I Cannot Sleep So I Write- Full Moon Creativity

in poetry •  6 months ago

This is what happens when I cannot sleep, when my body is exhausted but my mind is wide awake, this is all the creativity that I allow to escape, that I allow to wrap around my being and carry me away in that place between the waking world and the world of dreams.

Creativity Let Wild

I want to sleep,
but my brain,
is on fire,
creativity driven
by this desire,
to let it all out,
to trust in my flow.
the magic that happens,
when we just let go!
These moments before
exhaustion kicks in,
where that other life
we live in
really sinks in.
Fleeting moments
of madness converge,
I may have lost the nerve,
to praise myself
and my sense of self worth.
To bow down
and allow myself
to touch dirt.
oh quickly
allow myself
to give in
before my
psychotic episode begins.
Creativity and madness,
go hand in hand
embrace them both
and your world

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It was good read... and cool moon photo :)
I hope your HODL day cool there :) And happy steemit holidays :)


cheers @foxkoit, keeping it short and sweet on these holidays x


you are welcome :))

Very nice Aishlinn and I hope your mind finds some peace soon enough. I do hope you and the kids are all ok after all you have had to deal with. Always thinking of you and glad to see you still posting away :)


thank you Dan, I hope things are okay for you too, have you found somewhere to live? xxx


I'm back at my mums for now and searching for a job, thank you for asking :) Hope you have a nice weekend and give a hello to you kids for me, I hope they are all doing well.

it has happened to us all!!, is just good how you manage it for a good result now, posting in steemit!!

i loved your writing style man!

Hey @trucklife-family loving your words .. I always find that just as I'm falling asleep I have an idea that I feel compelled to write down and this can happen several times before I get any shut eye. Equally when times are tough I feel there is a genuine validity in writing down your thoughts .. both exorcising the negative emotions an drawing deep from the pool of creativity. Beautifully written my friend.