests. Like you for instance. You help newbies out with your quality posts. What makes you more special is the time you spend replying to everyone’s comment. And that’s a lot of comments! 🙂 You are sincere and genuine, and it shows. It is these type of connections and genuine people on here that is what Steemit is about.

A special thank you for supporting us with your resteem. Truly appreciate it!

Every nice comment you made about me, I repeat back to you. I'm so thrilled to know you exist and very excited to learn and experience the future together.

ps...You are absolutely correct about being early and the tasks ahead to make this an even better experience. I am in the process of supporting a new initiative where we "old" steemers support the newbies with our resteems one day of the week. I will contact you and explain it in the next few days, because I think you will be great as one of the founding members that make the rules. (and don't worry, it will be designed to be easy on your time as we all have lots of things going on right now) ;)

Definitely let me know how your initiative works and what ways we can help @davemccoy. Would be honored to be included as one of the founders. If there is one thing I learned from my time here,it is the importance of being part of a community and supporting one another. One can’t be their own island on here.

Thanks for the welcome @bigmike420!

welcome to steemit community..Have fun and looking forward for your posts.

Thank you @jonnahmatias1016. We have ideas on what we would like to write about. Now just have to find some time to write!

yeah @beeyou take time to write a good content of articles.

Welcome on steemit dear . Hope u enjoy there and earn a lot . U did very good intro post i like your post keep in touch

Such a nice comment. Thank you @annie32! Thanks for reading our post and hope we keep in touch too.

Welcome to Steemit! Feel free to express yourself here. :)

Thanks @ronfm23! I’m hoping my teammates will do just that once they’ve explored Steemit a bit.

Thought I would say hi! 🖖

Here’s a group 🖐. Why are there so many different emojis for a high-five?! LOL. Hope I picked the right one. Thanks for stopping by to say hi @toddcurry!

I'll Bee watching. I'm a newbie myself, but I like the team concept and want to see how you do with it.

There are some people right here in your comment list that can help you succeed. I wish you the very best.

Oh, yeah. Welcome!

I will Bee sure to keep an eye on you too @bigtom13! 🙂 Be sure to give our team a learning curve to explore and learn first. I’ve already met some great people on here. Hoping to meet more, and for my teammates to make the same connections.

Thanks for the welcome and best wishes!

Hi @beeyou

Welcome to the @Steemit.

I have suggestion for you to help out newbies around you


Thank you for the welcome!

and learn how to use @resteemable beeyou, they will help you to help not only yourself but others. ;)

Its free but very powerful, especially for us newbies that need some more eyes.

Appreciate the advice @davemccoy! And I’m assuming your help in getting us on there? Thank you!

its a great tool to help not only your own quality posts get seen, but its also something that you can help other great posts because many people don't know about it. "Teach a man to fish" vs. "give a man a fish"... @resteemable is a simple way to open someones eyes make their day, and make a friend more powerful. :)

Unicorns and co-creation! Love it.

Wish Granted! Love, Lila Wish Genie
0.1 SBD transformed into a $0.33 upvote!

Thanks for actually taking the time to read my post!

glad to see you exist @lila-wish-genie... thanks to @beeyou I now have a new tool to help myself and more importantly others! Glad to see you have launched :)

Welcome to steemit team of beeyou!
Feel free to ask for any queries you may have, even thought it is clear that you have done your homework :)
Steem on, see you around :)

Very cool of you to stop by with a welcome @katerinaramm. Now I know you read your post comments! 🙂 I’m still learning and your article was great. @earthnation also has a great article outlining CRITICAL steps for minnow survivorship (red fish for me). Trying out some of the advices.

Of course I read my replies, I just did not reply to you on my other post (yet) :)
I have also written some posts for newbies* that might help, and of course any questions are always welcome!
Have a nice day!

*still a newbie myself, writing helps me learning

Thanks @katerinaramm! I will be sure to read your other articles. Appreciate your offer of help!

Congratulations @beeyou, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

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You are really going to like it here. This is a unique place where there is no competition. Instead, we all work to build success by helping each other out. The best way to grow is to build Steem Power and vote to reward other authors.

This is a great place to network with other people from all over the world. If you continually post great content you will grow a following in no time and start making some nice author rewards.

Best Of Luck!
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Thanks. Appreciate you stopping by to welcome us onboard.

You're welcome!

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Welcome welcome! excited to see what you'll do!

Thanks! Will be interesting to see more of your Q&A theme as well.

Hello, welcome to Steemit! I hope you like it as much as I do.

Thanks so much!

Thanks @liberty-minded. I see one of us started exploring your contests! Good luck to us then. 🙂 Thanks for putting together the contests!

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