Introduction Report:03(06/09/18)

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Everyday many people join in steemit but some of them don't know how to work, how to get more reward and be a successful steemian. That's why, I have started a project that will help those peeps who just join in the blockchain and make their #introduceyourself post. I feature those post. I hope you people will support them and help them to be a successful steemian.

In My first two report i mention some steemian but when i think deeply i feel, made some mistake. If i mention them one or two people visit my post. But when i comment their post they see the comment. which helps them much. I randomly comment on their post. Because its heard to comment on all #introduceyourself post.

Thanks to @faiyasmahmud, he help me much.

Let's see some post on which i comment.

Vote as a witness

@adsactly-witness, @busy.witness @cryptopassion, @delegate.lafona, @good-karma @gtg @guiltyparties @jackmiller @qurator @rival @steemcommunity @steemgigs @steempress @therealwolf @utopian-io @yabapmatt, @steemchiller,
Visit Here
And scroll down you will find the box and type name and vote.

Vote For Witness
Set proxy
Don't forget to help me by providing important link for newbies. I will adder it soon.

Support me to support the newbies. Some of the post payout will use in the contest of newbies.


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Good thinking @tdas, we can grow together by help new steemians here.. Good luck for the new project


Yes,we can grow together.
thanks you for your contribution

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Really good stuff I will be back to vote I am trying to keep my power up. I will resteem for now.

Very nice initiative @tdas0 Bravo!