When You Help The Needy, Leave Your Camera Behind At Home

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You are not different from a politician if you cannot help the needy without your camera with you, thereby taking pictures of the event and broadcasting it to the world. What are the pictures for? Campaign or what? Or you want to have the pictures of the moment you help the needy taken, kept safe for future reference or just in case the person you helped turns out to be an ingrate in future? Then keep the help to yourself!


We live in a world dominated by non governmental organisations. Most things are being privatised; even government owned companies. While many of these so-called NGOs were founded with the aim of providing absolute help to the needy without expecting to make some fortunes in return, MOST of them were founded with ulterior motives of gaining fame as well as making gains.

It is hard to come by people who are true to themselves. Less is to be expected from those who publicise everything they do to help others' lives. Many of us hide behind the umbrella of giving out to the poor and needy in order to ease their sufferings. We act like we have gotten that humanly feelings. We act like we really care. But in reality, we only look after what benefit us; monetarily or in any other means.

That person that give out a hundred dollar to a group of homeless orphans, take pictures and publish this everywhere, is such person any different from politicians?

We need to understand that sometimes when we provide help to someone and broadcast it, the person we provide the help to feel less grateful. It is the truth. Or okay, let me say, the way I feel.


This post is not meant to criticize anyone. It is not meant to fight against those that are involved in this. However, we need to understand that a gift of $10 given out to an orphan without the knowledge of the person standing next to the giver is much more better and beneficial than the one of $100 that the world got to know about.

Keep extending your hand to the poor and needy, for there is this saying:

Givers never lack.

Ironical it is, that whenever you give out from the little you have to ease the suffering of someone, you get back in multiples, what you give out.

  • Give out to the poor, expect nothing in return.

  • Do not help the needy so as to hold it as a leverage against them.

  • Cloth the unclothed without telling the world that you did so.

  • Feed the unfed so they could be free from hunger, not so the world could praise you for feeding them.

  • Educate the uneducated so they could taste the greatness of education.

Remember, your intention for doing something will define it, not the amount you spend on doing it.


In general, when you are helping the needy, leave the camera behind at home.

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