Goals For The Homestead in 2018

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While I am building my homestead from the ground up, including a complete renovation of the existing 880 square foot house, I have many other goals in mind for the coming year. Finishing the house to the point where we can live there is the number 1 goal.

Also, I plan to convert a 12 by 20 foot carport into a greenhouse. I am going to take off all the corragated metal panels except for the lowest one to the ground, and replace them with tufftex panels. I will build the two gables by framing in several old windows that I am repurposing from another project and install the old french door that I took out of the house

2017-11-16 (1).png

But, today, for the purposes of entering the Homesteading Challenge Contest sponsored by https://steemit.com/@kiaraantonoviche, I am listing my contest goal as having completed two 100 foot rows of blackberry plants by July 4th of 2018. I have started the two rows but need approximately 12- 18 more plants to complete both rows to 100 feet each.


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You've been entered into the challenge, thank you!

You are motivated! I have a question. About the carport turned into a greenhouse. Do you have any pics of it? Did you have to tear off the roof for that I assume to put a glass roof? We have a car port with a metal roof. Curious how you did that. Perhaps you could do a post on the carport green house sometime. Thanks.

Troy, There is a pic in this post of the carport. I have not yet converted it to the greenhouse. That project is down on my list as I have to complete the house interior first. I plan to do it after I move in. Hopefully this spring/summer. Yes I will have to remove the metal panels. I plan to replace them with TuffTex clear plastic panels. When I do the build, I will most definitely make a video and take pics of it..Thanks

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