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RE: Why We Chose To Homeschool - The Many Benefits and Advantages

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So we'll said!! I agree with every point! I'm hearing reports that some public schools no longer teach students how to spell, they're supposed to learn that through their reading studies. I see a continuing downward trend, as the priority of public education shifts from education to activism. I hope to see the popularity of homeschooling continue to rise! Maybe someday we'll never hear the words:

"But, but what about socialization?"

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Thank you @ironshield! I’ve been wanting to list my reasons in a post for awhile now :)

What? No way! If it hasn’t been obvious that they want us to be dumb and ignorant, I hope more and more people are starting to see it now.

Wow, they already took out cursive writing in some schools, I have heard of situations where teenagers can’t open a savings account because they didn’t know how to sign their name. On top of that I am seeing the “new” math that’s being taught, it’s just straight up ridiculous. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Yes I hope so too. I see homeschooling on the rise and because of it the states will try harder to shut it down because they don’t want kids walking around who can think for themselves.