Unemployment Is A Monster That Is Determined To Swallow The Whole Of African Continent - How Do We Stop It!?

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The devil finds a job for an idle hand.

Not just in African nations, this saying holds true for all times and in all places. The consequences of unemployment are manifestly visible everywhere in society. Most of the cases of robbery with or without violence are attributed to unemployment. Prostitution, human trafficking, drug trafficking and many other social vices are traceable to unemployment. For when a person is not gainfully employed, there is nothing he cannot do to keep the body and soul together. And that is why I say this: Of all the problems facing this African continent, the most serious one which needs urgent attention is unemployment.


What are the factors responsible for this monster that is terrorising the whole of this continent?

First and foremost there has been the proliferation of tertiary educational institutions in the last two decades. Apart from those established by the Federal Government, each state government has founded its own tertiary institutions. In addition, each religious body has founded or is about to found a university of its own. (Never mind each hamlet will soon make some attempt to found a university). These tertiary educational institutions turn out graduates in large numbers year-in-year-out. Unfortunately no provision is made to employ these graduates.

Apart from this, many of the existing industries and factories are folding up as a result of harsh economic climate. This words such as: retrenchment, rationalisation, trimming of work force, etc, have entered into the industrial language of the country. *This, in plain language, means thousands and thousands of workers have been sacked and more are still going into the unemployment market.


Unfortunately, the epileptic nature of electricity is not helping the matters. Thousands of people depend on electricity for their means of livelihood do not have access to it. Power supply has been very erratic. Many technicians and artisans have therefore been sent to the unemployment market. Thus there are the armies and armies of the unemployed.

But then what can we do to get out of the problem?

There must be a firm determination on the part of all and sundry to deal with the monster.

Nigeria has very fertile land for all types of agriculture. The government should give the necessary encouragement to the youths to take an interest in agriculture which can provide millions of jobs for the teeming population of the unemployed.

In addition, the government must take spirited efforts to establish many new industries and factories which can gainfully employ the unemployed.

Also, power generation must be considerably improved. The constant provision of electricity will provide energy for the millions of artisans and technicians. They will therefore be gainfully employed.


If all these measures are taken, the problem of unemployment will be drastically reduced, if not totally eradicated.

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Africa has vast resources we need to be innovative and think beyond ourselves startups would do great in africa..

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