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RE: Why We Chose To Homeschool - The Many Benefits and Advantages

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Great little headings there!! Very cute. And great to see #naturalmedicine being used on homedders posts. You are such a great Mum. It always comes across how much you care for your fam.

Btw, you entering the NM challenge this fortnight? Always love your wisdoms. Your kids are lucky to have you as their educator!!


Thank you! I knew I had a lot to write so I thought I’d better get creative so people wouldn’t get bored easily lol!

Yes, I love that I can now intermingle my homeschooling posts with the naturalmedicine community, two communities in which I love.

Awww thank you so much for those sweet comments. 🤗🥰

Yes I plan on it! Hopefully by this Wednesday I will have my post ready. Is there a deadline on it yet?

Thank you always for your support and feedback. I value it. 💚

Next Saturday! Can't wait!

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Got it! 😉