Why We Chose To Homeschool - The Many Benefits and Advantages

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This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. It ties into the current challenge What benefits, perks or advantages have you experienced from homeschooling? hosted by @homeedders.

It’s good to have your reasons for homeschooling in writing so you can always refer back to them. It also serves the purpose of having something directly to share with those who are curious about homeschooling.

There are many different reasons people decide to homeschool. In this post I will share with you the top reasons why my husband and I chose homeschooling for our family which we consider all to be great advantages.


Christian Upbringing


As time as moved on public schools have made it less inviting for Christian practices. It is considered unconstitutional to pray during school activities or orchestrate group prayer. The ideal is for personal prayer on your own that doesn’t interrupt normal school operations. Also, public school teachings are in direct contrast to Christian values.

Instead of allowing our children to be subjected to these contradictions we are giving them a firm foundation based on biblical truth. Our kids experience less worldly influence when they learn from home. I had strong convictions that I am responsible for my children’s education and was fully equipped to provide them with what they need to succeed. Together, my husband and I are well capable of this task as it was meant for us to take on.


One-to-One Teaching


My children get my undivided attention and assistance. They are not in a classroom where a teacher has to juggle between helping ten or more students. I am able to assess each of their needs and give each one of them personal instruction on their work. They are not embarrassed or ashamed to ask questions because they are not surrounded by peer pressure or the bother of trying to “fit in”.



We can travel without missing schoolwork and learn much more in our travels. Our kids are visual learners and have the most fun when what they’re learning about is right in front of them. If we chose to take a very long road trip for sightseeing, we can take school right along with us, ad-libbing what we learn about along the way.


Advance When Ready


In a public classroom setting, everyone moves forward together at the teacher’s discretion. There may be several students that catch on quicker than others but they still must wait until everyone is ready. In our homeschool my children are able to advance when ready. They don’t have to wait on other class members, they don’t have to keep repeating the same work once excelled, and they have the option of doing extra work to get even farther ahead. They never feel “held back”. In fact they feel just the opposite, encouraged to thrive.




It’s all over the news and social media how much violence has increased in school. Once upon a time parents were more at peace about letting their children attend a public school with less worry of them not coming back home. Parents have grown more nervous about entrusting the care of their child to a school institution due to bullying, entry of weapons, shooting threats, negative influences and careless staff.

We don’t have to worry about our child’s safety in this manner. We know we can’t protect them 100% from everything but we have more control over their safety when they are learning from home.

Hands On Learning


Having the opportunity to have fun learning outside of the house is amazing! We are not stuck in the middle of walls for the majority of the day unless we choose it that way. They gain most of their scientific knowledge while outdoors using all of their senses. Hands on learning gives them a better sense about concepts and a clearer picture on how things work in our environment. We learn by doing!


Builds Stronger Relationships


It’s a blessing how close our family is. Seeing how well the kids work together and help each other on a daily basis is pretty amazing. Of course there are moments when they need a break from each other but overall we have been able to build strong and close relationships within our family.

The kids love doing group activities and spending quality family time. They are so used to doing most things together that if someone is unable to participate they get sad. Our kids are learning how to love one another unconditionally and build trustworthy relationships.


Character Training


It’s essential that our kids build good character. Character training is one of the principal goals in christian education. We don’t list a set of character traits and have the kids memorize them. This is training that is taught through biblical discipline day in and day out that is exercised and formed by practice. Homeschooling gives us the opportunity to accomplish this because character training happens all day.

Proverbs 22:6 - “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” KJV‬‬

Learning Based on Interest


We believe it’s important to teach children the basics such as bible, math, reading, writing, science and language. We also believe it’s just as important to allow them to learn according to their interests. They learn better when they are interested in the subject matter because it’s intentional.

With homeschooling we can study a wide variety of topics. Based on interests we can customize our curriculum for each individual child. We can add supplemental educational resources for those that want to be more challenged or for those that need more help with comprehension. They are happy learners because in addition to the basics they are learning what they want and work harder at understanding each field of study.


Confidence Level


When children have the freedom of choice they are more confident and develop better thinking and problem solving skills. When they are doing productive work and not just busy work, it sets them up to be able to handle themselves and trains them how to survive when they leave the home.

Life skills and survival skills are learned everyday all day. A few examples are cooking, cleaning, finance, homesteading (growing our own food), alternative medicines, entrepreneurship, plumbing, electrical work, marriage and raising a family. They get firsthand experience and understanding on these things by watching, listening and learning consistently.

We Set Our Schedule


I really love that we are in charge of setting our daily schedule. If the kids need to sleep in longer to get more rest they can. We have a general goal of what time to start each day but things don’t always go as planned. If we get off schedule it’s okay because we can go for as long as we need to because there’s no set time of when to finish.

Another great benefit of this is the kids don’t have to rush when eating trying to race a bell. They can take their time with snacks and lunch and give their brains plenty of time to rest before starting the next session.

Also, if the kids are in the mood to knock off some work on Saturday they have that option too. Our schedule is set according to what works for our family.




We can live wherever we want and not have to worry about how bad a school district might be because our kids won’t be attending anyway.


Freedom of Choice


We don’t have to worry about meeting the public school enrollment requirements which gives us more freedom of choice ie. vaccination refusal.

Opportunity to Witness Every Milestone


Homeschooling allows me to teach and care for my children throughout the day on top of the evenings and weekends. Because of this, I have been able to witness every milestone each of my kids has experienced whether big or small. We only have our children in the home with us for a short time and don’t want to miss any of these special moments.


Less Sickness


Our kids are not exposed to outside germs and sickness everyday. There are so many germs being passed around in public schools through the air and from every item that is exposed to them.


Reclaiming My Own Education


I didn’t realize how ignorant I was until I started homeschooling. I call it my second chance learning to relearn things I didn’t “get” when going to school. I see and understand things more clearer now as an adult.

We learn together with our children and it is pretty awesome!

We Set the Environment


We can do school wherever we like. If the kids want to sit on the porch to get fresh air while working they can. If we want go to our public library we can. The kids also have the option to listen to music while working. I love being able to diffuse essential oils throughout our home to encourage learning.


There are so many advantages homeschooling offers. Although it can be challenging at times, stressful, and a lot of work, we feel it is worth it all because of how well it benefits our family. We know we are giving our children a solid and firm foundation to grow on that is setting them up to be strong, capable, well balanced, confident, respectable, independent individuals.

Thanks for taking the time to read ~

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Our little one just started attending public school but we intend to homeschool her at some point as we are not particularly fond of the overt ideological indoctrination of the state. The main reason we want to start her out in public school to be able to build a foundation for social skills.

I attended public school all the way to graduation and thankfully I was loosed from the programming (only by the grace of God) but, from what I can ascertain, it has become worse in the harmful ideas the state and corrupt politicians are pushing.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we may have to pull her from school early if she cannot cope as we recently learned she has moderate autism. We got news that she had thrown a pencil at a teacher and hit other children.

I don't know what's got into her but due to her condition she is unable to effectively communicate it so we are in a tough spot. She did just have her first teacher retire and I can tell she really liked that teacher. Think she may be acting out because of it. Still yet, it doesn't excuse the behavior.

Anyways, if we cant figure it out. We may have to go the homeschool route as a matter of necessity but I'm not sure how that would work or if it's possible due to her disorder.

Anyways, it's a trying time. Any prayers appreciated. Good article! 👍

I can definitely understand that you want her social skills to be developed especially if she is the only child. We have five kiddos so they socialize amongst each other as well as with friends when they play outside. There is also the option of joining other homeschool families so she can make lifelong friendships as well as your family getting more support on your homeschooling journey.

The beauty of homeschooling is you can teach your daughter based on her needs and learning style. The more time you spend teaching her you will learn more and more how her brain works and the best techniques to teach her. Some kids just learn better when there is less people/pressure around . She could also be acting out because the teachers aren’t understanding what her needs really are.

I want to encourage you that as her parents you are well capable of teaching her, having some one one teaching with your undivided attention may be just what she needs.

Your family is in my prayers and I hope you find the path that is best for your daughter.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. 😊

You have my prayers. I know you'll made the best decision for your little one.

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Have confidence in yourself, it is most certainly possible to homeschool her. Here we have quite a few homeschoolers who home educate children on the autism spectrum because school wasn't working for them. Many express positive results from it. It's much easier to work with them to their needs as a parent than it is as a teacher with lots of other children to teach. - @minismallholding

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I wish I would have homeschooled my own son. Looking back, I could have done it and it would have helped us both so much. Your experience makes me regret not doing it even more :(

My mother says the same thing. There weren’t a lot of resources or at least ways to find them back then as there are now. It seems today more and more families are talking about their alternative lifestyle and sharing ways to make it possible. I’m sorry you weren’t able to homeschool but I’m sure your son appreciated you being a loving and supportive mother to him. 😊❤️

Thanks so much for the support and tip ~

So we'll said!! I agree with every point! I'm hearing reports that some public schools no longer teach students how to spell, they're supposed to learn that through their reading studies. I see a continuing downward trend, as the priority of public education shifts from education to activism. I hope to see the popularity of homeschooling continue to rise! Maybe someday we'll never hear the words:

"But, but what about socialization?"

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Thank you @ironshield! I’ve been wanting to list my reasons in a post for awhile now :)

What? No way! If it hasn’t been obvious that they want us to be dumb and ignorant, I hope more and more people are starting to see it now.

Wow, they already took out cursive writing in some schools, I have heard of situations where teenagers can’t open a savings account because they didn’t know how to sign their name. On top of that I am seeing the “new” math that’s being taught, it’s just straight up ridiculous. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Yes I hope so too. I see homeschooling on the rise and because of it the states will try harder to shut it down because they don’t want kids walking around who can think for themselves.

Great little headings there!! Very cute. And great to see #naturalmedicine being used on homedders posts. You are such a great Mum. It always comes across how much you care for your fam.

Btw, you entering the NM challenge this fortnight? Always love your wisdoms. Your kids are lucky to have you as their educator!!

Thank you! I knew I had a lot to write so I thought I’d better get creative so people wouldn’t get bored easily lol!

Yes, I love that I can now intermingle my homeschooling posts with the naturalmedicine community, two communities in which I love.

Awww thank you so much for those sweet comments. 🤗🥰

Yes I plan on it! Hopefully by this Wednesday I will have my post ready. Is there a deadline on it yet?

Thank you always for your support and feedback. I value it. 💚

Next Saturday! Can't wait!

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Got it! 😉


Lovely post, I love the facts mentioned

Thank you so much! I appreciate the visit ~

A great post and read all very valid and good reasons for your choice to go with homeschooling

Thank you very much!!

MOst welcome

I hope your weekend went well :)

Thank you it did! I hope yours as well.

YEs it was a good weekend thanks :)

That sounds like quite a challenge 😃

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Lol it is quite the challenge but definitely a worthy one ;D

We've just arrived in Suriname and our kids are in public school, which I feel gives them a lot of social skills. I wish our worklives were different so @Sreypov and I had more time for teaching them ourselves. As an American, I attempted to enroll our Cambodian daughters into an online homeschooling curriculum from the USA, thinking we could somehow fake we were in the USA as a family.

I thought we might have a chance, as the program was free if you live in the USA. We nearly had the girls ready, and they were gonna have their own private teacher, just had to make sure the teacher didn't see palm trees outside the window. When they wanted to see American vaccination forms, we had to confess we were living in Ecuador, and they wanted several thousand dollars for the program.

It's a shame it didn't work out, it would've been a good opportunity for them. But why do you need vaccinations to study online? That caught us by surpise.

I know quite a few parents that wish to home educate their kids but schedules and other obligations make it difficult to accomplish.

Yes that raises some flags. That is very strange for an online class they needed proof of vaccinations. This confirms the unnecessary push on them that is going on. It is very concerning why these are being forced so much, definitely some underlying reasons there.

I had to come back a second time to finish this post, but it was well worth it! I think you covered just about everything.

Thank you so much! I tried to label the most important reasons. 😊✅

Some very significant benefits are detailed in your post, and I appreciate very much you listing them.

"I didn’t realize how ignorant I was until I started homeschooling."

This was the primary reason I homeschooled my kids. One of the most significant revelations I experienced in public school during my own youth was during Geography class in first grade. We were taught there were seven continents, which were defined as discrete land masses of more substantial size than Greenland, which we were told was an island considered to be part of N. America. During that class I remember distinctly standing at the globe in the classroom and looking at the continents.

There was N. and S. America, clearly large and discrete landmasses despite being connected by a thin strip of land in Central America. There was Africa, similarly connected by the Sinai to Asia. There was Australia. There was Antarctica. There was Europe. Wait, what?

There's no separation at all between Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia were clearly and obviously one continent.

I did not doubt my eyes. Since Eurasia was clearly one continent, the information we were given in class that they were separate continents was obviously false. It was a lie. My first question was not how to tell the truth, but 'Why is school lying to all American school children?'

I was six years old, and unable to ascertain the specific reasons and all the mechanisms that were behind this particular lie, but I was able to grasp that many, many people knew the truth, while many adults did not, and all these people were either lying or just telling us false information because they had been misinformed for a reason. For the rest of my life I have kept this lie in the forefront of my consideration of what I am told, and metaphorically compare lies to the actual globe.

When I had kids, I didn't want them to either be liars or fools that believed lies.

This is the reason I homeschooled above all others. Plenty of other good reasons, many of which you reveal here, recommend homeschooling, but avoiding subjecting our kids to a global psychological operation to mislead them for the purposes of the overlords seeking only to make them chattel essentially underly the rest.


Thank you so much for taking the time to give such a thorough response!

This was quite a revelation at such a young age. It’s amazing how you held onto that moment and it shaped/influenced your decisions as an adult.

When I had kids, I didn't want them to either be liars or fools that believed lies.

That statement is exactly how I feel about our children and why we do what we do.

Thank you for reading and giving your feedback ~

It transformed by understanding of the world and my place in it. The questions it raised continually reveal new vectors of malice, and expose how dependence renders us vulnerable to bad actors.

It seemed so obvious, and yet revealed how my peers and people generally will suspend disbelief for the sake of social acceptance, and how that creates chattel and overlords. I hope everyone asks themselves why they were lied to so obviously at such a young age, and discovers for themselves their power to understand reality rather than be deluded for the aggrandizement of would be masters.