Introducing a Simple Tutorial for Earning a Significant Income on Steemit! The Steemit Minnows Guide to Becoming a Dolphin!

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This Guide covers Steem Community Etiquette, Tags, Post Payout Rates and Bots. At the end of this tutorial we link to several longer and more in-depth guides.

The Title of each section is a short-code link that leads to an up-to-date guide. Click on the Title to access the updated Tutorial. As time goes on, many aspects of Steem evolve. We recommend reading the most current guides for each section.

By following these simple steps, we guarantee you will earn a significant Steem income more than worth your time!

Play by the Community Rules.

A. Plagiarism is a serious thing here. Don't do it. If you want to reference a previously created work of art, quote it, source it, and also write commentary on your thoughts and perspectives on it.

B. Source well. Sourcing articles to backup your perspectives is a huge bonus. If you don't own the images your using, do the best you can to link to the source of the image. Just saying you found the image on google isn't enough.

C. Comment spam will not help you make friends. Don't ask for follows or upvotes. Say meaningful things relevant to the article you are commenting on and you will build followers and connections naturally.

D. Be kind. Flame wars don't help anyone, especially you.

E. Beware of the KILLER-Dolphins and Whales. They can drown you until you can't use steemit anymore (By reducing all of your posts to 0 and your reputation -1) if you make them angry.

F. Spell-check ALL OF YOUR POSTS. (We recommend Grammarly, a free extension to auto-spell check everything for you)

G. Give your posts significant length. Steemians LOVE 1-3+ page articles. Make sure your content is well written and lengthy ESPECIALLY if you use bot upvotes.

H. Abide by the Steem Cleaners Non-Abuse Guidelines.


A. Each tag in steemit is its own community. Imagine that each tag is its own venue, a specific location with a specific culture.

B. Before posting into a tag, research the posts/people/perspectives in that tag. Comment on some posts, make some friends. Make sure what your posting fits into the theme of the tag your using.

C. Research the tags that most align with what you want to write on. Look through all of the trending tags and make sure to post in both widely used and smaller tags. The bigger tags have more viewers.... but more competition. You will be amazed at the friends and followers you can make in smaller more niche focused tags.

D. Click the Title link above for an comprehensive and ever-growing list of Steemit tags.

Post Payout Rates

Here is a simplified version of the formula that determines your post payout rates.
[VAR:POST VALUE] Times 0.75 Divided by 2 = SBD PAID.
[VAR;POST VALUE] Times 0.057 = SP PAID.

The high USD exchange rate of Steem and Steem Dollars means that currently a 1$ post pays out about 4$ USD Equivilent in SP/SBD.

This formula was valid on 1/15/2018. Click on the Post Payout Title above for today's current simplified post payout formula.

Steemit Upvote Bots

Bots are perhaps the most controversial part of steemit. You will find the right bots to be extremely helpful in growing a following and gaining more Steem Power!

There is a "good" way to use bots. And there is a "bad" way too.

We recommend avoiding purchasing more than 44 SBD worth of upvotes on any given post to avoid attracting the wrath of an KILLER Whale that doesn't like your post competition. MAKE SURE your content is High-Quality and totally aligned with the Tags your using before exchanging more then 3 SBD for an upvote. (Or else you may get smashed down with flags).

Understand that when using Bid bots, you are almost ALWAYS losing money. Bid bots help you reach more viewers in your tag, but you are paying for this privilege. If you do choose to use bid bots (Which we DO NOT RECOMMEND) then use this free tool to see what bids have been placed. Keep in mind this tool is WRONG when it says a post is profitable. A "0 profit/0 loss post" according to this tool will cost you almost half of what you bid.

There are only a few bots on steemit that always give you a profit from using them. Using these bots is CRITICAL to success and will result in giving you 1-10 USD Profit (in SP and SBD) from each post from the bots alone.

Following are the bots that give a significantly higher % return then all other bots.

@qurator a 1 time subscription fee of 2 Steem for a lifetime of upvotes. The qurator is simply the best upvote service on Steemit. However, the qurator also has the highest standard of criteria for those they allow into the program.

@steembasicincome a 1 time subscription fee of 1 Steem for a lifetime of upvotes. Great for those in it for the longhaul.

@originalworks calls in a free 0.01$ upvote on all of your posts!

@earthnation-bot gives a 5X upvote for minnows only. Check their profile page for what amount to send. (500%)

@lila-wish-genie gives a 3.3X upvote for minnows and dolphins only. Check her profile page for what amount to send (330%)

@bumper Turns 0.5 SBD into a 1.5 Upvote. (300%)

@qustodian the @qurator exclusive bot that gives a 2.7X upvote. (270%)

Following are bots that almost always give a profit. They allow for bigger sends but have a much lower % profit then the above bots

@lays provides 245-270% upvotes with 1-10 SBD.

@steemlike usually provides 250% upvotes from 1-13 SBD.

@smartmarket offers 250% upvotes from 0.1-20 SBD.

@moonbot is a 1 SBD per month subscription service. If you post everyday this bot is more then worth it.

@blockgators is a 5 SBD per month subscription service. We have found it worth it to use this service if you post several times a day.

The bots on Steemit are always evolving. Click on the title of this section for a complete and up-todate list of every minnow-friendly bot on Steemit.

Guide Credit

This Guide was made by the #EarthNation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance. We are here on a mission to make a better world for all races, all creeds, and all classes of humankind. We are doing this through creating ethical/decentralized alternatives to every government and corporate product and service.

Our End-Goal is to create a world without a poverty class, where the working class works 10-20 hours a week while having most of the same privileges as the elite.

Learn more at

Check out our Steemit Academy and Minnow-Support Guild at

We offer a service to repost your steemit articles to any facebook timeline/group/page that you or your friends/followers have permissions to post to. This is a great service to convert FB followers to Steemit Followers! Check it out here

Connect with our people and share inspiring, solutionary, scientific, spiritual content in the #earthnation tag.

Click here for a compilation of more complete and advanced Steemit Guides



Great guide, thank you very much for it. One question I have if I may: you mentioned that the information from the bot tracker, that a bot is profitable is not correction. Can you tell me why and which mistake they do in their calculation? Thank you.

What a great question @rondras!

The Bot tracker assumes that paying 0.75 SBD for a 1$ post upvote is 0 profit.

a 1$ post value turns into around 0.375 SBD and 0.057 Steem.

Thats nowhere close to 1SBD in value. So. Even when the tool reads "profitable" you are still losing almost half of the SBD you put in.

I see, that makes sense. I guess one should not ask why they do this calculation like this. The problem is that they calculate everything in dollar, which makes it pretty difficult to calculate what they are doing. I have calculate it for smart Meter, they give you 2.5 times your SBD Investment, which then turns out to be only slightly profitable.

Many thanks for the mention! I love that you point out our program is best for those in for the long-haul. Our inactive % is better than Steem average, but not as high as we would like. And we're still new, so it will probably go down over time...

@steembasicincome I am very happy that @earthnation mentioned you in this post because I viewed and followed your profile and it really stood out, it seems worth the investment. I'm a newbie here still so I don't have the SBD to fork over but as soon as I am able, I will be sending my payment with a memo. :) Many thanks to @earthnation and just curious, did you get the name from Avatar? I love that show :)

Instead of calling them Agro-Dolphins and Whales, can we call them Killer-Dolpins and Whales? ;-D

post upgraded! Thank you for the great suggestion @theprism!

Lol... The whales 🐳 are out to get us, i know with consistency and commitment i will become one someday

i follow you follow me back

Welcome to Steem Community @earthnation! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

Eart are just amazing! Loving how you are always on top of things! Earth Nation you have my vote and resteemed!

Thank you for putting this excellent summary of quality information together. Do you mind if I use some of your content (sourced to you of course) in my promising new user welcome reply?

There's so much good information above that I might just add a link and mention your account. Maybe that would work better for you? Please let me know what you think.

Also, please change Grammerly to Grammarly and PAYED to PAID. :)

P.S. Based on your account profile blurb, you might be interested in the cooperative_agorism channel on I run the #libertyprofessionals channel there, and we also have a discord if you're interested for Liberty Professionals such as yourself. A friend runs the #libertarian channel on as well. I cannot use discord at work, but the official is allowed. Perhaps I'll see you on one of those chat services soon. Thanks again!!

Yes! Please! Feel free to quote this guide as much as you like! We want ALL minnows of Steem to Thrive! Thank you for honoring us by sourcing back to the original guide. Linking new minnows to our guide is ideal!

Post upgraded with your recommendations.

Thank you for connecting us to these new chatrooms! We will see you in there!

earthnation, minnow of Steem is a great way to describe how I feel. Thank you for the guide.

Earth Nation Steemit Guild is the most awesome creation I've seen in humaity's path to healing our beloved Mother Earth! GET ON BOARD!

Yes! Earth Nation is what's UP!

Brilliant post, bookmarked it for future reference. Such content is really helpful for newbies like me. Thank you

An honor to be of service @svkrulze!

Earthnation, thanks for the mention of the MoonBot service. We hope to increase capacity of the ship soon to take on my astronauts!

aww yeah! to the MOON @moonbot!

I am very grateful for this information @earthnation

This is the only way forward for minnows and rookies like us, i feel like i just hit a gold mine

Thanks for this picture! It is an honor to be of service to you @charles92

New to Steemit and getting my feet a little better set on terra firma and this is a great place to start. I guess from what I'm reading I'm considered a minnow so I look forward to swimming with the big fish and learning.

So there is obviously a problem with these "Killer-Whales" making the platform difficult/unattractive to newcomers. Is anything going to be done about it?

No... because those same whales are why steem is worth so much, which directly affects your post payout rate.

Would anyone be using steem if steem was worth only pennies? Probably, but not very many :p.

The whales keep each other in check to some extent. There are some really kind whales out there too.

The "killer whales" are not adding value, they are trying to keep the reward pool to themselves. They destroy accounts and account values on a whim! Maybe we define "killer whale" differently?

We much prefer benevolent whales over killer whales.....

Yet nonetheless.... we believe the high price of steem is due to all of the many whales on steemit, the killer ones included.

Beliefs are free I suppose, no facts required! I find this a better explanation of how steem gets and holds value:

Anyway, thanks for not going "angry whale" on me lol!

:p. We are one of the most peaceful Babywhales you can find on Steemit! All we flag is the derpest of spam and hate-comments.

Thank you for the link @fishyculture. A great article.

Hi @earthnation! You have received 0.1 SBD tip + 0.02 SBD @tipU from @f3nix :)

Check out new tipuvote! feature :)

A really helpful and interesting post, and great to learn a bit about the Earth Nation ethos. Decentralisation is pretty exciting huh! Thanks!

Heavens yes. An honor to be of service~!

WOW this article was tremendously helpful! I've been looking for more support with my articles and took your advice immediately regarding qurator!

I just read your eng-goal statement as well... that's truly fascinating to me. It really is a down-to-earth vision of a better world to live in. I really appreciate what y'all are doing here.

Thank you for sharing!

PS: I'd love to hear your thoughts about my recent post: How To Fuel Flirtation And Ignite Irresistible Interactions

This is one of the VERY BEST guides i've found. I have learned so much!

You just got rabid fan. Thank you SO much for sharing.

Support action of @earthnation. I also want to be a noble and community worth Steemian.

p.s. Here are some my attempts to For Steemit Better: Upvote Myself no More,
#1, #2, #3, #4

Really appreciate that! I will do my best to make this place really better and great.

We were thinking @tombort! The best way to encourage people not to self-upvote.... is to make a bot that only works for people that havn't self-upvoted for the last 30 days!

If you can help gather the support to fund such a bot.... we will let you use our botware free of charge!

Exactly that I'm already planing, to write a bot in python using steem-python library. If you have some experience in that field or some good resources of documentation I will be appreciated. It also about education I plan to write anticles writing this thing.

I also start a series of TA in my TFDSRE style. Check here for more stuff: #1, #2, #3 and some examples of my latest analyses with TFDSRE : #24, #25.

p.s. Funding is lousy by me. Have not collect much wealth. Some upvoting will help extremely. I promise to reinvest in @earthnation because your project is really great.

Our programmers can create the code for this project no problem. Keep on keeping on @Tombort!

Some contacts of those guys will be welcome!

Amazing guide! Simple but hits the point. As a struggling minnow, guide like this will give us a bit of boost. Thank you for the informative guide. I really appreciate this.

Thank you for your time and effort. This is the kind of post that will see our @earthnation steemit guild blossom into pure prosperity and for us minnows it's essential that we know things like this as we are new, learning, and may need support more than others at this fragile stage of using steemit. AHO!

Extremely helpful perspective, and I like your ethos! Thanks for the quality content.

Excellent contribution to all of us who are newbies at @steemit. I will try to apply all these advices because there's a lot to do in here. I'd like to ask you for permission to translate your post to Spanish in order to help other Spanish-speaking Steemians to succeed in here (obviouosly making copyright mentions). Thank you for this post =)

As long as you link back to the original article, you have full permission. Please comment on this post with a link to the translated article when you are done!

Perfect @earthnation, I will. Once I'm done with translation I'll share with you the link. Thank you for your permission.

Thank you so much for this informative article, it really helps a lot especially to all new members just like me and also a reminder to those who are tenured members on Steemit.

Nice post.I am new to steemit.Trying to understand my way around first

Awesome! Thanks for this guide!

I am glad to see these types of helpful posts popping up again. When Steem and SBD is flying this high, it will always stimulate the amount of new users...

Awesome resource! I have been experimenting with different bots and noticed the difference in what I think I am going to get and what I actually get from the bot tracker. I had a few good experiences, but most were disappointing. I really appreciate you listing the bots you like here. I love Steemit, so much to learn and so much about numbers, which I love as well. Thanks again!

@earthnation-bot and @lila-wish-genie did exactly as you said they would! Thank you

Thank you so much for posting this! I have been dabbling with Steem in my free time outside of my double major and haven't really found a well rounded post like this until now.

Great guide! Some resources that are new to me... Will be refining the way I do promotion.

Well done.

This is a very useful and comprehensive guide for a new steemit user like me. I just joined the steemit community and found your post. Glad i saw your post when it was needed the most.

I simply do not agree you have to use bots. I am doing pretty well without them. They cannot tell a good post from a crappy one, they should not be allowed to vote. Vote = curation, humans should be doing the curation. Other than that, very helpful!

You are correct. That part of the guide is a little "dramatified'.

Bots help a lot! But are not required.

Hey @fishyculture. We upgraded the article based on your feedback. We are now "recommending minnow friendly upvote bots".

I was about to post a very similar comment until I saw yours.

Good stuff. I read a number of pages talking about becoming a shark and appreciate this article. I upvoted, re-steemed, and followed you today.

I’ve been looking for this information in a nutshell since I got here! Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this. I can't wait till your new bot is up and working. I didn't know about these things. Especially @steembasicincome

@earthnation good work

This post is so helpful. Can't wait to apply them

I am very grateful for this information @earthnation

Here is part of our History.

Thank you for posting the helpful knowledge. I'm sure, like myself. The other new folks here appreciate it very much.

Thank you very much for this highly informative article, it's valuable for newbies like my self. To be honest I have hard times to understand how steemit works especially when it comes to the bots and how to use them... I will read your post again carefully and I hope I'll understand more. Thanks again!

This article is very helpful, voted to help writer continuing to post such articles.

I am glad reading this from @ag-surrection comments. Making friends is cool here.
Thanks for the helpful tips. Application in is progress

Thank you

really useful guide. Now I will be a minnow and try not to disturb the whale, shark or dolphin :D
Thank you very much!

This is great. I've been looking for a guide, specifically on bots as they are ubiquitous, but I didn't have a good understanding of how they could be used.
I definitely don't want to offend, but if there were grammar errors, would you want to know?
Thanks again!

Here are the ones I saw just reading through the article. I'm not great at the Markdown Styling, so I'll just do my best.

Under Community Guidlines Section B Source Well. Sentence 2 "If you don't own the images your using"... "your" should be "you're"

Under Tags Section B "Make sure what your posting fits into the theme of the tag your using."... "your" should be "you're" in both instances.

Under Bot Usage 3rd paragraph "High-Quality and totally aligned with the Tags your using before exchanging more then 3 SBD for an upvote."... 1) "your" should be "you're" 2) "then" should be "than"

Under Bot Usage just before the list of bots "Following are the bots that give a significantly higher % return then all other bots."..."then" should be "than"

"Following are bots that almost always give a profit. They allow for bigger sends but have a much lower % profit then the above bots"..."then" should be "than"

"@moonbot is a 1 SBD per month subscription service. If you post everyday this bot is more then worth it." ..."then" should be "than"

I hope that helps! Have a great day!

@earthnation thank you for the informational post. I am only entering the realm of bots and I am being extremely hesitant. I don't know much about them, but your post has shed some light for me.

Thank you, and keep Steeming!

"creating ethical alternatives"


Great info.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for this post. I'm new on steemit and that's help me.

My question is as a new steemian how to I apply these bots and is it possible to apply more than one bot

Go to your blog. Go to your wallet. Go to the number in the Steem dollar section. Click on it. Go to Transfer. Send @thebotsnamehere with the correct amount of SBD and the url of your post in the memo.

Make sure you don't send a comment url by accident. Make sure you send the exact right amount of SBD to the exact right username.

Thanks for your this great idea. Steemit is a new platform from which I can earn money. I got a lot of things from you i will try my best to work on in and earn more and more.

Thank you for this! So helpful.

That's a great post for all the new users. Very helpful, Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for the guide! One of the best guides on Steemit so far!

If you know of any guides that have supplementary information, please link us to them.

very helpful guide. thanks for sharing.

This is clear and excellent. Many thanks!

Dear @earthnation, I'm impressed both by your mission/values and by the content of your article which - between the many - I find focused and truly helpful. Being a lawyer and my wife a psychologist and educator specialized in inclusion, we are very sensitive on the topic of world inequality. Talking about inequality, I see the phenomenon of killer dolphins & whales doing what they do, unpunished and arbitrarily, as a flaw of this platform. Using vests into this project as a way to negate the existence of someone just because of your whale's whim is an abuse and deeply unfair. This is a social and economical violence. It gets even worse considering the concrete damage from an economical perspective. It should be regulated and I wouldn't exclude grounds for issuing a claim, theorically talking. What you do is priceless and I will follow you closely.. tip!

I found your post on the guide to become successful on steemit useful, thou my reputation is above 49. thanks for this...@earthnation

Thank you @earthnation for this educative post. Shedding so much light on the issue of tags and post payout rates has helped me understand this stuff better.....

Hi @earthnation.

I just finished the translation of your great article. Please click here to see the post and feel free to share or comment about it.

Thank you so much for allowing me to learn from your post.

Thank you for making this guide!

I'm leaving a comment so I can go through it later. I'm currently at a restaurant awaiting some food.


Thank you so much. As a newbie here it so hard to understand all those tools and workflows. Very helpful

@swissclive you might want to read this since I've always seen you sharing content which helps minnows. This is no way personal and if you feel that me tagging you in such posts is annoying, I will stop doing so.

That moment you spend 20 sbd on a votebot in the last minute because the ROI looks good, and then in the last second someone decides to poor in another 100 sbd.

Welcome I am also new hope you will upvote me and like my work

Great Article.. I have written some articles and planning to post in steemit.

Thank you. Despite the fact that I am an active user for 5 months, I found a lot of useful information in this article. Good luck to you and kind. Resteem

Спасибо. Несмотря, что я активный пользователь уже 5 месяц, я нашел в этой статье очень много полезной информации. Удачи Вам и добра.

it is a great post for all steemian

this is very helpful! i try that voting bot you mention thank you!

@earthnation I wish I know how I can have my post read and rewarded it's sad sometimes when they don't get rewarded even of it be said I love writing per se

How hard is it to get into @qurator? I'm definitely curious and have written some very good posts in the past. Perhaps I could make the cut. :)

If you write good stuff, not that hard! I think you'll make the cut! And if you don't, they refund you.

Thank you so much for this very informative post!

Is moonbot active?

Active, but not taking on new members at this moment.

Thank you!

Hi, @dynamicgreentk. We are active! just not accepting any new moonship riders. We are revamping some stuff ,but should be opening a new version of MoonBot shortly. We have a discord stop on in some time :)

Whoa, this is truly insightful, I kept asking how come? Cause ive been using some of this bots, but at the end of the day i dont see the returns, the maths just doesn't add up, I was of the idea that 75percent of the cash out is what turns to steem dollars and the remaining 25 percent is what turns to steem, now I know better, thanks for the explanation, so the 75percent is divided into two as well, if I may ask. Where does the half of it go to?

Good post you did! I resteemed it and followed you already.

Most useful all time guide. Not hyperbole. Have come back to this post about fifteen times. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get objective, no nonsense info about how and when to bid and which bots are intrinsicly positive ROI (or at least moreso). Thanks man. Everybody rolls around this site talking about how useful everybody’s content is but -this- was legitimately helpful.

Thanks for this guide. I am still trying to get a handle on bots and their usage. I do not know how I feel about their use, but if they are part and parcel of the overall package, I guess I should really get my head around them.

Thanks this is the info I have been looking for, bookmarked it to refer back to

Thanks a lot for the quality guide.

Clarification at its peak, never knew about bots, tnx @earthnation learnt a lot from you and the wonderful people here

This gave me a lot to think about what kind of content to create? What kind of message to project? What kind of world to live in? What kind of format one has to adopt to be successful and whether or not it's useful 2 adopt that format and so fall into the same mental alignment as those that succeed? I'll be further checking into the links and thinking more deeply on these subjects so thank you ☺️🌈

Exceptional article, very well explained on all fronts. thanks @earthnation

Very nice attracted

Very impressive attractive

Thank You, very informative. Resteemed

very informative, i will follow it closely

Thank You. I learned a lot of new information for themselves. I'm new here.

I am really amaze by this guide post, I dont have to say anything more just resteem for my followers to read this guide post. My mind has been open widely.

I do not mind how hold this post has been, but as long as I can say that this is more than an eye opener to me and a critical game changer in terms of the views I had before joining this platform.
once again, many thanks.

Thanks for the information what i am looking for.very helpful for steemians

Hmmm... Now I know more abt bots.

Welcome to Steem Community @earthnation! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here:

nice post
i follow you follow mee back
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