Interview With Aishlinn @trucklife-family ~ Part 2- The Poet

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Welcome Back to Part 2 of my interview with Aishlinn.

I came to know this kind and friendly woman by way of her poetry and all of her writing and then I had the privilege of growing closer to her when she joined TribeGlobal-Love.

Poetry is so dear to my heart and her poetic post has been medicine and a source of overflowing joy to my Spirit and Soul. This is what Aishlinn had to say about her journey of being a Poet:


How Did Poetry become such a big part of your story and journey?


I have been writing poetry since I was a teenager, it has always been my way of making sense of what is happening in my life, in the world.
When I was younger a lot of my poetry was very dark, because I was in a dark place.
I was trying to process what had happened in my life as a child. Poetry allowed that darkness to come out, it allowed me to turn my darkness into light and I am forever grateful for that.

I really believe that when we are living in our natural state, then we are more creative because we are more connected to our natural flow of creativity. We are creators, being alive is all about creating.

But when one lives in fear, when one lives a life of conformity then that creative flow is blocked and we lose that ability to create. But it is still within us.

This is what Aishlinn had to say about her writing in this post:

I do not speak lightly when I share my commitments to the earth. I am not just writing for the sake of writing, I am writing to get my intentions out there and to get the ball rolling.

I write so that I can join those who feel the same so that I can join my energy to those who are devoted to bringing about change. I believe in the power of words and I believe in the power of us people.

We are a force and when we come together, we are one hell of a force. There is no turning back from where we have come from, there is only forwards. And I intend to keep moving forward with my Tribe.

This is one of Aishlinn's most recent Poems and one of many that is my favorite. With her poetry, I cannot pick just one.

(you can read the entire post-here:

Creativity Let Wild
"I want to sleep,
but my brain,
is on fire,
creativity driven
by this desire,
to let it all out,
to trust in my flow.
the magic that happens,
when we just let go!
These moments before
exhaustion kicks in,
where that other life
we live in
really sinks in.
Fleeting moments
of madness converge,
I may have lost the nerve,
to praise myself
and my sense of self worth.
To bow down
and allow myself
to touch dirt.
oh quickly
allow myself
to give in
before my
psychotic episode begins.
Creativity and madness,
go hand in hand
embrace them both
and your world

I invite you to continue to experience the beauty of Aishlinn's poetry that I am sure you will enjoy. Click the links below.

All Proceeds From This Post Will Go To Aishlinn for her Co-Op/Women's Collective, which is called "Weave To Empower."


thank you once again @rensoul17 for this, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend

You are welcome @trucklife-family. I am having a wonderful weekend, I hope you are also.

It's so kind of you to donate to her collective. Love this post. You are such a beautiful supportive person!! Why have we only connected recently? Aishlynn is such a heartfelt poet!

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Everything happens when its meant to be. @riverflows. I am just glad that it happened. I am so excited that we met. I look forward to getting to know all of you better. And i agree Aishlinn is an Awesome heartfelt Poet.

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