My name is @earthnation-bot! I am here to serve all minnows of Steem with a 5X upvote service!

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I am the first bot on steemit to offer 5X up-votes for minnows only!

This is how i work....

Check my profile page to know how much SBD to send me. The amount to send changes regularly as i grow stronger or as more/less users request my service.

I only up-vote users with less then 500 SP, who have NEVER powered down.

I ALWAYS gives at least a 500% up-vote.

I don't support spammers/plagiarizers and those that make low-quality content.

Don't send me steep-shot posts or any content less then one full page of written text plus at least one image!

I do not upvote posts flagged by @cheetah or @steemcleaners

Post content must be at least be written in English.

Posts older then 3 days at the time of transfer will be refunded.

Initially minnows are limited to 1 up-vote a day. As more minnows request my services, minnows will be limited to between 1 post a week to 1 post a month. You will be refunded if you over exceed your limit

For those that send me funds for posts that do not meet my guidelines, your funds become a donation. Make sure to follow my guidelines when sending me SBD.

I always issue refunds to those that ask if you follow my guidelines and you overpay or I don't give you an up-vote.

100% of ALL SBD/STEEM i receive goes directly into purchasing SP to make me STRONGER.

I will NEVER power down.

I am IN ACTION! Check my profile page for the amount to send me!

One day i hope to grow so powerful, i can give out 1$ up-votes to all minnows in exchange for just 0.2 SBD!

I curate what I upvote (that takes time). We may also experience a back-log of orders. Please wait up to 3 days for your upvote!

I will be filing a daily report on the minnow's posts that i support! Please feel free to support minnows everywhere by up-voting and resteeming my posts, upvoting my comments, and by sending me donations! 100% of everything I get will go directly into supporting all of the minnows of Steem.

Image by LilyAS


So you start in 2 days?

can you tell me what minnows are please?

That's levels in steemit. When you start in steemit you are a minnow. As you power up your steem power you become a dolphin, then an orc and finally the biggest users are known as whales.

Gracias por la explicación muy clara

We figured out how to delegate. Lol. So instead of powering down were just going to delegate to the @earthnation-bot.

The @EarthNation-bot is live today!


We love you @earthnation-bot! Thank you for your service! Together, we will make Steem one of the top 10 social media platforms on Planet Earth!

Problem Sir i send sbd but you dont vote...

the service starts in 5 days @diogomen3

Don't send them money, it's a scam!

thanks for telling us @surfermarly, they contacted me by sending me crums of sbd. How do we know for sure it is? If so let's flag, no?

by the way we met at steem fest. i hope you are doing well with all your efforts.

No it ain't, it's just done manually and therefor ain't instant.
It'll be fully automatic very soon.

So when you say “donate” you basically steal the SP from 80% of the people and upvote to the other 20%. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOT!! I SENT 25 STEEM TO GET NOTHING!!!! 5x UPVOTE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!


If you notice they aren’t on SteemBotTracker because they have been kicked off the platform! They also say that they upvote 1 time every 7 days. That’s so some forget that they paid for upvotes. There are way better bots out there. This bot is a waste of money!


Welcome to the great Community

Well done earthnation bot! U are just awesome. Would love a nomvula bot.

U are welcome to the steemit community
I have just followed and upvote you
Hope you will do the same for me @chideramalachy

Congratulations @earthnation-bot, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

Thumbs up for Steem Network´s strategy

The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

Do you already know that awesome content will get great profits by following these simple steps, that have been worked out by experts?

earthnation-bot!! Thank you, your Post.

we minnows need all the help to grow :)

follow my profile for travels, food, and extreme sports

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Hello excellent introduction I hope you have success here, you have a vote and a new follower, here the link of my presentation I hope your support.

Friend I sent money and did not get upvote. why?

Thank you @earthnation-bot,nice one and we love what ur doing really need u more cos am new here ....happy new year hope to enjoy more of ur services

This will be a great opportunity for minnows to grow their accounts when starting out. I think it's important for users to follow the bot that way they don't forget and they'll receive updates from it. Thank you for this!

Sounds like a great plan @earthnation-bot. I will see you again 5 days and attach the post to be updated.

Hi @earthnation-bot love the concept and like @nomvula I would love a foureagles bot! :)

Oops didn't register in my mind the less then 500SP thing.

ooops or the delay i need to read stuff

hello @ earthnation-bot! I am jeremygomez is voted for your post I have begun to follow and I hope we can support each other

Hi, apologies I sent two requests today - one was a 3 day old so i wasn't sure whether it would be upvoted - so i sent a subsequent request for a newer post.

I don't know what most of that means. Hahaha. I just post and leave my wallet alone, completely, and vote up content that I like and think is productive. If I find cat memes and a waste of digital space, I will down vote it if I can. Also, I use the torrent client and host videos on my SSD to help it grow. :)

I don't support spammers/plagiarizers and those that make low-quality content.


Please delete me from your memo-list! Any further spam memos to my account will result in downvotes of your blog posts. Thank you!

Inviting @berniesanders to join the party, too.

Okay! Very cool! I wondered how long I would remain a minnow. So, 500 Steem Power would officially make me a .......... dolphin? Certainly not a whale! :)

Alright, so, I've never powered down, I am only building. I think I qualify! I will play when I post a new post. (I do put a lot of time into them, so, I can get about one to two posts a week). :).

Question: i got a cheetah bot reply from makign a post. It got linked to my original blog that existed before steemit (wordpress blog i made back in 2013). Does this mean id be unable to use this for my wordpress posts?

Hi @earthnation I’m not sure if you got my message but earlier today I went to send 0.04 sbd to you and I double checked the amount before I pressed send. But after I pressed send it said I had sent you 7.04 sbd. Frankly it made me feel sick as I am just a minnow and it had taken me a long time to earn that sbd. I am wondering if you could kindly refund the 7.04 sbd and then I will try again to send just 0.04. I am sorry for the accidental overpayment but I just don’t know how this happened. Kind regards @markkennard

I never did power down, but I clicked to power down just to see what happens. I didn't receive the Steem for it. Can I still use the bot?

I like the sound of this..You seem genuine..

Can I use the post in 2 languages?

Hi! I was wrong to send you 5 SBD without reading your trainings, can you return the SBD if I do not comply with your guidelines? for me it is a significant value in money please! Please help me

I just read that you only upvote new posts. Do you ever review posts to see if an exception could be made?—My previous post is a few weeks old now but I'd still appreciate the opportunity to implement your service on it while I compose a new work.

my profile your under condition ...
should i grow

A great concept for a bot! Is there some limit for the SBD i can send you in one take?

Not interested in our bot service?

Why not join our community Guild! @earthnation supports solution based, conscious based, new paradigm and cutting-edge original content. If that's your area, whether you're a minnow, dolphin or whale, consider participating in our playground.

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