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Hey Steemians! Hey Dtubers!

I realized that if you are a newcomer to the Steem universe, there are many many questions that might be difficult to find the answers to.

That is why I have decided to periodically do an orientation video - to explain how Steem works, the different ways to be a productive Steemian, and general etiquette - basically all the things it took me months to learn when I first got here.

I will be doing this sort of video regularly with updates and trying to explain as best as I can in one video all the frequently asked questions and not so frequently asked questions. If you know of some newbies, or people that haven't figured it all out yet, send them on over - it's a win-win!
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For any questions you might have, please contact me on the Dtube Discord server. https://discord.gg/dtube

Original music by maneki-neko.

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I recommend watching this video if you are new on steemit. I'm on steemit I think for 1 or 2 weeks and just now fully understand how the community is working and how you are supposed to help build it. And believe me, being a part of the revolutionary change is a good feeling, that is if you believe in steem and the possibilities. Thank you @Maneki-neko for posting this video ;) I hope many will see it and build this community the right way :)

Great comment, thank you!

This video has been of great help to me and I just joined steemit a few minutes ago. Keep doing what you're doing.

This was a great video. Thanks so much for popping by my intro post and sharing it. You have a calm voice and it was easy to listen to your video, explaining some of the many things new steemians (is that the term?) need to learn. All the best to you!

This was unbelievably helpful. Sharing with my friend who also just joined steem!

This is a good video for all people who are really starting on steemit or DTube from zero. I really hope that the biggest part of the community is playing fair and respecting the rules. At last respecting each other is one of the most important things when living and working with other people. Thank you that you took the time for us newbies :)

Haha Well - hope is good! Thanks for watching!

thank you for bringing me here @maneki-neko. this video really gave me insights on what to do onwards in this community. looking forward for more updates from you.

Here to help!
Message me if you need anything!

i will in the future. thanks again :)


こんにちは、私はあなたにも続いています。 2月10日の東京での会合でお会いしたいと思います。


Hey man, just wanted to thank you on two fronts.....First of all, this video is a must watch for anyone new to dtube and steemit. This is a big big opportunity and so much potential for everyone. However, there will be a lot of people like me coming on...That have trouble turning on our computers at days lol So break downs and making Steem simple like this is VERY much appreciated.

Second, I also wanna thank you for the comments you made on my first video on dTube. I appreciated that gave me a huge boost on confidence on the platform. I'll be sure to pay it forward for new members I meet too.

Awesome stuff man, thanks again!

Thanks for the kind words! BTW - HODLing IS sexy! :)

ha ha ha ha ha Yeah man, learning that! And it's easier to do too.

Great advice but once you get to know a bit about someone it's different. I think it's ok to alert a musician to someone hosting an open mike for example. My max voting payout is 0.02 and it goes down to 0.01 by the time I hit 60% voting power. Yes the Whales are attractive for their vote payout, but that also means that as a Whale you quickly get surrounded by a certain type of people.

Absolutely correct.
Yeah this video is for Day/Week One Steemians. I think many things become apparent after a certain time frame. Really, its difficult to even compose a video like this and I will have different versions of this vid in the future, because there are SO many little aspects to Steem. However I figure with all the people now joining up, this would be a good way to increase the value of content and comments on the platform.
Thanks for watching and commenting as always, @onnovocks !

I've been watching account count for a bit, and it moved by +/-25,000 new accounts in about 2 days, making your video very relevant. I hope it gets that many views! Greetings!

That was a very informative video, thanks for that, it's really helped me out understand the things here a lot better. You really did a good job getting all the important information across in an understandable way for someone like me who's still very new and confused. From what I can tell the steem brick wall (as you called it) has even more to offer than I initially thought. One point of criticism though, I think the video could probably have been a little more condensed. Anyways I'll definitely recommend the video to other people new to steem!

Haha thanks, yeah there is so much to talk about, I will try to make future versions shorter!

Hello @maneki-neko this is absolutely helpful tips from you. This is a good start for me. So i'm thankful for this. :)

The link doens't work

Maybe try try again?

Great video! There’s always so much to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Following you & looking forward to more ;)

Thank You for watching! See you soon!

Follow for follow

You - you didn't watch the video - did you?

As newbie, with clueless experience in Steemit, your video is such a relieve for me. Thank you so much. It's very helpful. :)

Thank you. This is very helpful.

Heey @originalworks, This is a great post ;)

Thanks dude... This helped me a lot. You just popped on my introductory post from nowhere. LOL more power man!

Hey! Do these people know you are giving away all the top secret stuff? :)

I'm closing in on a week here and this is MUCH the best orientation I have seen. It's like raising the blind in the morning and you can see the sun!

Thank you. I'll pass this on as much as I can, but it should be primary stuff for any noobie.

You got a film of my doggie raising the blind. Great stuff..

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