Steemit “HomesteadingChallenge” #7 New Year's Special - Theme Announcement and Rules - SBD Reward for Winner!


Welcome to the Steemit #homesteadingchallenge! The goal of this challenge is to unite the Steemit homesteading community with an invigorating contest every few weeks!

The #homesteadingchallenge will require a variety of different tasks and requests from anyone who wishes to participate. Examples of tasks include taking a photo of your livestock, answering a prompt question regarding homesteading, etc. Each challenge will have a different goal / theme so please read the announcement carefully.

What’s in it for you?

I plan to transfer ALL of the SBD reward the announcement articles earn to the winner of each challenge! The more support from each of you, the bigger the potential reward! One winner will be chosen for each challenge.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! Simply follow the guidelines in order to be eligible!

  • Follow the specific theme of each challenge - each challenge will require something different.
  • Use #homesteadingchallenge as one of your article’s tags.
  • Complete your submission by the deadline.
  • If you chose to participate, you give permission for your submission to be linked and referenced in the winning announcement article.
  • (Optional, but highly recommended) Upvote and/or resteem this post to increase the number of submissions and potential reward!

Steemit HomesteadingChallenge #7

Share a homestead resolution for 2018!

We’ve already done a challenge that shared our homesteading “bucket list” - a list of dreams and goals that may or may not happen at some point in the future - but this one is a little more specific! Please share a project on your homestead that you are planning to complete in 2018!

The size and scale of the project does not matter. It can even be a project you have already started and plan on completing within the year. It must have a specific point at which you can say it is “complete” however - follow the S.M.A.R.T goal suggestions and make sure it is “measurable.” For example, instead of saying “I want to earn more money on the homestead this year” you should say “I want to earn X amount on the homestead by X date.”

Share why you are pursuing the project you write about and what you hope it will accomplish/ add to your homestead.

Photos or diagrams/blueprints are also appreciated (if applicable)! They are not necessary to win but they will help readers gain a better understanding of your vision.

Of course, most projects will not be completed by the contest deadline next week so I cannot choose a winner based on the effort put forth into the project/ the actual accomplishment of said project. But I will be following along with updates provided and I hope to see a grand reveal of your finished project(s) by the end of 2018! I mean, the whole point in making a resolution is attempting to keep it!

It would be greatly appreciated if the winner would use the contest reward towards completing their resolution project… though it is your reward to do with as you please!

You have ONE WEEK to write your submission for this challenge - please post it by 11:00 PM (CDT) [UTC offset: UTC -5] on Sunday, January 7, 2018!

Don’t forget to include the #homesteadingchallenge tag in your article! Link your submission in this article’s comments below and/or tag me (@kiaraantonoviche) in the comments of your article! This is how I will find the submissions! I will also try to comment on each submission to let you know that I have seen it and that it has been entered into the running!

Winner will be chosen the following day - Monday, January 8, 2018 - and winnings will be paid immediately following this announcement post’s payout. An article announcing the winner with proof of the reward payment will be posted following the reward dispersement.

I’ll try my best to make this challenge (and future challenges) fun, inspirational, and most of all… worthy of your time!

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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Cover image (modified by @kiaraantonoviche) and second photo from Pexels and used under the CC0 license.


So last night I decided to to boost the reward for this post using minnowbooster thinking it would be fun to pump up the rewards since there are so many entries. However, I just realized it is a conflict of interest so I am withdrawing from the contest. Good luck everyone!

I'm in! Here's my 2018 Homestead Goals. I'll be following everyone in the comments too. Thanks!

Here is my entry for the contest.
We have a great community here and I hope it grows.
Happy New Year!

I just finished reading it and commented! Thanks for entering the challenge!

I may or may not throw my hat into the ring but it looks like a fun challenge!

And Happy New Year Everyone!

You can do it, my Canadian friend. Happy New Year, stay warm, my friend

Thanks I am sure I can come up with something. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Looking forward to reading the projects people have planned for next year! May God bring blessings to all of you as you work on your labors of love.

P.S. I typically do not upvote my own articles. I am only upvoting this announcement article for the sake of increasing the SBD reward the winner will receive!

Also, thank you for the HM in Challenge #6.

I'm so naive when it comes to steemit. I don't know if I should or shouldn't upvote my posts. I don't know the costs or benefits to doing so. I don't understand SP, etc. Help!!!

Call Bobby he might be able to help you if not he has my number and I will try to help if I can.

It's up to the individual! I try not to upvote my own articles because it uses my voting power to support myself instead of other authors. Many people view that as selfish since it gives more Steem to yourself than to others! But that's all I know about it! Wish I could help more!

That helps. Thanks.

No need to explain yourself.

Thank you, great contest idea. It is an honor to participate .

Thanks for the heads up on this post/contest. I'm in.

My pleasure! Just read your entry and commented!

YAY..... I entered this challenge, excited for the outcome at the end, come on spring, and the end of the June.

Just read your article about the root cellar, that's very exciting! Can't wait to see progress on it!

Yay! I was just discussing a major (for us) project with hubby for this coming season. This challenge will help firm up the details.

I can hardly wait to see what other folks come up with, too. The creativity in this Community is boundless!

Is a diy renovation a valid project?

These are some of my favorite challenges. I am looking forward to see what everyone has planned for the coming year. I know I have my own aspirations for the homestead this year. Who knows, maybe I will gain some inspiration from other's posts as well. Good Luck everyone and Happy New Year and Happy Homesteading!

I'm glad you like the challenges :) I am also looking forward to people have planned for 2018! Happy New Year!

So I entered the challenge. Sometimes when I tag people it doesn't seem to notify them so I better mention it here also. Thanks for hosting this challenge.

Well it took me forever. I just finished and submitted. Here is the link @kiaraantonoviche

Right in the nick of time! I'm off to read it now!

eek sorry its long. hope you like it though { :

Here's my entry to the contest! I am new to this and really pleased to have found a homesteading community!

Excellent and welcome! I just finished reading it and commented on it! :)

Ok this is great! We’ve been thinking up something to enter with and wrote our post this morning! Great challenge :D here’s our post.

I'm off to read it now!

Awesome! Will definitely be participating. As a naive minnow, I accidentally used up all my voting power in the first couple days but I will upvote once it's regenerated ;)

Ha, I did the exact same thing with my voting power....upvoting away as if I was “liking” or “hugging” posts on other types of forums. OOPS!

Guilty as well!

What a perfect challenge to start with at the beginning of the year! I have had some basic ideas rattling around in my head but it always helps to "put pen to paper" (or fingers to keyboard) and make a bulleted list. I hope a few seasoned homesteaders will offer suggestions for my chicken coop design. Here is my 2018 Homesteading Resolutions post.

Just finished reading it! And bouncing ideas off of each other is one of my favorite aspects of Steemit :) I hope you get some good suggestions.

Just finished reading and commenting!

Ive got so many things that I have to accomplish this year. I muight be able to quantify it in a post. Sounds like fun!

I look forward to reading all about it!

Sweet, I'll read it now!

Upvoted and resteemed! I am excited to join these challenges! Thank you :)

Thank you again for sponsoring this homesteading challenge! Here is my entry:

Great idea going to resteem so more get involved. Thanks for your dedication to homesteaders. 🐓🐓

It's a miracle... I wrote a post! :-) Thanks for the great theme to motivate me!

Sounds exciting. Hope to participate in this challenge! It's hard to compose posts on my phone so I'm still working on setting up what I need to post efficiently. I wish I'd understood that voting loses it's worth because I burned through votes my first couple of days. Trying to build it back up. Sorry its off topic but can someone tell me what the number inside the () in steem power means? Mine dropped in half. Is that Because I voted too much the first couple days I joined?

Hey there, do you mean the Steem Power in your wallet? The SP in the ( ) is Steem Power that has been delegated to you - essentially borrowed to you since you are a newer user. It definitely fluctuates so no worries! The SP above the ( ) is the Steem Power that your account has made! Hope that helps! I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable about the finer workings of Steemit so the FAQ page might be helpful too -

Thanks. Yes I read the FAQ but I get confused. I'm working on my submission. Yay.

One question. Is it supposed to be one specific goal or the overall goal for the year? I have brackets within my bigger goal

It can be either! It would be nice to read about your overall goal AND what your "mini" goals are in order to achieve it!

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This looks fun! I’m a newbie who just found this thanks to @karenfoster :) I’ll have to write mine up!

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